Republicans Caving on Immigration Like Chamberlain Giving Sudetenland to Hitler

June 12, 2013






While the nation is distracted by scandals, Obama pushes Amnesty for 11 to 20 million illegals who have voted for Marxist Presidents, in Mexico, for the last 71 years consecutively.

Instant dictatorship if this bill passes.

Senators and Congressmen will vote on this bill without ever reading it, But there are those who have read the immigration reform bill

BETSY McCaughey:

Six big problems with the immigration bill from someone who has actually read it



Buchanan: ‘What is all this nonsense about bringing people out of the shadows?’

What bringing people out of the shadows means is making it possible for the NSA to track all the illegal aliens.  This will not be good for democracy, or illegal aliens.

Politics | Jeff Poor
Conservative commentator makes suggestions for Rubio, rest of GOP

Rep. Mike Pompeo calls on imams to disavow terrorism and “call evil by it’s name”


Geert Wilders 09 June 2013


Tommy Robinson Responds to Surge of Popularity “We Have to Win the Hearts and Minds of the People”


Why Does Islam Get Special Treatment in Australia? – “A Cruel Culture”


‘Stop Gosnells’ coalition demands better oversight of late-term abortions

At issue: Free-speech rights of West Palm Beach pro-lifers

Preaching arrest case delayed; attorney explains importance


Mike Maddock, Contributor

I write about innovation and solving problems with disruptive ideas.

8/21/2012 @ 11:32AM |183,277 views

Three (Incredibly Simple) Questions The Most Successful People Use To Change The World

I’ve heard it said that the most brilliant business ideas are often the simplest. From my experience, it’s true. In fact, when I am fortunate enough to receive sage advice from a famously gifted person, I’ll often ask myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” So here I humbly share with you a winning formula that I see leaders use again and again and again…to change the world.

Use this formula the next time you feel stuck—whether you are trying to change your industry, your company or your personal life—and I promise you it will work.

Question Number 1: What’s the outcome I want?

Most people seem to get stuck in the moment, caught up in the drama of a situation they don’t like. They unwittingly wind up playing the helpless victim, and as I’ve written in the past, victims can’t innovate because they are focused on the problem—not solutions. You will hear them talk about how things aren’t fair, who has wronged them, and they look for encouragement or excuses to feel better about the status quo. While this may make them feel good, being energized by problems is a recipe for inaction.

Asking the question “what is the outcome I want?” forces the mind to focus on the final destination, not the current bumps in the road. The brilliance of this question is that it immediately puts you in the “creator” mindset. And once successful people envision the destination, they move quickly to the second, world-changing question.

Question Number 2: What stands in my way?

(Hey, I told you these were simple questions.)

The best leaders are masters at identifying and prioritizing obstacles that are between them and the outcome they want. Then they brainstorm ways to eliminate, avoid or neutralize the obstacles.

Last year I saw George Clooney on a late night talk show. He had recently lost 20-plus pounds that he’d put on for a movie role. The host was amazed at how good Clooney looked and asked him how he had managed to lose the weight so quickly. Clooney’s response sounded something like, “I ate less and exercised more.”

Too often in business, we talk about how hard it is to “lose weight” while reaching for a potato chip. But leaders using this formula move quickly from the outcome, to the plan, to the execution.

“I want to be 20 pounds lighter,” says the enlightened leader. “So what stands in my way?” Let’s see…

I don’t seem to make time for exercise.

So I will start the day with exercise or I will block time on my calendar.
So each weekend, I’ll pack my gym bag for the entire week and put it in my car.

I need to eat better because a bad diet will make this impossible.

So I will do my homework, buy healthy snacks and eat small portions throughout the day.

So I will pack my lunch and stop eating fast food.

Without a bunch of accountability, this will never happen.

So I’ll tell my friends, family and coworkers about my goal and when it will be achieved.

So I will buy a digital scale and weigh myself every day.

Question Number 3: Who has figured it out already?

So now our creators have identified the outcome they want. They have created a list of obstacles, prioritize the list and identified ways to overcome each obstacle. This is where some leaders spring into action while others pause to steal ideas. Yes, I wrote steal ideas. But since stealing is a politically incorrect term, we’ll call their strategy parallel engineering.

In the mid ’90s, our company had grown to about 25 people. We had dozens of projects happening at once and needed a more efficient way to manage the growing complexity of our business. So being the brilliant, naïve entrepreneurs that we were, we naturally decided to build a software system to help us track, manage and optimize each project.

After spending roughly $185,000 and hundreds of hours in time, we scrapped the project. Three phone calls later we bought an off-the-shelf system that did 90 percent of the things we were trying to build into our own custom solution.

Gosh, I wish we had paused to parallel engineer ideas.

Intelligence is learning from your own mistakes; wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others. It’s less painful to be wise than smart. It’s also a lot cheaper. That’s why this third question is so important.

  • Immigration bill is part of Democratic push for permanent majority (Malkin)

    Wed Jun 12 08:33:10 2013 · by Brad from Tennessee · 46 replies 

    Washingon Examiner ^ | June 11, 2013 | By Michelle Malkin
    Welcome to Opposite World again. As the U.S. Senate geared up yesterday for the Gang of Eight illegal alien amnesty bill debate, President Obama goaded Capitol Hill to pass what he called “smarter enforcement, a pathway to earned citizenship and improvements to the legal system” of immigration. Bullcrap. The White House has already bulldozed a traffic-jammed superhighway for immigration law-breakers by executive fiat. Obama and his open-borders pals pay lip service to fairness and the rule of law for the cameras. But behind closed doors and beyond the reach of public accountability, they’ve already paved the way for mass deportation…
  • Ohio Shows ObamaCare Is Working As Intended

    Wed Jun 12 08:31:32 2013 · by IBD editorial writer · 22 replies 

    Investor’s Business Daily ^ | 06/11/2013 | IBD Staff
    Health Care Reform: President Obama went to California last week to declare ObamaCare is working just as planned. If he means it was intended to dramatically hike insurance costs, he´s got that right. As ObamaCare´s launch date draws closer, a picture is emerging as to how it will affect insurance premiums. And that is increasingly one of sky-high premiums resulting from the law´s market regulations, benefit mandates, taxes and fees. Late last week, Ohio´s Department of Insurance revealed that, thanks to ObamaCare, the average premium in that state´s individual market will be 88% higher next year…

15 Million Egyptians Sign Anti-Morsi Petition

Let me say this: they are going to need a helluva lot more than a petition to stop the savage supremacists in power in Egypt. The Islamic theocrats have Obama’s support — he sent the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 140,000 canisters of tear gas. And America still gives this tinpot dictator of ours a 50% approval rating (further proof of the enemedia’s influence). 

15 Million Egyptians Sign Anti-Morsi Petition Pat Dollard, June 11, 2013

Nearly 15 million people have signed a petition to hold early presidential elections, in a campaign seeking to “remove confidence” in Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt Independent reported.

Tamarod, the opposition campaigned meaning “rebel” in Arabic, was launched in May, attempting to 15 million signatures to outnumber the votes gained by Morsi in last year’s presidential election.

The opposition is campaign “studying the possibility of confidentially submitting the forms to the Supreme Constitutional Court” before June 30,” said spokesperson Mahmoud Badr.

“We are printing the forms on CDs to preserve them,” Badr said.

Morsi’s tenure as president has been marked by severe political turmoil and opposition.


  • Chinese Firm Plans to Build $40 Billion Nicaraguan Canal

    Wed Jun 12 09:17:48 2013 · by artichokegrower · 38 replies 

    gcaptain ^ | June 10, 2013 | Rob Almeida
    News sources around the world are reporting the Chinese company, HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. Ltd., is fast-tracking plans with the Nicaraguan government to build another canal to link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans across the Latin American isthmus. If this 11-year, $40 billion construction project is completed, implications could be tremendous for the global shipping trade, and for the newly constructed 2nd generation of the Panama Canal. Not only that, but this also gives China a significant foothold in the western hemisphere that will last for 100 years, which is about the same period of time that the…
  • How to lose 2016 in one easy amnesty bill

    Wed Jun 12 09:06:50 2013 · by Lakeshark · 66 replies 

    Legal Insurrection ^ | 6/12/13 | William Jacobson
    To say that there is disgust growing in the ranks is an understatement. If adults who broke the law to come here illegally get citizenship, it will be a spit in the face of millions of legal immigrants who followed the rules, and many millions more who wait patiently on the other side of the oceans and borders. It will sent a message of lawlessness which will encourage more lawlessness. Marco Rubio and others are imploding the party to achieve Chuck Schumer’s dream Mickey Kaus in The Daily Caller, Wake Up!: If the conservative public were paying attention, the flaws…

Egyptian Politicians say America and Israel are the real enemy. Morsi does not correct them.

These are the same people the entire Obama administration has been giving millions in military aid.


#3857 – Egyptian Blooper: Politicians, Unaware They Are Live on Air, Threaten Ethiopia over Dam Construction
Channel 1 (Egypt), The Internet – June 3, 2013 – 06:53

Hagel: Budget forces review of outside contracts

#3866 – Kuwaiti Cleric Shafi Al-Ajami Wishes to “Have the Pleasure” of Slitting the Throats of Ten Hizbullah Members Fighting in Syria
The Internet – June 11, 2013 – 00:51

The Fight For Control Of The Internet Has Become Critical

In horror movies, the scariest moments usually come from the monster you can’t see. So the same goes for real life, or at least online life. Over the past few years, largely out of sight, governments have been clawing back freedoms on the internet, turning an invention that was designed to emancipate the individual into a tool for surveillance and control. In the next few months, this process is set to be enshrined internationally, amid plans to put cyberspace under the authority of a largely secretive and obscure UN agency.

#3864 – Sunni Jihadi Leader in Syria Hassan Abboud Talks about Relations among Syrian Rebel Groups
Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – June 8, 2013 – 13:18

#3863 – Hizbullah Celebrates Victory at Al-Qusseir, Syria, by Flying Shiite Banner over Disputed Mosque
The Internet – June 8, 2013 – 03:17

PC Kills American troops: More than 100 unarmed already murdered by Muslim ‘friends’

As I said in a previous column, one could be forgiven for believing that political correctness is only one step removed from insanity. Unfortunately, as the latest report from Afghanistan reveals, it can also be deadly.

Last week, in a move the Obama administration would undoubtedly like their useful idiot buddies in the media to ignore as much as possible, a long-standing order was reversed: U.S. troops are now required to carry loaded weapons at all times while on base.

In other words, prior to this new directive, troops were required to remove the magazines from their weapons while quartered at bases with Afghans they were training to become policemen and soldiers. Policemen and soldiers who will allegedly pick up the slack and defend their country after U.S. forces withdraw in 2014–as they are currently scheduled to do.

Obama assists Bain takeover at OMB and tries to hide it

It looks like President Obama is assisting in a friendly takeover of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), by Bain Capital.

As you may have heard, earlier this year Obama picked Jeff Zients to lead the OMB. You might not have heard that Zients worked at Bain from 1988-1990. The Zients White House biography did not originally admit that fact.

Now Obama has appointed another former Bain consultant, Boris Bershteyn, to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), which is part of the OMB. Recognizing how awkward this is for Obama’s reelection campaign, Bershteyn’s tenure at Bain has been edited out of his official White House bio. This is an obvious and glaring attempt to hide Obama’s friendly Bain takeover of the OMB.

University of Chicago has permanently removed pews from 88-year old chapel on campus to accommodate Muslim headbangers and prayer rugs

Campus Reform (h/t Ellen H) Chicago NPR affiliate, WBEZ news,  reported on May 23, the pews, which are now part of display at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago, were “removed in order to provide Muslim students a place to pray.”



Literature describing the artwork that was created by UC Director of Arts and Public Life Theaster Gates, also describes the removal of the pews as symbol of religious tolerance. (That’s nice, showing off the charts tolerance for the most intolerant religion on earth)

Hizballah, Tehran ditch Palestinian Hamas after its fighters caught in Qusayr
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 11, 2013, 10:26 PM (GMT+02:00)

Hizballah fighters in al-Qusayr battle

Hizballah forces helping Syrian troops capture the key town of al Qusayr last week caught five members of the radical Palestinian Hamas fighting with the rebels, debkafile discloses. Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah promptly shut down Hamas offices in the Shiite Dahya neighborhood in Beirut and Tehran suspended aid to Gaza. The pro-Iran, pro-Syria Hamas faction, headed by Mahmoud A-Zahar and Marwan Issa, deputy commander of Hamas’ military wing, is now battling politburo chief Khaled Meshaal, who sent the Hamas unit to fight Bashar Assad in Syria.

James Clapper: “I responded in the least untruthful manner”…. Yeah, he actually said that…

Posted on June 11, 2013 by

DNI – James Clapper, told congress (March) that no-one in the NSA was “collecting” information on U.S. Citizen’s communication.   After the NSA whistleblower, Snowden, gave the media specific evidence that such collection is actually taking place, Clapper attempts to clarify his prior testimony.   The White House also supports him.

WASHINGTON DC - Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is really struggling to explain why he told Congress in March (see video above) that the National Security Agency does not intentionally collect any kind of data on millions of Americans. His latest take: It’s an unfair question, he said, like “When are you going to stop beating your wife?” And it seems to depend on the meaning of “collect.”

“I responded in what I thought was the most truthful, or least untruthful, manner by saying ‘no,’” Clapper told NBC News on Sunday.

Continue reading →

1000 Percent Increase – President Obama Uses Patriot Act to Give DOJ-FBI Access To Private Company Records…. Al Sharpton Defends Dear Leader Obama and Blames Bush…

Posted on June 11, 2013 by

Dubya would never have done this to us“…  Support/Approval for George W Bush now exceeds President Obama.

WASHINGTON DC - The FBI has dramatically increased its use of a controversial provision of the Patriot Act to secretly obtain a vast store of business records of U.S. citizens under President Barack Obama, according to recent Justice Department reports to Congress. The bureau filed 212 requests for such data to a national security court last year – a 1,000-percent increase from the number of such requests four years earlier, the reports show.

The FBI’s increased use of the Patriot Act’s “business records” provision — and the wide ranging scope of its requests — is getting new scrutiny in light of last week’s disclosure that that the provision was used to obtain a top-secret national security order requiring telecommunications companies to turn over records of millions of telephone calls.  (continue reading)

Continue reading →

*LIVE STREAMING*… Zimmerman Trial Day #3 – June 12, 9am.

Posted on June 12, 2013 by

Yes!!!  Today’s live streaming works. ;-)

Please direct your comments to the Zimmerman Trial discussion thread above.

We’d like to thank for the use of their live streaming.

Turkish Tea Party – Erdogan is Being Challenged And His Islamist Slip is Showing…. He’s About To Go The “Full Morsi”

Posted on June 12, 2013 by

Pay close attention to what is going on in Turkey.   Prime Minister Erdogan has been taking more and more power away from the parliament into his office.  Simultaneous to this he has been turning the secular Turkey into an Islamist Turkey.   Erdogan had began restricting music, alcohol sales, and ‘freedom in general’.

Obama Erdogan - Turkey

Erdogan is BFF’s with President Obama.   Prime Minister Erdogan is Barack Obama’s closest foreign leader in friendship and ideology.

When the ordinary Turkish citizen became alarmed at what they were witnessing, it was worsened when Erdogan took to the TV and said anyone who opposes him is a terrorist, an extremist, and needs to be put down.   [Sound familiar?]   In response the ordinary Turk said “whoah, wait a minute”, and took to the street to support freedom.

Erdogan responded by putting the military on alert,  and ordered the government to begin a process of attacking his people with tear gas, water cannons, and violence. Continue reading →

Syria – The Islamist Syria – The Syria that John McCain Supports….

Posted on June 12, 2013 by

Incredibly horrible story.   A 15-year-old boy in Syria selling coffee was overheard saying:

“Even if the Prophet Mohammad comes down (from heaven), I will not become a believer.”

So the Islamists, the “rebels”, the guys John McCain wants to support, dragged the boy through the street, took him to his parents and while Mom and Dad stood horrified they shot him in the head.

boy syria

SYRIA VIA REUTERS - Members of an al Qaeda-linked Islamist group in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo executed a 15-year-old boy in front of his parents on Sunday as punishment for what the group regarded as a heretical comment, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Continue reading →

Edward Snowden, NSA Leaker – Ongoing Information

Posted on June 12, 2013 by

Treeper Admin Stella has really done a remarkable job sharing articles about this entire NSA leaker issue.    Here are some links she shares which are some of the most engaging considerations and help to frame the various aspects for thought.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m just not up to speed on the various nuance surrounding this intelligence story.   I’m not at all OK with the NSA, or anyone else, collecting or storing information on private communication for *possible* use at another, albeit later, time.   It just strikes my gut as Big Brother with an agenda, not to mention a violation of the 4th amendment.

So back to the information articles that Stella is researching/sharing:

From Legal Insurrection: Edward Snowden, the now-former NSA contractor who leaked secret documents to The Washington Post and the Guardian, said he didn’t want to become the story.  “I don’t want public attention because I don’t want the story to be about me. I want it to be about what the US government is doing,” he told The Guardian.

But Edward Snowden dumped a bunch of documents, made a lot of claims, and then fled.  He’s the only one who can clarify or confirm the statements he’s made, or demonstrate his comprehension for what’s in the documents he leaked, and he’s made himself unavailable to do so. The public is trying to collect and digest all the facts, and some still have questions. Continue reading →

FOIA Filing Reveals Dept of Homeland Security Stopped Criminal Background Checks of Illegals, and Waived ID Requirment Under Obama’s Executive Amnesty….

Posted on June 12, 2013 by

I’ve begun using the term usurpation to describe this administration, and the co-dependents/ willfully blind who support it.

Perhaps Joe Biden will worry about the Rape of Liberty too.... The NSA intelligence data mining is clearly unconstitutional under the 4th amendment.  The IRS targeting based on political ideology is also illegal and unconstitutional.   The Dept of Justice manipulating warrants (lying to judges) to gather phone records on AP reporters and Fox’s James Rosen is a clear usurpation of the 1st amendment.

Now the latest usurpation can be seen in the Obama administration using an Executive Order to create de-facto amnesty (XO-Dream Act);  And then to make matters worse – they stop the criminal background checks and ID requirements under such a program.  So anyone can enter the U.S. claim to be whoever they want, and no criminal background check will be done.

And the Congresscritters are worried about Terrorists benefitting from the NSA leaker?  How about they apply the same consideration (ie worry) about open borders without checks for those who cross them and then apply for Dream Act protections? Continue reading →

Lois Lerner’s Absence of White Guilt over Sudan

By on June 11, 2013 in Blog, General

There are several ways to describe the term ‘white guilt’ but this is perhaps the best and most succinct definition: White guilt is the individual or collective guilt often said to be felt by some white people for the racist treatment of people of color by whites both historically and presently. The left knows this [...]

Limbaugh Theorem or Self-fulfilling Prophecy?

By on June 11, 2013 in Blog, General

There is a school of thought that says the Barack Obama administration will continue to be allowed to operate with reckless abandon, escaping any and all accountability for one, primary reason – the president’s race. The so-called ‘white guilt’ of Americans will lead to misery for a nation unwilling to hold accountable, a president that [...]

Mosque plans cause concern in small-town TN

National Security

Judicial Watch: ‘FBI rewriting history in order to help al-Qaeda’

  • Republicans insist IRS case is not solved

    Wed Jun 12 09:48:03 2013 · by Oldeconomybuyer · 20 replies 

    Washington Post ^ | June 12, 2013 | By Josh Hicks
    Republicans on the House oversight committee have pressed their case this week that the IRS targeting controversy case is not solved, contrary to recent statements by Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings, the panel’s top Democrat. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) responded Tuesday with a letter to Cummings. “Your public comments that ‘the case is solved’ and that you would ‘wrap this case up and move on’ stand in stark contrast to the facts,” Issa wrote. “There is still much that we do not know about how and why certain applications for tax-exempt status were denied, delayed, or otherwise received heightened scrutiny from the…

China expert: U.S. folds as China expands in South China Sea

  • Troops ‘targeted by NSA for anti-Obama views’

    Wed Jun 12 08:50:11 2013 · by RoosterRedux · 54 replies 

    WND ^ | 6/12/2013 | Jerome R. Corsi
    The NSA is systematically monitoring the Internet posts and telephone conversations of U.S. military returning from Afghanistan, according to a civil-liberties attorney. “The FBI and the Secret Service are showing up to request an interview to question specific Internet posts the veteran has placed on websites such as Facebook,” explained attorney John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute. Whitehead said the agencies are looking for “anti-Obama views that can be interpreted to reflect psychological problems of sufficient seriousness to disqualify the veteran from ever owning a firearm.”Rutherford told WND credible sources within the National Security Agency have told him the…
  • Honeywell introduces city-controlled thermostat system for homes

    Wed Jun 12 10:03:14 2013 · by biggerten · 84 replies 

    St. Paul Pioneer Press ^ | 06/11/2013 | Julio Ojeda-Zapata
    Honeywell has announced a new Wi-Fi-controlled thermostat that is intended to be distributed by municipalities instead of purchased at retail by consumers in order to better manage energy consumption across a town or city. South Sioux City, Neb., will be the first community to deploy the new thermostat to help its 13,000 residents manage electricity costs, which are said to have risen steadily there in the past three years. In the future, other municipalities will recruit residents to reduce energy consumption when demand spikes, a strategy known as automated demand response, or ADR. As part of this, the residents would…
  • NSA surveillance: anger mounts in Congress at ‘spying on Americans’

    Wed Jun 12 10:02:08 2013 · by gethimoutofthehouse · 40 replies 

    The Guardian UK ^ | June 12, 2013 | Dan Roberts and Spencer Ackerman in Washington and Alan Travis in London
    Anger was mounting in Congress on Tuesday night as politicians, briefed for the first time after revelations about the government’s surveillance dragnet, vowed to rein in a system that one said amounted to “spying on Americans”. Intelligence chiefs and FBI officials had hoped that the closed-door briefing with a full meeting of the House of Representatives would help reassure members about the widespread collection of US phone records revealed by the Guardian. But senior figures from both parties emerged from the meeting alarmed at the extent of a surveillance program that many claimed never to have heard of until whistleblower…
  • Rogue EPA Staff Spies On U.S. Farmers, Releases Data

    Wed Jun 12 10:02:06 2013 · by raptor22 · 9 replies 

    Investor’s Business Daily ^ | June 12, 2013 | IBD EDITORIALS
    Privacy: As long as we’re talking about leaks that should be prosecuted, let’s consider the leaking by the Environmental Protection Agency of the personal data about farmers to their environmentalist opponents. We saw such leaking of data compiled on one group to its political opponents in the IRS scandal. In that case, the IRS leaked the 2008 confidential financial documents of the National Organization for Marriage to the rival Human Rights Campaign. At that time, Joe Solmonese, a left-wing activist and Huffington Post contributor, was the president of the HRC. Solmonese also was a 2012 Obama campaign co-chairman. Now a…
  • Do we need a constitutional amendment to protect privacy?

    Wed Jun 12 11:12:50 2013 · by EveningStar · 13 replies 

    National Constitution Center ^ | June 12, 2013 | NCC Staff
    As part of our “Next 10 Amendments” debate series, we’re asking our readers if it’s time for a constitutional amendment to protect their privacy. The furor in the past two weeks over government eavesdropping on the media and citizens has raised a lot of questions related to the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment.
  • The IRS Is Enforcing ObamaCare? They’ve Got To Be Kidding!

    Wed Jun 12 11:09:49 2013 · by SeekAndFind · 2 replies 

    Forbes ^ | 06/12/2013 | Matt Kibbe
    Stop me if you’ve heard this one. So, the president walks into the White House… He cozies up in the West Wing, hopped up on “Hope and Change!” and proceeds to devise the largest healthcare overhaul in American history. To get the deal done, this president ducks checks and balances by writ of executive order and some shady backroom dealings. In the process of the power-grab, his sidekicks at the IRS quietly suppress the opposition’s ground game. Fast-forward a couple years. The legislation has birthed a behemoth. Thirteen thousand pages of regulations stand seven feet tall. It’s increasingly obvious that…
  • Rand Paul to Illegals: We Will Find Place for You; Envisions 12 Million New Taxpayers

    Wed Jun 12 11:07:49 2013 · by jimbo123 · 26 replies 

    CNS ^ | 6/12/13 | Terence P. Jeffrey
    In his prepared text for a speech he is delivering today at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, Sen. Rand Paul (R.-Ky.) said to illegal aliens who want to live and work in the United States: “[W]e will find a place for you.” Paul also said he envisions today’s illegal aliens becoming additional “taxpayers.” “Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers,” said Paul.
  • Obama’s Definition of ‘Smarter Enforcement’: None — We will get nothing in return for amnesty.

    Wed Jun 12 11:18:46 2013 · by SeekAndFind · 4 replies 

    National Review ^ | 06/12/2013 | Michelle Malkin
    Welcome to Opposite World again. As the U.S. Senate geared up yesterday for the Gang of Eight illegal-alien-amnesty-bill debate, President Obama goaded Capitol Hill to pass what he called “smarter enforcement, a pathway to earned citizenship, and improvements to the legal system” of immigration. Bullcrap. The White House has already bulldozed a traffic-jammed superhighway for immigration lawbreakers by executive fiat. Obama and his open-borders pals pay lip service to fairness and the rule of law for the cameras. But behind closed doors and beyond the reach of public accountability, they’ve already paved the way for mass deportation waivers. Read their…


Sharia in Action: Christians Arrested in Ethiopia for “Crimes Against Islam”

More tolerance and inter-faith barbarity from the religion of supremacists. Mind you, there are no blasphemy laws in Ethiopia, but then again, there are no blasphemy laws in the US — but one youtube filmmaker is rotting in prison for a youtube film offensive to Muslims.

Two Christians Unlawfully Arrested in Ethiopia for “Crimes Against Islam” June 12, 2013 (thanks to Armaros)

6/10/2013 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that two Christian men were arrested in Ethiopia by local police influenced by radical Muslims. In separate incidents, these men were detained by local police for what authorities are calling “crimes against Islam,” even though no such crime exists in Ethiopia’s penal code.

In late March, Alemlayehu Legese was arrested by local police in Dodola, a city located 180 miles south of Addis Ababa, after admitting to owning literature that “discussed the history of Islam from a Christian perspective.” Legese, a student at Dodola Mekane Yesus Bible School, dropped off the literature at a copy shop where a Muslim employee who felt Christians should not be allowed to read about the history of Islam contacted police. “The police officers treated this incident as if it were a terrorist attack,” an ICC representative in Ethiopia said.

Fearful the investigation could lead to widespread violence, the local church advised Legese to report to the police and admit to owning the literature. Upon reporting to the police, Legese was arrested and imprisoned. When ICC asked why Legese was being imprisoned without being formally charged, the local police commander said they were detaining Legese to “cool down the anger of local Muslims.” It has been over two months since Legese was imprisoned, formal charges are yet to be laid against him.

Continue reading “Sharia in Action: Christians Arrested in Ethiopia for “Crimes Against Islam”" »


Cool Reception on Hill for ATF Nominee Accused of Imposing ‘Climate of Fear’

by Bill Straub

B. Todd Jones says he was “agent of change” after Fast and Furious; Grassley says “serious charges” require more scrutiny.

Hefty GOP Support Moves Immigration Bill Over Procedural Hurdle

by Bill Straub

Senate bill faces cloudy future in upper chamber and Republican-controlled House.

From Next Generation TV — The Government Is Watching You: Ann Coulter on the NSA Scandal

by Next Generation

Can we even trust the Obama administration with national security matters? Hear what Ann Coulter has to say.

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