” We gave the world the automobile… modern oil drilling”, and they gave ….

February 7, 2013

1.We gave the world the automobile and modern oil drilling and our government gave us back taxes  and an unpredictable monopoly that can raise the price of gas by 20 cents overnight.   OPEC was as much responsible for  the economic collapse of the American economy in 2008 as any other single factor. Our government has done nothing to free America from OPEC dependence for 60 years.


2. Why is America doomed?  One reason:  If the House and Senate can’t come together to reform the Post Office, they can’t do anything. The Postal Service will close on Saturdays.

3.  Who is Al Gore and why is he comfortable with jihad?


When The Levee Breaks


4  With Obama’s new pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, Obamacare costs could go up $300 billion.  Republicans Obama wants to bankrupt America, nothing more.

4.  The  Department of the Treasury will chase down Los Zetas drug cartel by freezing the bank accounts of those doing business with them and money laundering for them.

5.  Panetta will reduce carrier fleet to 1 in Persian Gulf. Sequestration is leading to the reduction in fleet resources.  These people keep drawing me back in.  They won’t let me go.

6.  Military robots are coming for us and we gave them to the world.

7.  Coal companies are in trouble.  Obama is attacking them relentlessly.  As more and more coal companies file for bankruptcy, the price of electricity will go up.

8.  Nothing about conservative or liberal solutions to illegal immigration makes sense.

9.  Do you really trust this President with the unlimited right to kill American citizens. What is wrong with this congress?

10.  Will Obama’s first trip to Israel be to help Israel or Palestine?  What does your gut tell you?

11.  Kasich  you made a mistake.  You sold your soul and your state for 30 pieces of silver.  You can change your mind.

12.  As Biden begs Iran to negotiate with the US,  Iran says they will not negotiate with the US. Is this administration pitiful?

13.  Can you say global warming?  A “solar super storm is coming and we will get only 30 minutes warning“.  Technologies will be vulnerable.

14.  Japan  scrambled fighter jets to chase off Russian fighter jets that breached Japanese airspace.

15.  Marco Rubio officially became a Democrat as his picture on the cover of TIME magazine signifies. His signature legislation ought to be named a profile in weakness, or a pathway toward amnesty, or how I figured out how to wreck the economy and destroy the Republican party at the same time with a dumb confident grin on my face,  or why the Democrats love me so much.

15.  If city councils don’t want a mosque in their cities, Obama’s justice department will come after you and sue you until you submit.  This is jihad with taxpayer money.   The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are familiar with  killing their opposition with a thousand cuts.  When are Christians going to WAKE UP!

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