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Saltillo: Bodies Discovered Hanging off Bridge

Friday, March 8, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Borderland Beat as posted by “DD” of BB Forum

Five bodies found in Coahuila, three were hung from a bridge with a narcomensaje and two lying on the floor, the five bodies were wrapped in white sheets, are male. They did not carry any identification. 

The bodies were found at 06:00 this morning in the peripheral Luis Echeverria Alvarez, off Golden Valley Bridge. According to local press arrived to place elements of policing, Creditable, Municipal and Research and PGJE staff to start with the pertinent investigations

There was a message left at the scene, unknown contents.

The message that was hung was removed by municipal police in Saltillo

The five bodies were blindfolded and presented as mummies and all were covered only by wrappings  that were placed throughout their body.

Police  and the army cordoned off the place where the gruesome discovery was made this morning in the capital of Coahuila.

At least two of the three bodies had their faces covered with duct tape and the other two were completely wrapped from head to toe.

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Z42 Sends Narco Manta Message to Founder of Zocalo Newspaper

Thursday, March 7, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

On Thursday morning narcobanners appeared in the Coahuila city of Monclova, signed by Los Zetas cartel.  The banners were addressed to Francisco Juaristi,  the founder of the popular newspaper Zocalo. One of the banners appeared on the IMSS bridge in Monclova, while others appeared in Acuña, Saltillo, and Piedras Negras.

According to the banner text the message is from Z42, whose name is Óscar Omar Treviño Morales, the 39 year old brother of Miguel Treviño Morales. aka Z40, the premier leader of Los Zetas Cartel. ( Juaristi at left)
Text of Banner:
Juaristi Do you remember me, I am “42″, stop putting nonsense on Zocalo (I don’t really know how to translate the cursing that well in English I am sure readers will help)
The only thing you are going to achieve is for me to kick your ass. Let’s see if the Governor revives you, he could not revive his nephew, (reference to the murder of Lalo Moreira ,  nonetheless  you.
I have let you know through your connections not to put lies, just put what  is, keep fucking around and I will kick your ass even if you have body guards, you are not made of iron and it is not a threat, remember that you are a public figure and predictable and I am not, wherever you go I can kick your ass and it is not a threat, it is so you’ll know. Remember me and if you will keep fucking around and putting lies in Zocalo, just wait for the punch…. and that who warns is not a traitor and in announce war there are not deaths”

Elements of SEMAR removed the banners.

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Mexican Army detains 21 suspected kidnappers in Durango

| Borderland Beat Reporter badanov

By Chris Covert

Mexican Army units and Durango state police agents detained 21 suspected members of a kidnapping crew in the La Laguna region of Mexico, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news report which appeared on the website of Expreso news daily said that Durango state Fiscalia General del Estado (FGE) Sonia Yadira de la Garza Fragoso held a press conference announcing the arrests.

Fiscalia Yadira de la Garza Fragoso

According to Fiscalia Garza Fragoso, the 21 suspects had operated throughout the La Laguna region including in Gomez Palacio, Ciudad Lerdo in Durango, and in Torreon in Coahuila.  The crew was allegedly responsible for attacks on the businesses and home of Gomez Palacio mayor Rocio Rebollo.

The crew is also suspected for the kidnapping of two employees of El Siglo de Torreon newspaper, and for the murder of Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) candidate for mayor of Ciudad Lerdo, Mario Alberto Landeros Campero and his driver Cesar Almilkar Valenzuela Morales, both found dead Wednesday in Ciudad Lerdo.

Durango is currently involved in primary elections for state deputies and municipal elections to be held July 7th.

Perhaps more importantly, the crew is allegedly responsible for the murder of six traffic police agents in Gomez Palacio last week.

The detainees were identified as Julio Cesar Najera Rosales, 24, Luis Fernando Martinez, 30, Alonso Ivan Ormero, Federico Aguilar Chaidez, Ruben Hernandez, Julian Valles, Hector Gomez, Uriel Reyes, Sergio Resendiz, Jaime Ramirez, Luis Resendiz and Fernando Martinez.

Separately,  Saul Garcia, Sergio Garcia, Ramiro Hernandez, Miriam Aguilar, Hilda Mejia, Dora Luz Rodriguez, Miriam Muñoz and two unidentified minors were also detained.

The arrests also including the taking of six rifles, three machines guns, seven handguns, five bulletproof vests, telephone equipment, four vehicles and personal quantities of marijuana and crystal methamphetamine.

The detentions are the first major mass arrests since 700 Mexican Army troops were moved into La Laguna last week.  Last week an additional contingent of Policia Federal troops had also been deployed to the area.

The arrests come on the heels of another announcement by Fiscalia Garza Fragoso Tuesday which was reported on the online edition of El Siglo de Durango Wednesday, who told local press that more progress was taking place in security operations in the region.

Senora Garza Fragoso also said during the press conference that she was unaware the reasons why a Policia Federal troop contingent had been deployed to Durango city.  This admission means that neither her office nor apparently the governor, Jorge Herrera Caldera had been consulted by federal officials about the new deployment.

The new Policia Federal deployment is in contrast with the past in which federal security officials have made a point of meeting with state and local officials to detail their security plans.  But it is also a likely break with past practices in which state officials are to take greater responsibility for their own security strategies, that federal officials will be keeping their plans secret whenever they can.

Separately, the newly installed  Durango state Secretaria de Seguridad Publica Roberto Flores Mier said Tuesday that police who fail the new confidence test would be given a second chance to take and pass the tests.

According to the report 4,232 local and state police agents statewide had taken confidence tests.  According to a report by the outgoing SSP, Jesus Antonio Rosso Olguin, on February 21st, roughly ten percent of the agents had failed the tests.   Rosso Olguin was sacked the next day.

Jesus Antonio Rosso Olguin

The timing of Rosso Olguin’s report is interesting, although his departure was timed just one day after six La Laguna police agents were killed in a single evening in Gomez Palacio.  Durango state officials have not elaborated the reasons why Rosso Olguin left.

At least one Durango politician has disputed that police agents who failed tests will be given a second change.

Durango city mayor Adam Ramirez Soria was quoted in a El Siglo de Durango story Thursday that while the national average for police who failed tests is about 15 percent the rate in his municipality is less than 10 percent.  He said that contrary to the earlier statement by SSPE Flores Mier, police agents who fail tests will not be given second chances.

Nationwide Mexican state SSPs are under increasing pressure by the new security strategy implemented by newly inaugurated President Enrique Pena to get local and state police agents certified by November.  In January the Mexican national Secretaria de Gobernacion (SEGOB), or interior minister Miguel Osorio Chong, who is Pena’s plenipotentiary in his new security plans has told SSPs nationwide that every police agent will be certified by November or will out of work.

Meanwhile in Durango, the capital of Durango state an unidentified judge has delayed until March 23rd whether to continue detaining the 64 local police agents from Ciudad Lerdo and Gomez Palacio, according to a separate report posted on the website of El Siglo de Durango.

Seven weeks ago 159 local police agents were disarmed by the Mexican Army and detained, 64 of which were placed in preventative detention colloquially known as rooting.  Past news reports do not make clear the length of the detention,.  Typically, rooting requests are for 30 days or more.

Rooting is a legal tool used by Mexican prosecutors to place suspects in detention without charge or trial until an investigation is complete.

It is most commonly used with drug trafficking suspects but it has also been used against errant state government officials.  The maneuver is meant to keep otherwise dangerous suspects from escaping until trial.  Rooting also known as arraigo has been severely criticized in the past, but it is also a legal tool that can only be used with permission of a judge.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for Rantburg.comShare it:

12 Hour Nuevo Laredo Terror Leaves 11 Dead, 4 are Innocents

| Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Note: the report has stood all day of seven killed, however breaking news attributed to the attorney generals office has updated the figure to eleven.  This reported by “24 Hours”….Chivis
The Attorney General and the Secretary of State for Public Security reported that in the city of Nuevo Laredo were various criminal incidents in  the evening of Wednesday 6 and Thursday morning March 7, resulting in the killing of  eleven. Of the dead, at least four were innocent by standers.
Additionally, the confrontation left nine  wounded, including 2 state police officers,  and the arrest of seven people.
Though incomplete, the following are some of the facts as related by the attorney general’s office:
The first of the events was recorded at 18:22 am on Wednesday, March 6 in calle Independencia cuadra 15t, between Leona Vicario and Comonfort, Colonia Viveros, where a clash occurred between armed criminals that left three men dead, of which only one is identified.
Two of the bodies were found inside a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta, green color, without license plates, while the third was on the pavement.
Later another fact was reported in the Colonia Victoria with four dead and two wounded, all innocent civilians. In a house at 1108  Pedro J. Mendez  Street.
A 63 year old female was found dead while  while five others were injured with gunshot wounds.  The injured were taken to the IMSS Hospital.
Hours later confirmed the death of a minor,  and that of a man aged 48 and a 25 year old woman.
On the morning of Thursday, March 7 reported a clash between police officers and suspects at a home located at number 3703 Bolivar Street, corner of Riva Palacio, Colonia Juarez.
Two ministerial agents were wounded were taken to a hospital for medical attention, while five suspects linked to aggression, have been detained awaiting the Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction to determine their legal status.
Finally, other events were reported in different parts of the city of Nuevo Laredo, which prompted members of the Ministry of National Defense, Federal and State Police will implement an operation to restore order.

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Chihuahua Reporter Executed Only Weeks After Launching New Website

| Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

On December of 2012, the reporter and general director of the digital newspaper published he felt happy and very optimistic about 2013.

“Well people, I feel happy and cheerful because I think that this year comes strong in my goals that I’ve been wanting to achieve and with all the effort in the world, I have achieved them, thanks to all the people that read the digital newspaper”. Jaime Gonzales Dominguez
So wrote Jaime, who officially launched the newest Ojinafa news website on February 18th.
Two weeks later, on  March 3rd, Jaime Gonzalez Dominguez, 38, became the first journalist killed during the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto.  Jaime was executed around  6:30 pm at the intersection of Trasviña and Retes Street, downtown of Ojinaga, Chihuahua. Previously the site was named
The journalist was accompanied by a woman, who wasn’t injured and according to witnesses the sicarios took the reporters camera with them when they left.
Carlos Gonzalez, spokesman of the General Prosecutor of the State (FGE), reported investigators discovered at the scene 17 shell casings of caliber 5.77 x 38 known as “cop killers”,  for the ability to penetrate bullet proof vest protectors.
Jaime Guadalupe had two Facebook accounts, in one he used his name and the account was used to give information of the community and merchants. The other account was OjinagaNews Jaime, and on that account, he announced the launching of the printed version of the newspaper with general news “
Jaime wrote this entry about his new venture;
“With the good news that if it is God’s design,  next week comes out the first edition of the printed newspaper of ojinaganews, with God’s will and thanks to you all that are making it possible because you are the ones that give me the energy to KEEP GOING forward with the information and to have you guys informed of the events of Ojinaga, its beautiful region Presidio and Midland,  ‘THANK YOU A LOT’ FOR YOUR SUPPORT, WHICH I WOULD HOPE THE SAME FOR THE PRINTED NEWSPAPER, TO OFFER YOU THE BEST OF THE INFORMATION AND OF ME”, he added.
Identifying the motive behind the execution is cloudy.  Especially since the reporting by Jaime was seemingly that of commerce and city events.  However one can reach a logical conclusion that perhaps Jaime was providing information to a party that his executioners wanted stopped.  The fact that the sicarios absconded with the camera strongly supports such a theory.
The Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights condemned the crime.
“The Rapporteur expresses its concern and calls Mexican authorities to act with expediency to identify the motives behind the crime and use all the judicial instruments at its disposal to identify and sanction the material and intellectual authors,” the Rapporteur said in a press release. 

The Knights Center states; Mexico continues to be among the most dangerous countries in the continent for journalists. According to a recent interactive map from the organization Article 19, Chihuahua has been one of the most violent states for journalists in the last twelve years

Below the website announces that this will most likely be the last issue, click image to enlarge.

Descanse en Paz Jaime Guadalupe González Domínguez

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Tamaulipas closes prison in Miguel Aleman

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter badanov

By Chris Covert

A prison in Miguel Aleman municipality in Tamaulipas state has been closed, according to an official government announcement.

In an announcement posted on the government website of Tamaulipas, the Secretaria de Seguridad Publica del Estado (SSPE) said that the Centro de Ejecucion de Sanciones (CEDES) prison in Miguel Aleman has been closed and its remaining 152 inmates transferred.

Only nine days ago a total of 12 inmates were released from the prison in an assault by 15 armed suspects.  The suspects had entered the prison during early morning hours of February 26th, held prison officials and guards at gunpoint, and released 12 inmates.  No shots were fired and no one was reported hurt in the incident.
You can read about the February 26th prison break in Miguel Aleman by clicking here.
Wednesday’s announcement said that 148 inmates serving time for state charges were moved from the CEDES to another state prison in Reynosa.  Four federal prisoners were moved to another federal facility in Matamoros, also in Tamaulipas state.

Mexican Army and Policia Federal (PF) troops provided security for the transfer.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for

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Chihuahua, a hell for women

| Borderland Beat Reporter un vato

Patricia Mayorga Proceso (3-3-2013)

words from a grieving mother about her 16 year old child

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

CHIHUAHUA, Chih. (apro).–Maria was deprived of her freedom more than three years ago. During her captivity, she was the victim of sexual abuse and afterwards, her captors forced her to have sexual relations with members of an organized crime group that “liked her looks.”

One day, in a moment of carelessness by her kidnappers, she fled from the place where she was being held captive and rejoined her family. Days later, the woman received a threatening message on her cell phone. Her captors warned her that if she did not return, they would go for her sister and all her family.
Afraid, the woman went back to her victimizers.  To this day, her whereabouts are unknown. She never mentioned the place where she had been held.
In the same border area in Chihuahua, another woman managed to escape the nightmare that she was subjected to for months and denounced her partner, the leader of a criminal organization involved in human trafficking.
There were adolescent and adult females, she later claimed. She was in charge of feeding them, but could no longer tolerate the abusive treatment. She said that each of the kidnapped or recruited women was forced to have between 30 to 40 sexual encounters a day.
Like Maria, she went to the Human Rights Center for Women (Cedehm: Centro de Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres), where they provided support. Her case was referred to the Special Prosecutions Unit for Crimes of Violence Against Women and Human Trafficking (Fevimtra: Fiscalia Especial para Delitos de Violencia contra Mujeres y Trata de Personas. After that, she never went back to her birthplace.
In August, 2011, two sisters were deprived of their freedom in San Juanito, Bocoyna municipality. Weeks later, it was discovered that members of the crime organization “La Linea” took them to a “concentration camp” to exploit them. He parents filed a complaint for their disappearance.

Norma Ledesma Ortega, (photo at left her daughter directly below) president of the association Justice for Our Daughters (Justicia para Nuestras Hijas), took the case of Nancy and Daisy Caraveo, originally from Bahuichivo and employees of the town’s Conasupo. After a month, the case file was untouched.

Ledesma demanded the search of an area that a criminal — under arrest for another crime — indicated was the place where the sisters (20 and 26 years old) had been buried.
Ledesma Ortega warned authorities that crime groups based in the mountains had built “concentration camps” where they had several women from that area captive.
“They are recruiting them,” she warned, while they were looking for Nancy and Daisy. They found the women’s voter’s certificates in a warehouse along with weapons and other items.
Before cases of human trafficking became known in this capital city, that hell had been going on for some time in Ciudad Juarez. Two years before the war against drugs promoted by Felipe Calderon started, the former deputy chief of Ciudad Juarez Criminal Investigations Department, Hector Armando Lastra Munoz, was accused of operating a network that sexually exploited minors.
Guadalupe Mortin Otero, in charge of prevention and eradication of violence against women in that locality, asked for a thorough investigation.
In March of 2004, First Penal Judge Arnulfo Arellanes, ordered Lastra Munoz incarcerated for the crimes of prostitution and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. A few hours later, the deputy chief, also the operations coordinator for 159 Public Ministry agents commissioned in Ciudad Juarez, left the Cereso prison (Cereso: Centro de Readaptacion Social) after posting bond set by the court in the amount of 300,000 pesos (approximately $24,000.00).
Lastra Munoz declared himself innocent when he gave his preliminary statement before Judge Arnulfo Arellanes, and claimed not to know the four young girls involved in the case. In addition, he asked for conditional release.
He claimed that the statements given by Mayra Janneth Mejia Romero against him were fantasy, and stated that he had known her for four months. In addition, he claimed that she was the one who introduced Karla Alexandra Vargas Ortiz to him as her cousin and he claimed not to know the other two minors who accused him of hiring them for prostitution purposes.
Entombed in a clear plastic trash bag, a nude femicide victim is disposed at a Chihuahua dump

He also said he is a lawyer and that he would  represent himself because he was innocent of the charges against him, and accused the State Attorney General of creating a “smoke screen, due to the fact that the agency was in the middle of a scandal as a result of police officers being involved in drug trafficking and in at least 12 homicides.

According to the Cedehm, the Lastra case showed the symbiosis between organized crime groups and the police agencies that provide protection for them. 

On the former official’s person, “they found a catalog (sic) of politicians and narcos. It was evident proof of abuse of authority and of the existence of human trafficking,” points out Luz Estela Castro Rodriguez, the director of Cedehm, in an interview.

“In a patriarchal culture, all crimes against women increase, it is easier to subdue them,” she adds.

The problem is that, despite the evidence, mainly in Ciudad Juarez and other border cities, there are no investigations into human trafficking. It was only two years ago that authorities began to recognize the existence of the crime, but until today, not a single case has been investigated, much less anybody sent to trial or prison.

On March 28, 2008, authorities from all three levels of government announced the start of the Chihuahua Joint Operation to “dismantle networks and logistics of organized crime.”

More than 10,000 Army and Federal Police troopers arrived in Juarez. Months later, more federal police forces arrived in the capital and mountain municipalities like Bocoyna, Guadalupe y Calvo, and Madera, among others.

In the first four months of the operation, there were 33 abductions (“levantones”), according to the Commission of Solidarity and Defense of Human Rights (Cosyddhac: Comision de Solidaridad y Defensa de los Derechos Humanos).

In the face of an increase in complaints brought against the military before the State Commission on Human Rights, on April 18, 2008, the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena: Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional) issued a communique alerting the public of the existence of a “false army” financed by drug traffickers operating in the state, for the purpose of disparaging the Armed Forces.

Five years later, Castro Rodriguez asks: “How many armed men were there, or are there now, in the state? There’s a policy of simulation. The strategy that the authorities have is only marketing to say that everything’s all right. One must recognize that , to begin with, where there’s weapons and drugs, there’s human trafficking, and there are already cases filed with  Fevintra.”

She points out that when the 10,000 men were sent to Juarez, they arrived at a time when the society already saw women as disposable, in a maquiladora (assembly plant) sector with operating policies that were not appropriate for them.

“They sent them (the soldiers) out to hunt and forced disappearances also increased, but to this day those are invisible phenomena,” she claims.

The same thing happened in the mountains and in other cities in the state. “It’s terrible, because if the sicarios (gunmen) like a woman, they take her without a worry. There’s a great deal of forced sexual prostitution; it increased because communities live with crime.

Since last year, priest Javier “El Pato” Avila, has charged that there’s a gang of adolescents and young men in Bocoyna engaged in molesting and sexually abusing indigenous people when they walk the long trails of the Tarahumara Mountains.
The complaint against the authorities, once again, is the impunity, exclaims the prelate, because all they do is say that violence has decreased when it is not true. “No matter how much they cluck, it’s just clucking, like chickens that have laid eggs,” he underlines.

Norma Ledesma Ortega, the president of the association Justice for Our Daughters, says she has clear indications that from 2009 to 2011, organized crime groups used the Valle de Juarez to bury dozens of young women. The disappearances of adolescent and young women continued during 2012, most of them in downtown Juarez. And just in January, 2013, the Committee of Mothers of disappeared young women noted 14 cases.

Authorities have not investigated, or at least they haven’t given the results to family members, who most of the time become the investigators due to the absence of information.

According to Justice for Our Daughters, the investigation to punish those responsible should focus on organized crime and human trafficking, including the complicity of government officials.

“The Department of Justice has been indifferent to this hypothesis and has refused to perform an effective investigation. The recent cases of those girls who were found in the Valle de Juarez remain unpunished,” notes Ledesma.
(David Meza)

She adds: “Case files from ten years ago, in the case of the state capital, and from up to twenty years ago in the case of Juarez, one can assume today, had the characteristics of human trafficking violations.

We did not have awareness before, we were not prepared as parents to demand that authorities investigate the crimes as human trafficking cases. All they did was question the immediate families of the victims. They knew what it was about; we didn’t, and they did nothing.”

They took the mothers of the first four women who disappeared in Chihuahua (the capital) to Piedras Negras (Coahuila) or to Nuevo Casas Grandes, telling them that (the girls) were together and had run away voluntarily, but that was not true, recalls Ledesma.

“Authorities look for girls who run away, not girls who are taken away. If the crime of human trafficking is increasing, it must be because police agencies are involved,” she declares.

Numbers war

For Jose Luis Armendariz Gonzalez, the president of the State Commission on Human Rights, the subject of disappeared persons is crucial and complex, because there is a numbers war going on and, therefore, it is difficult to come up with a diagnosis and more difficult yet to eliminate the problem.

The official numbers from the Office of the State Attorney General, according to page number UIFGE-I-028-2013094932012 of the Infomex System, show that in 2012, 255 women were murdered, 10 of them less than 11 years old.

Throughout the state, there are 526 disappearance reports open, 219 of them involving women. Despite that, last January, prosecutor Jauregui Venegas assured us that there are only 120 cases of disappeared women being investigated.

Regarding the skeletal remains of disappeared women that have been found, in March of 2011, in a meeting with authorities from the three levels of government and with civilian organizations, the Fevimtra stated that there were in the Medical Examiner’s Office (Semefo: Servicio Medico Forense) the remains of 143 unidentified female persons.

This past January 16, the director of Investigative Services of the Office of State Attorney General, Daniel Ricardo Jaramillo Vela, disclosed that they have secured 59 genetic profiles from around the state that are unidentified. Days later, prosecutor Carlos Manuel Salas stated that they actually have only 44 genetic profiles.

Jaramillo Vela reported that the remains found between January and February of 2011 had 24 elements that pertained to 11 women: seven (remains) have already been delivered, two were delivered and rejected by their families, and two more are inconsistent with the data bases of families who are looking for women in the state.

The bodies rejected by the two families are those of Maria Guadalupe Perez Montes, who disappeared on January 31, 2009, when she was 17 years old, and Idali Jauche Laguna, who disappeared on February 23, 2010. When the bodies were delivered to the two families in April, 2011, they asked for a second opinion and demanded that the remains be sent to a specialized laboratory because they did not believe the authorities.

Almost a year later, and under pressure from a group of mothers who marched from Juarez to the capital, Jaramillo announced that they sent samples of bones found in Arroyo Naranjo to the Bode Technology 15 laboratory.

With respect to the remains not yet identified, he said that because this involved Juarez, a transient border area, they have to request cooperation from other states or countries to determine whether they belong to women who disappeared there.

According to Infomex, the North Zone Attorney General’s office, to which Juarez belongs, had 101 women reported missing from 1995 to the middle of January, 2013. In 2012 alone, he indicated, 17 disappeared, the majority of them in downtown Juarez, according to newspaper archives.

He pointed out that the majority of the disappearances in the zone (60) took place between 2008 and 2012. To those cases, one must add the 17 bodies found in the Juarez Valley from 2009 to 2011, which were delivered to their families more than two years after they were found.

That is the case with Adriana Sarmiento Enriquez, who disappeared on January 18, 2008, when she was 15 years old. She was found in the Valle de Juarez  in November of 2009, and was delivered to her family two years later, in 2011….continues on next page

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11 die in Sinaloa state

Monday, March 4, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter badanov

A total of 11 individuals, including four municipal police agents have been killed in 24 hours in the western Mexican state of Sinaloa, including seven found dead in one incident Monday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news account which appeared on the website of El Universal news daily said the seven victims were found aboard a Jeep SUV which had been incinerated near the village of  Ojo de Agua in the Aguaverde section of Rosario municipality, in far southern Sinaloa state.

Four of the victims were local police agents identified as José Guadalupe Toledo Barron, David Vazquez Canizales, Antonio Cárdenas Aguiar and Luis Alberto Crespo Peralta.  Two of three other victims were civilians identified as Gustavo Salcido Corrales and José Alfredo Lopez Cazarez.

Police found 90 spent cartridge casings at the scene from .45 caliber, 9mm, AR-15 and AK-47 rifles.  The victims were reportedly kidnapped Sunday night.

Rosario municipality is about 20 kilometers south of Mexico Federal Highway 40, Mexico’s northernmost contiguous east-west highway running coast to coast, from the Sinaloa port city of Mazatlan to northern Tamaulipas state.

According to the news account four other unidentified individuals were murdered in Sinaloa state, two in San Ignacio municipality, which is north of Rosario and two in the community of El Tecomate.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for

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Forbes Most Wealthy List: Chapo No Mas

| Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis
By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

No Longer the Headline
Four years ago the decision to include Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in the Forbes Billionaire List was a horrible one on just about every level imaginable.  Guzman is the leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel arguably the most powerful drug trafficker on the planet.
However, if one simply reduces the cons to a level of verifiable mathematics the decision made zero sense.
In a larger sense, by the inclusion of Guzman, Forbes denigrates its list, while at the same time fortifying glorification of the fruits of criminality.
The Mexico delegation of Worlds most powerful  Lineup in past years: Guzman, EPN and Slim
One can surmise the decision not to include Guzman in the 2013 list is a pragmatic approach to end the criticisms of a 4 year flawed decision.  Regrettably Forbes attempted to justify the decision with sensible reasoning.  Regrettable because it highlights the very basic standards ignored in the first place.
How does an entity deem a person’s wealth without subjecting that wealth to verification?
It was a stunner in 2009 when Guzman made the list with a fortune listed at $1 Billion.
Forbes senior wealth editor Luisa Kroll said the decision to drop Guzman was based on suspicions that “an increasing chunk of money is going to protect him and his family.”
Kroll said in a statement Monday that Guzman is “no longer someone we are confident enough to call a billionaire, “and, “that he could not be reached to verify figures on his wealth”. (this last statement was my favorite)
Right…and he was in 2009?
Forbes would have gained great respect by simply stating “it was a mistake and we are correcting that mistake now”
On another note Mexican Carlos Slim (Telecom magnate) continues to head the list, with a fortune estimated at $73 billion.

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HEE HEE! Uncle Dougie’s soiling his diaper over Pamela Geller’s latest anti-Islam subway ads

As Geller’s ‘Truth about Islam’ campaign moves around the country, terror-linked CAIR’s Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper coerces all the media leftists to come out against it by interviewing likeminded individuals.



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Mar 8 2013

PAUL WESTON (former head of British Freedom party) launches new political party to confront militant Islam and end ethnic cleansing of the UK


Liberty GB Press Release:

At midday on Saturday 9th March 2013 Paul Weston, former UKIP candidate and former British Freedom Chairman, launches a new patriotic party called ‘Liberty GB’. (FYI: Paul Weston has been a strong supporter of BNI)

Unlike the mainstream parties and UKIP, Liberty GB will confront the three greatest threats to Britain’s future peace and security, namely the rise of fundamentalist Islam, the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing ‘progressives’, and mass Third World immigration, which is rapidly cleansing native British people from their own towns and cities.

Whilst there is no guarantee at this late stage that Britain can be saved, Liberty GB will endeavour to halt our accelerating descent into economic, educational, moral, cultural and social ruin.

Liberty GB believes that Britain could be a wonderful country again, but that it will take politics bordering on the revolutionary to achieve this vision. Recent polls have shown huge potential demand in ‘Middle Britain’ for such a politics, and for a non-racist patriotic party willing to confront the terrible threats facing us.

In preparation for Saturday’s launch, Weston has put together an experienced management team, and has already built a strong social media following – people of all backgrounds concerned at the damage being done to Britain by the corrupt Westminster club.

Paul Weston said in a recent address at London’s Tower Bridge:

“Liberty GB will talk about militant Islam and will talk about population replacement, which is literally genocidal. We’ve seen what’s happened to some of our big cities over the last few years, and the 2011 Census made it clear that we are not having some sort of wonderful multiculturalism, we are being cleaned out of our towns and cities. This is incredibly serious and it’s now reached the point – the tipping point, if you will – where in twenty years’ time all of our cities will be minority white. And when you look at the countries where the people who are replacing us come from all you see is violence, murder, rape and corruption. I don’t want that to happen to this country.”

Paul’s party may have changed but not his message:



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Mar 8 2013

Will the IslamoFascists of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) finally get the UN to make criticism of Islam an International Crime?

They already have the support of the U.S. State Department and Muslim-in-Chief of the United States.


Threat and Response—Part One

URGENT—They want to criminalize free speech!

We’re fighting to protect your rights!



On February 19th, the Saudi Gazette ran a story with the headline “OIC gears up to get denigration of religions criminalized.” Here are the first two paragraphs from that story:

Getting the go-ahead from the Cairo Islamic Summit, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been actively trying to get the denigration of religions recognized as a criminal offense, according to a top official.

“Next session of the Istanbul Process on Islamophobia will be held in the first half of this year, and the session will squarely focus on the issue of criminalizing denigration of religions,” said Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, director of cultural affairs at the OIC general secretariat and spokesman for the OIC secretary general.

Using the fig leaf of “denigration of religions,” it’s clear the OIC is absolutely committed to imposing a key provision of sharia law on America and the West.

Sharia law prohibits speech that insults, defames or offends Islam and Muhammad. This is what the OIC is after—a worldwide prohibition on any speech that dares critique or even question Islam.

The OIC’s current mechanism to accomplish this is the Istanbul Process and UN Resolution 16/18.

And here’s the really bad news—our State Department is promoting this effort.

This Monday, March 11th, ACT! for America will be airing a national webcast where we will launch our campaign to stop this effort, “Americans United to Defend Free Speech.”

The webcast will air from 7:30 PM EST to 9:30 PM EST. You can use this link to tune in:

The growing, worldwide threat to American free speech is a threat we simply can’t ignore. WE MUST FIGHT BACK AGAINST THIS THREAT!!!

Please, don’t assume what the OIC is after can’t happen in America. Please don’t set this aside without taking action today!


Many European countries already have so-called “hate speech” laws. ACT! for America’s chapter leader in Austria, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf, was convicted for violating one of those laws. There have been speech codes restricting so-called “hate speech” on many American college campuses for years.

Canada’s Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that will almost certainly be used to restrict free speech. Groups like CAIR, ISNA and many other Muslim Brotherhood connected organizations repeatedly try to silence any criticism of radical Islam with shouts of “Islamophobia” and “racism.”

If we win the war on Islamic terrorism but lose our right of free speech, we still lose. Please help us fight back against this growing, insidious threat.


Visit our website and make the most generous monthly Patriot Partner contribution or single Contributing Member contribution you can make.

ACT for America
P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591









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Mar 8 2013

SWEDEN: Muslim school leader pulls out his penis and chases 23-year-old woman around the park

The Muslim man, from Denmark who is the headmaster of a private school in Nørrebro, is known in the Danish public for his distinctive, Muslim attitudes, specifically that women not wearing headbags are asking to be raped.


Islam vs Europe (h/t Susan K)  Now, however, he is accused of pulling his penis out and chasing a 23-year-old woman around in a park in Malmö in August 2012, according to the court in Malmö. The woman managed to get away, and she called the police, who arrested the man a few minutes later. During the interrogation he refused to plead guilty and believes that the accusation is based on racism because he has Pakistani roots.

The woman told the police that she lives close to the park, and was out walking her puppy when the man walked towards her, and she began to feel uncomfortable. She bent down to pick up her dog, when the man asked about her name. She just had time to respond before the man opened his pants and took his penis out, while she was still bent down so that his penis was half a meter from her head. The woman got up and ran away, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw that he was still following her with his penis swinging in the wind.

He will soon stand trial.


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Mar 8 2013

Is New Zealand’s ‘surfing piglet’ offensive to Muslims?

Who cares?




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Mar 8 2013

U.S. postpones honoring Egyptian woman with coveted ‘Women of Courage Award’ after discovery of her Jew-hating and America-hating Tweets

Moochelle Obama reported to be heartbroken.

On Friday, March 8, Secretary John Kerry along with first lady Michelle Obama were scheduled to “honor 10 extraordinary women with the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award” including Samira Ibrahim of Egypt.


Schmuck Weekly The reason Ibrahim was tapped to be a recipient of the award is likely due to the fact that in 2011 she was one of seven women allegedly subjected by the Egyptian military to undergo a “virginity test.” You have to hand it to the Obama administration.  One day they are handing out money to the government that supports raping women and the next they are giving an award to one of the victims. Who says you can’t have a finger in every pie?

Among Ms. Ibrahim’s other credentials for the award is that she is a Muslim.  It seems that only Muslim women qualify, for only Muslim women can be courageous.  In addition, she is a rabid anti-Semite, enthusiastic celebrant of the 9/11 tragedy, and loves Adolph Hitler. When Americans or Israelis die, Ms. Ibrahim creatively tweets her unrestrained pleasure.


Media inquiries have apparently forced someone at the Department of State to pull their head out of their ass and take a closer look at Ms. Ibrahim. Though she has traveled to the U.S. to receive the International Women of Courage Award, her trip has turned out to be a waste of time and taxpayer money. A little birdy named Twitter reported that the anti-Semitic bitch has left a trail of tweets quoting Hitler, celebrating the murder of Israelis in Bulgaria, and applauding the September 11, 2012 siege of the U.S. embassy in Cairo.

The Weekly Standard dug into Ibrahim’s Twitter archives, revealing that on July 18 2012, after five Israeli tourists and a bus driver were killed a suicide attack in Bulgaria, she tweeted:

“An explosion on a bus carrying Israelis in Burgas airport in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Today is a very sweet day with a lot of very sweet news.”

Doubling down on her racist diatribes, in August, 2012, Ibrahim has referred to Saudi Arabia’s ruling Al Saud family as “dirtier than the Jews” and just two weeks later admiringly invoked Adolf Hitler:

“I have discovered with the passage of days, that no act contrary to morality, no crime against society, takes place, except with the Jews having a hand in it. Hitler.”

But Ibrahim’s ire is not reserved strictly for Jews. Following the riots that set siege to the United States embassy in Cairo on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, Ibrahim, according to TWS, posted the following message on Twitter:

“Today is the anniversary of 9/11. May every year come with America burning.”

Samira Ibrahim Tweet

“This might be true,” a visibly upset Michelle Obama said to a reporter from Christian News Network, who was holding the First Lady accountable. “But she is, after all, no Holocaust denier like some of the other finalists for the award. What distinguishes Samira and what impressed me, as one of the judges, is that she not only acknowledges that the Holocaust occurred, but she also has gone to great lengths to articulate the role of the Jewish conspiracy behind Hitler and the Holocaust.  This put her light years ahead of the other candidates. I know this is true because I went to Princeton.

Asked for a comment on the award, former President Jimmy Carter noted, “I think this is a great thing.  At first, there was some resistance from the Saudis who think that rape is an appropriate punishment for women who go to demonstrations and are out and about without being accompanied by a male relative. But when I told them Ms. Ibrahim celebrated 9/11, loved Hitler, and spoke of the Holocaust as a Jewish conspiracy, well, you know, how could they resist?”

In a desperate effort to save her award, Ibrahim claimed that her Twitter page was hacked, undoubtedly by Zionists – you know – Jews. But on her alleged hacked Twitter account she wrote (translated from Arabic) “I refuse to apologize to the Zionist lobby in America regarding my previous anti-Zionist statements under pressure from American government therefore they withdrew the award.”


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Mar 8 2013

How to ‘deHALALify’ your supermarket in two minutes!

ChochonAccording to BNI’s resident French reporter, Alain, following a call from the Bloc Identitaire (the older generation of Generation Identitaire), around 20 people from the Ligue du Midi went into a supermarket in Montpellier and, in just 2 minutes, completely cleared out a halal display, throwing everything in baskets that they then left lying around the store.

However, the best part isn’t shown in this video: After the offensive halal crap was cleaned out, the supermarket staff filled up the empty shelves with pork products and wine. VIVE LA FRANCE!




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Mar 8 2013
UN chief appeals for peaceful conclusion to Kenya’s presidential election
Print 5 March 2013 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged Kenyans to remain peaceful and provide a credible conclusion to Kenya’s presidential election as… (photo: UN / Jean Marc Ferre) United Nations
Election Kenya Photos UN Wikipedia: Ban Ki-moon
Ivory Coast's new national soccer team coach Sven-Goran Eriksson, right, holds a press conference with Ivory Coast Football Federation president Jacques Anouma to name his provisional 30-man World Cup squad, at federation headquarters in Abidjan, Ivory Coast Tuesday, May 11, 2010. Eriksson says Ivory Coast cannot rely solely on goals from striker Didier Drogba at the World Cup. CAS denies Anouma chance to challenge Hayatou
(Adds details) BERNE, March 5 (Reuters) – Ivory Coast‘s Jacques Anouma has lost his appeal against a ruling which bars him from challenging Issa Hayatou for the… (photo: AP) The Guardian
Africa Ivory Coast Photos Sports Wikipedia: Confederation of African Football
FILE - In this photo taken Friday, Feb. 22, 2013 Olympic athlete, Oscar Pistorius, in court in Pretoria, South Africa, for his bail hearing charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Even if Pistorius is acquitted of murder, firearms and legal experts in South Africa believe that, by his own account, the star violated basic gun-handling regulations by shooting into a closed door without knowing who was behind it, exposing himself to the lesser but still serious charge of culpable homicide. Oscar Pistorius family row over South Africa crime
The family of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius, who is charged with murder, has distanced itself from his father’s comments that guns are needed because of high… (photo: AP / Themba Hadebe) BBC News
Africa Crime Photos South Africa Wikipedia: Oscar Pistorius
African elephant (loxodonta africana) grazing in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Central Africa forest elephant crises
BangkokCentral Africa’s forest elephant population had declined 62 percent over the past decade, due mainly to poaching to feed Asia’s demand for ivory, a… (photo: Creative Commons / Independent online (SA)
Africa Bangkok Photos Wikipedia: Elephant Wildlife
Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal gestures during the Copa del Rey soccer match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. Cristiano Ronaldo is Cameroonian
Real Madrid‘s Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo heads the ball to score during a Uefa Champions League round of 16 first leg football match against Manchester United… (photo: AP / Emilio Morenatti) Mail Guardian South Africa
Photos Real Madrid Soccer Sportstars Wikipedia: Cristiano Ronaldo
Egyptian protesters set a government building on fire during clashes with police, unseen, in Port Said, Egypt, Monday, March 4, 2013. Egypt’s leader mulls army takeover of restive city
MAGGIE MICHAEL Associated Press= CAIRO (AP) — Officials say the Egyptian president is considering whether to give the military full control of the restive city of Port… (photo: AP / Ahmed Ramadan) The Guardian
Egypt Photos Police Violence Wikipedia: 2012–2013 Egyptian protests
A party observer, left, asks to help a Kenyan lady cast her ballots at a polling station in the Kibera slum in a general election in Nairobi, Kenya, Monday, March 4, 2013. Kenyans wait for hours to vote; 19 die in violence
Kenyans line up early in the morning to vote in Kisumu, west of Nairobi, Kenya , on Monday. Five years after more than 1,000 people were killed in election-related… (photo: AP / Jerome Delay) Denver Post
Election Kenya Photos Violence Wikipedia: Kenyan general election, 2013
Kenyan Presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta waves to queuing voters after casting his vote, accompanied by his wife Margaret Wanjiru Gakuo, below right, at the Mutomo primary school near Gatundu, north of Nairobi, in Kenya Monday, March 4, 2013. Kenyan election: Uhuru Kenyatta maintains lead after early results
Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya‘s deputy prime minister, has maintained an early lead over his rival Raila Odinga with more than 25 per cent of ballots in from polling stations in… (photo: AP / Ben Curtis) The Daily Telegraph
Election Kenya Photos Politics Wikipedia: Kenyan general election, 2013
In this photo released by Kenya's Presidential Press Service, Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki, left, meets opposition leader Raila Odinga at his Harambee House office, in Nairobi, Kenya, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2008. Kenya awaits presidential election results
Kenyans are awaiting results in their country’s presidential election, after millions cast their votes on Monday. With 25% of polling stations reporting, Deputy… (photo: AP Photo / Presidential Press Services, HO) BBC News
Election Kenya Photos Violence Wikipedia: Kenyan general election, 2013
A female African Bush Elephant raises her trunk as a warning sign in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania African forest elephants decline by 62% in 10 years
Forest elephant numbers have decreased by 62% across Central Africa over the last 10 years, according to a study. The analysis confirmed fears that African forest… (photo: Creative Commons / Muhammad Mahdi Karim) BBC News
Elephants Extinction Photos Wikipedia: African elephant Wildlife
Kenya's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade Uhuru Kenyatta answers journalists' questions during a press conference during the fifth day of the World Trade Organisation ministerial summit on trade liberalisation talks, at the World Trade Organization (WTO) headquarters, in Geneva, Switzerland, Friday, July 25, 2008. Kenyatta takes early lead as Kenya counts votes
NAIROBI (Reuters) – Uhuru Kenyatta had an early edge as Kenya continued the count on Tuesday in a presidential election that brought out millions of voters despite… (photo: AP / Salvatore Di Nolfi) The Star
Election Kenya Photos Uhuru Kenyatta Wikipedia: Uhuru Kenyatta Wikipedia: Kenyan general election, 2013

IT’S ABOUT TIME! To counter the repugnant ‘Israeli Apartheid Weeks’ running on many college campuses, several universities are now holding their own ‘Islamic Apartheid Weeks’

And the thugs at Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) are squealing like pigs in heat…demanding that officials at Rutgers University, NJ, condemn what they call “Anti-Muslim Hate Ads” (See below)


CAIR The New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NJ) today called on Rutgers University officials to condemn Anti-Islam Hate ads that use target images of Muslims or persons in predominantly Muslim countries that have been attacked or killed. CAIR-NJ says the advertisement will create a hostile learning environment for Muslim students.

“The advertisements are propaganda meant to spread anti-Muslim sentiment,” said CAIR-NJ Civil Rights Director Khurrum Ali. “University leadership would reasonably condemn statements made by the Ku Klux Klan or anti-Semites and should reject bias directed toward Muslim students.”


Why is Islamic Apartheid Week Important?

“Islamic Apartheid Week,” is a series of campus campaigns that focus on the gender and religious bigotry and persecution practiced by the Arab countries of the Middle East and other Islamic nations.



College of the Sequoias
Missouri Western State University
Montana State University – Bozeman
Penn State
Temple University
University of Missouri – Columbia
SUNY Courtland

About Islamic Apartheid Week

During the 2012-2013 school year, the David Horowitz Freedom Center will sponsor “Islamic Apartheid Weeks” on 100 campuses across the country. These events will focus on the gender and religious bigotry and persecution practiced by the Arab countries of the Middle East and other Islamic nations: the subjugation of women, including genital mutilation; sanctioned honor killings; the repression and killing of non-Muslims; child and sexual enslavement of non-Muslims, and the death sentence for apostates.

These “Islamic Apartheid Weeks” will be organized around panel discussions featuring former victims of Sharia law and Islamic apartheid such as Nonie Darwish, who grew up behind the veil of Sharia law in Egypt and Simon Deng, who was enslaved by Muslims in the Sudan when he was a child. The events will also feature experts on radical Islam such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Ephraim Karsh. The Freedom Center will support their testimony and views by providing students with a full range of resources such as pamphlets, flyers, and films highlighting the various human rights abuses sanctioned under Sharia law and the ways in which these forms of apartheid are standard operating procedure in most Arab nations.

Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic campus groups like Students for Justice in Palestine have it half right: there is apartheid in the Middle East. It’s just that it’s being practiced by Muslim nations, not Israel, a fact that the David Horowitz Freedom Center will drive home by presenting authentic voices and indisputable testimony from those who have lived and studied the brutality.


Free Pamphlets offered to students

Muslim Persecution of Christians – The popular image of the Crusades is of Christian warriors terrorizing and subjugating non-Christians. In the eyes of many radical Muslims and their Western allies, these Crusades are still going on in the new form of American “imperialism.” Muslim Persecution of Christians documents the falsification of history that justifies this view. It also describes the real “crusade” now taking place – the religious cleansing of Christians in Muslim lands as Islamic Jihadists step up their efforts of Islamize them or drive them out of their lands – or kill them outright.


Islamophobia – Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future – In 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeni, ruler of Islamic Iran issued a fatwa calling on all Muslims worldwide to murder the novelist Salman Rushdie for insulting the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Rushdie’s crime? Blasphemy or “Islamophobia,” as it has come to be known. Since then we have seen worldwide violent Muslim protests over cartoons, blasphemy laws in Europe, prosecutions of notable opponents of Islamic terror like Oriana Fallaci and Geert Wilders, and the demonization of courageous opponents of Islamic imperialism and terror in the West.


The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam – This booklet details some of the principal ways in which women suffer in the Islamic world – often with religious and cultural sanction. Many of these crimes against women, such as wife-beating, are ordained by the Qur’an itself; others, such as female genital mutilation and honor killing, are praised by Islamic clerics and hallowed by Islamic culture. That feminists in the West remain silent about this deeply ingrained and institutionalized mistreatment of women, and even ally with groups that have devoted themselves to the spread of Islamic law that justifies this mistreatment, is one of the unconscionable scandals of our time.


Faces of Palestine –  A carefully constructed and cleverly publicized narrative of dispossession, statelessness and “occupation” has won international sympathy for the Palestinians.  Repeated insistently over the last two generations, this story has redefined reality, putting Israel on the defensive and gradually turning this tiny David, whose precarious future has always been menaced by the remorseless enemies surrounding it, into a savage Goliath anxious to crush the powerless millions whose hopes, as people and a potential nation, it callously controls.  Victims of the past Holocaust who are threatened by a future one are now seen as “the new Nazis,” committing slow motion genocide against an “occupied people” every day.


Stolen History – Because there is never ever was a “Palestine” nor a “Palestinian people,”  those who promote the notion lies of a homeland  where the “Palestinians” lived from “time immemorial,” must find a way to create a faux-history to cloak their  claims in a mantle of respectability and credibility.  What easier than simply to steal Israel’s history, thereby gaining the added dividend of arguing that the Jewish state shouldn’t exist because it never did.  So Arab propagandists, journalists, academicians, religious and political leaders have engaged in the most phantasmagorical and audacious deception in history. They have stolen Jewish history and claimed it as their own, erasing or denying all evidence of things Jewish in the Land of Israel and filling the gaps with a fictitious narrative of an ancient “Palestinian people” living since high antiquity in the land of Canaan.  The lies are transparent, the fiction palpable; yet much of the world accommodates the deception.


Introduction Video from Islamic Apartheid Week at Temple University last year




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Mar 8 2013

CAIR-Canada demands hate crime investigation for graffiti on a mosque

anm81f6a923e21d4bd9A vandal or more than one struck under cover of darkness at a Muslim house of worship extensively defacing its exterior with digusting messages such as “Please learn English” and “ET Go Home.”


Guelph Mercury A corrugated wall was scrawled in red paint: “Please learn English.” On windows nearby was written: “U R dead. Go home.” Other walls were defaced with Nazi swastikas, one backward. There were derogatory references to Arabs and a large scrawl urging, “ET go home.” (Gee, we never realized that ET did have that Muslim hijab look goin’ on)


The site is a former Christian school on Water Street near Edinburgh Road, which the Muslim Society of Guelph purchased and converted last July.

On a Christian drawing depicting a group of people, there is the word “Osama” and an arrow pointed to a person whose face had been obliterated by a splash of red paint. It appeared a reference to supreme international terrorist Osama bin Laden, who was shot and killed in Pakistan in 2011 in a U.S. Navy Seal attack.

City police were on the scene Wednesday, speaking with Muslim Society of Guelph president Mohammed Sayyed, who surveyed the damage in the afternoon with a Mercury reporter. “The cops are thinking it’s one person who did that,” Sayyed said, referring to a single pair of footprints in the snow. Authorities were also reviewing recordings from exterior security cameras.

“This guy must be really sick,” he said as he viewed the Nazi symbol. “We’re hoping it’s the act of only one person.” Sayyed said the vandalism was done some time overnight, when the faithful were away. Sayyed said it’s the third act. Last summer, someone threw eggs at the building, an act that was repeated several weeks ago.



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Mar 7 2013

Every good Muslim bends down and lifts his ass up to Allah…

…especially before he robs the mosque.



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Mar 7 2013

SHOCKING! Egyptian ‘scholars’ claim the colonists ate hundreds of millions of Indians (Native Americans)

This ‘genius’ goes on to say, “The pilgrims liked to barbecue the Indians and make them into little tasty kebobs.” He adds, “It is well-documented that none of the indigenous peoples were cannibals, but all the colonizers from England were.”

Stay tuned, folks, his next revelations are sure to come out of the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.’



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Mar 7 2013

Oh, BOO HOO! French Muslim complains “police violence will mean the slow extermination of Muslims”

Promises, promises. The good news is, the Socialist government of Francois Hollande is even tougher on Muslim criminals and welfare parasites than the previous government. (Photos below of Muslim riots and torchings around Paris show you exactly why)


Press TV Alleging defamation, France’s interior minister Manuel Valls is trying to shut down a website which gives a voice to the victims of police harassment. The site has become especially popular with France’s Muslim population, who often claim that police target, harass and even kill them with impunity.


Statistics prove that non-whites (Muslims are white, too) feel under attack: Researchers say that Arabs and black Muslims compose up to 70 percent of France’s prisoners. (Obviously, so many o them are in jail because they commit crimes. DUH!)


For years Far Left pro-Muslim groups such as Amnesty International and the UN Human Rights Committee have testified to racist practices (What race is Islam?) among the French police, but many say nothing has changed. Allegations of abuse are routinely dismissed as the French police are supported by their unions, far-right political groups and now the Socialist administration.


Bentounsi started the website last year, after her brother was reportedly shot in the back by a policeman. Bentounsi believes it’s the French media which needs the most urgent reform. She says they need to acknowledge their role in legitimizing the Islamophobia which has especially stigmatized young Muslim males.


  1. Zimbabwe: Man Found With Slain Lover’s Private Parts
  2. Kenya: Latest Kenya Poll Results Narrow Down to Uhuru, Raila Affair
  3. Africa: International Women’s Day 2013 Message
  4. Kenya: Kenyatta’s ICC Case Brought Forward
  5. Liberia: Former Police Chief Found Guilty of Corruption
  6. Kenya: Raila ‘Pulls’ Out of Vote Counting
  7. Liberia: Ex-TRC Chief’s Multiple Woes Claims State-Sponsored Plots, Interpol Chase, Real Estate Hijack

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