News: Obama’s administration is the best American friend… (radical muslims)… ever had.

July 9, 2013

Obama plans road trip to push immigration...




  • Obama ‘jamming’ amnesty on House

    Tue Jul 9 11:19:21 2013 · by yoe · 5 replies 

    Not sure how he is going to push it through, but Obama seems to have that ability at times. Check it out: Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, is warning that the House of Representatives should pass no immigration bill at all rather than risk a terrible bill coming out of conference. King told WND pro-amnesty Republicans are operating under a false premise, and he wants House Speaker John Boehner to be more clear on what he would allow to move forward on the House floor. He joins other conservative House members who believe they could never support a bill that is…



Republicans meet to talk...

Dem Memo Outlines Strategy for Passing Bill Through House...

Cantor Scolds Committee Chairmen For Rebellion...

Amnesty with Ann Coulter: Don’t Let Washington Scandals Distract You From the Real Outrage!


The United States was established on principles that support the welcoming of new residents to our shores to learn and embrace American civic culture and Experts: James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., Robert Rector

Tue | 09 | 07 | 2013
EXCLUSIVE: Saudi, UAE transfer $7bn in aid to Egyptian army

Saudi, UAE transfer $7bn in aid to Egyptian army

Saudi Arabia transferred $4 billion to the Egyptian army Tuesday in aid - $2 billion deposited in cash to the central bank in Cairo. Riyadh later announced a gift of $1 billion worth of gas and $1 billion available for propping up the Egyptian currency, DEBKAfile reports exclusively. Another $3 billion transfer was due from the United Arab Emirates after a UAE delegation spent a few hours in Cairo Tuesday.

This emergency financial assistance is a vote of support by Riyadh and the UAE for the military coup which deposed the Muslim Brotherhood. It aims to tide the military over and keep the Egyptian economic functioning in until the political situation in Cairo is stabilized.

Top DHS checkpoint refusals






Highlights: The Fiscal Cost of Amnesty to U.S. Taxpayers,

The Immigration Bill, Explained in One Infographic,

Senators return to Washington next week to debate the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration bill. Heritage President Jim DeMint has said the bill is “unfair, it costs too much, and it’s going to make the problem worse.” We’ve put together an infographic that explains some of the major problems with a “comprehensive” approach to immigration reform.


Read the Morning Bell and more en español every day at Heritage Libertad.

Quick Hits:

Immigration Bill Doesn’t Secure the Border,

Encouraging Lawful Immigration,

Immigration Reform Needs Problem-Solving Approach

Ann Coulter joins John Phillips to talk about how all the Washington scandals are distracting from the Immigration Reform Bill, which, if it passes, will forever change the nature of the Next Generation of Voters. Why are so many Republicans supporting amnesty? Will the bill pass the House? And what will happen to America if the bill becomes law? Tune in to find out.

Dirty Dozen Implementation Failures



The Zimmerman Trial as Media Pornography

by Roger L Simon

Porn — it isn’t just for Cinemax anymore. The Zimmerman trial may generate ratings for the MSM, but it pollutes the minds of the rest of us.

Read bullet | 10 Comments bullet

Which GDP Metric Should Conservatives Use?
Sierra Rayne
Choosing the right numbers is crucial to making the conservative argument. More

  • Mexican Police Chief killed with Fast and Furious Weapon

    Tue Jul 9 11:36:52 2013 · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | July 9, 2013 | Bob Beauprez
    Barack Obama and Eric Holder are doubtlessly grateful that virtually everyone, including the mainstream media, has turned the Fast and Furious page and moved on to more recent White House Administration scandals.  But, the human carnage continues to mount.A Los Angeles Times investigation uncovered Justice Department documentation of the assassination Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga, the Police Chief of Hostotipaquillo in the west-central Mexican state of Jalisco, who “was shot to death Jan. 29 when gunmen intercepted his patrol car and opened fire.”  Also killed was one of Astorga’s bodyguards.  The Chief’s wife and another bodyguard were also wounded.  Eight suspects…

Case Against Zimmerman Collapsing
July 8, 2013
A crucial prosecution claim evaporates. More

  • 43% Net Job Growth Under Obama is in Rick Perry’s Texas!

    Tue Jul 9 11:39:14 2013 · by Hojczyk · 5 replies 

    JP Updates ^ | July 8,2013
    Liberals are very excited that Texas Governor Rick Perry decided not to run for a full fourth term. But a closer examination of jobs number shows that if not for Perry, Obama’s job record would be a worse joke than what it already is. From the start of February 2009 (Obama’s first full month in office) through the end of May 2013 (the last month there is available Federal data for jobs per state) the United States had a net gain of 2,076,000 jobs. In the same time, Texas had a net gain of 882,582 jobs. In other words, 43%…

The Information Revolution and the Snooping State

by Michael Ledeen

The information revolution happened — the information won.

Dodd-Frank Expected to Strain Community Banking

by Patrick Richardson

Small banks fear they will not have the manpower to handle compliance requirements.

Obama administration Voter ID hypocrisy
July 8, 2013
White House Pays $53 Million for Voter ID in Kenya While Opposing Same in US More


Army Opens Fire 'Like Pouring Rain'...

Islamist Party Backs Out of Negotiations...

Video: Protesters 'Attack Soldiers'...

Hundreds of Morsi supporters -- rally in Chicago?

Obama Admin Won't Call 'Coup'...

Obama Demands Peaceful Surrender

to Brotherhood

American Thinker

By Daren Jonescu

Barack Obama’s administration is the best American friend the global caliphate movement has ever had. Obama, a notorious backstabber of accomplices who have outlived their usefulness, is now demonstrating that he is capable of steadfast comradeship when his heart is in it, responding to the mass uprising and military coup that has toppled Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood regime by demanding that the Brotherhood be allowed to participate in whatever form of government comes next.

From Bloomberg News, we get this:

While President Barack Obama’s administration has stopped short of condemning the July 3 military takeover, it has called on Egyptian leaders to pursue “a transparent political process that is inclusive of all parties and groups,” including “avoiding any arbitrary arrests of Morsi and his supporters,” Bernadette Meehan, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, said July 4 in a statement.

Let us leave aside the obvious hilarity of the Obama administration demanding “a transparent political process” from anyone else — while secretly collecting personal communications and financial data on all of its citizens, using federal agencies to target political opponents, concocting elaborate lies to cover for the gravest moral misdeeds, and arbitrarily micromanaging the implementation of destructive laws to shield its party from election fallout. The more important consideration here is what exactly this call for an “inclusive” process in Egypt is intended to achieve.

With his demands that today’s Egyptian leaders pursue transparency and “avoid any arbitrary arrests,” Obama is suggesting that the new leaders need to be pushed into behaving with restraint, thus implicitly painting the Morsi government as the victim in this struggle. Further, the Obama administration has implied, though they have “stopped short of” declaring, that the ouster of Morsi was illegitimate; why else would they demand that the faction just removed from government in a popular uprising must be allowed right back in as quickly as possible?

Note to the duplicitous “fact checkers” out there: of course you will not find Obama’s direct statement of support for the MB. At the risk of vindicating Michele Bachmann’s account of MB influence within the government, Obama obviously cannot come straight out and say, “If I had a son, he’d look like the boy who killed Tyrone Woods with mortar fire.” Instead, the administration is reverting to the progressives’ standard method of indirect support for anti-Western tyrants: moral equivalency arguments. Thus, in answer to accusations from Egyptians that the Obama administration had long supported Morsi’s government, the administration’s official answer is that Obama “is not aligned with, and does not support, any particular Egyptian party or group.” That’s the administration’s strongest effort to dissociate itself from a terrorist-supporting organization openly advocating world dictatorship — moral equivalency. In effect, “We don’t support them, any more than we support anyone else.”

Predictably, the rationale for this tacit moral support of the Muslim Brotherhood is that MB involvement in the “process” is a prerequisite of peace.

The administration has urged the Egyptian military to stop using heavy-handed tactics, according to two U.S. officials who asked not to be identified commenting on private communications. They said the administration is concerned that some in the military may want to provoke the Islamists to violence and provide a rationale for crushing the movement once and for all.

Such a move would fail and probably prompt a shift to al-Qaeda type terrorist tactics by extremists in the Islamist movement in Egypt and elsewhere, the U.S. officials said.

There it is, in bold colors: the progressive case for appeasement that, over the past century, has served the modern world up to global socialism, and now does double duty on behalf of an Islamic jihadist movement that would swallow Western civilization whole, while destroying the remnants of political liberty and the fruits of the industrial revolution in the “process.”

The Obama administration is “concerned” that Egypt’s military leadership may wish to instigate an all-out fight with the MB support base, with the intention of wiping out the movement. As an alternative, they are urging that the MB be allowed to participate equally in a new democratic political process — exactly what they were urging a year ago. And what happened a year ago? Mohamed Morsi, a Brotherhood leader, was elected with the support of the large faction of Egyptian Sunnis who advocate political rule by Sharia law, support Hamas, and would eliminate all alternative voices within the Egyptian press and political community.

Notice how the administration’s reasoning also buys into the “root causes” talk that is typically favored by jihadist sympathizers. Muslims are radicalized by feeling excluded from the political process, we are told; and remember that in this case we are not even talking about Muslims in general, but rather a particular faction of Sunni Muslims that openly supports terrorist groups and hopes to eliminate all religious competitors within and without Islam. A group that would “probably” “shift to al-Qaeda type terrorist tactics” if they didn’t get their way is already radicalized. If al-Qaeda itself wished to be granted official party status, would Obama go out of his way to demand it? (Sadly, the answer is probably yes; following the thinking of his Chicago friend Rashid Khalidi, he would accept the premise that it is only a sense of disenfranchisement — ultimately caused by the Jews — that has radicalized the terrorists.)

The question the Obama administration, like all progressive organizations, wishes to elide is whether demanding that an extremely intolerant, tyrannical faction be allowed to participate as an equal partner in a “democratic political process” is not a recipe for a speedy drift into tyranny. In fact, arguments for compromise with tyranny made in the name of “peace” and “justice” are the progressives’ stock-in-trade in both domestic and foreign policy, as these have been pursued throughout the late modern world.

The League of Nations and the United Nations were progressive ideas, grand moral equivalency schemes foisted upon the West by men who wished to achieve gradually what the world’s tyrants wished to achieve immediately, namely “global governance” in the name of collectivist peace. The abolition of property rights, the dilution of national sovereignty, and the establishment of an international technocratic elite that would supersede elected governments and seek peace through compromise of the fundamental principles of individualism and freedom — these progressive goals lulled the West into a sleepwalk through fascism, and finally built an entire culture of apologetics for the spread of communism.

The tyrannical men and regimes of the world must be included in any legitimate political process, the West was repeatedly told by its leaders — they must “have a voice” — lest they become militant and unmanageable. The worst thing we could do, the progressives continually warned, would be to exclude the totalitarians from the discussion, for this might “provoke” them into a more radical and threatening position.

The present case could not demonstrate the folly (let’s be generous) of such a position any more clearly. The Muslim Brotherhood is an international organization bent on achieving world Islamic rule. And their notion of Islamic rule is in no way morally or politically equivalent to what defenders of Israel mean when they speak of a “Jewish state.” For one thing, the state they seek is global — there would be no alternative homeland for those who do not wish to live in this “Islamic state.” And for another, the society they envision, and toward which they strive, is not a pluralistic, open society, but the most monolithic, closed society imaginable — outside of the communist totalitarian world, toward which Western progressives also urged tolerance, inclusion, and understanding.

The Talibanization of the Earth would, in practice, differ from the dream of world communism primarily in that the chains would come down most heavily on women and infidels first, rather than on everyone at once. In the end, a global approximation of Taliban Afghanistan would be the result in either case; whether the murdered and re-educated are called “infidels” or “capitalists” makes very little difference. The only significant difference would be perceptual: we wouldn’t actually be able to see the women’s starving faces.

The Morsi government was supposed to be the “friendly” face of this global caliphate fantasy. Within a year of the election of these “moderates,” they had begun in earnest the process of reconfiguring Egypt to destroy secular politics, and to eliminate modern (non-jihadist) culture. This is the faction that the Obama administration is offering its tacit moral backing, by demanding that it be included in the political machinery that evolves out of the latest crisis.

Consider, once again, the standard progressive argument for appeasement, as promoted by anonymous Obama administration officials. Marginalizing and excluding the MB from the political process would “probably prompt a shift to al-Qaeda type terrorist tactics by extremists in the Islamist movement in Egypt and elsewhere.” In other words, their goals are coercive and authoritarian, so the best course of action is to allow them to achieve those goals gradually and peacefully rather than forcing them to resort to violence. To restate: “Give them what they want, and nobody gets hurt.” You might hand over your wallet to an armed thief on such terms; but would you deliver millions of people into Taliban-like servitude on the same terms?

The current predicament in Egypt is more evidence — as if we needed it — for the principle that broadly “democratic” political arrangements cannot be superimposed on a society that does not have a populace morally and intellectually prepared for self-governance. A population that votes itself into tyranny is like a free man who sells himself into slavery — he is not spiritually mature enough for self-determination. And the nations of the West are hardly in a position to look smugly at the unfitness of the Arab world for self-government, given that we have had all the historical preparation and civilizational establishment one could hope for, and are nevertheless well along in the process of doing the same thing Egypt did last year, and will likely do again this year.

The fact that the Obama administration’s instinct, when secular tyrants were being ousted in favor of Islamic rule, was to encourage this shift as evidence of “hope and change,” while, when the developing Islamic tyranny is ousted, the administration’s instinct is to admonish Egyptians and make demands on behalf of political Islam, is both telling and revolting. I cannot pretend to understand what is happening in Egypt, or to predict what will happen next. The horror stories of dozens of rapes during the recent protests, and recent reports about the character of the general leading the coup, indicate that this mass movement is threatened from the inside, probably by the involvement of radical Muslims who happen to oppose the MB’s methods. It is likely, however, that there are also a good number of people who genuinely desire a new start for their country, on a footing of reasonable, pluralistic government. No population votes itself into tyranny unanimously: rather, the majority uses its own submission to authority to strip away the freedoms of any minority faction that might have preferred a more civil order. (Sound familiar?) Given the history of Egypt and the region, the well-intentioned minority’s chances don’t look good. But they could not look much worse than they did under the quickly tightening authority of the MB regime.

Given the turmoil this decent minority is going through now, nothing, I imagine, could be more disheartening than the thought that after all this, they will simply end up in another “democratic process” that brings some version of the global caliphate movement back into power. And yet the likelihood of that miserable outcome is being enhanced, and even promoted, by the Obama administration’s demands that “democracy” be restored quickly, and that this “democracy” include the Muslim Brotherhood. What we are witnessing, among other things, is the vindication of everyone who ever warned that democracy without limiting principles quickly devolves into the tyranny of the majority.

It is usually best to avoid overused comparisons, but this time the obvious seems inevitable: Had Hitler survived his defeat in WWII, would the Allies have demanded, as a condition of Germany’s restoration, that he be reinstated as a candidate for chancellor immediately? Imagine seeing those campaign posters on your ride home from Auschwitz.

What should happen next in Egypt is hardly clear. And it is almost a given that this is not what will happen. Is it not unseemly, however, for a U.S. administration to declare that a “democratic process” cannot be judged legitimate unless it includes the advocates of global tyranny? On the other hand, if ever there were a U.S. administration well-positioned to make such a declaration, it would be this one.

Police harassment backfires on cop at Quincy


Worlds Most Powerful Cocaine Broker Back in Italy…Behind Bars

Sunday, July 7, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Pannuzi supplied both Ndrangheta and Cosa Nostra-Zetas have ties to Ndrangheta
A man described as Europe’s most wanted drug trafficker and Italy’s answer to Pablo Escobar was on Sunday night languishing in an Italian jail, after being extradited from Colombia.
Roberto Pannunzi, 65 connected by blood and marriage to the powerful ’Ndrangheta clan based in Calabria, in the Italian deep south, was captured on Friday in Bogota in a joint operation by Colombian police and the US’s Drug Enforcement Administration.
Nicknamed “Bebe” and known in Colombia as “el Señor” (the Gentleman), Pannunzi is said to have done more than any other mafia boss to bring the smuggling of cocaine and heroin into the modern age by becoming a trusted middleman for trade across continents.
He was on excellent terms not only with ’Ndrangheta and Cosa Nostra of Sicily but also with the Colombian drug cartels. His name was a byword for high-quality cocaine. Nicola Gratteri, Italy’s top anti-Mafia prosecutor, commented: “He is the biggest cocaine importer in the world. We know that he organizes purchases of 3000 to 6000kg plus, at a time.”
It is said that Pannunzi travelled the world with a suitcase of cash so as to be able to bribe his way out of trouble if need be. He is said to have offered his captors in Colombia $1m to set him free. Born in Rome of a Calabrian mother, Pannunzi moved to Toronto with his family as a child.
As a young man there he fell under the influence of Antonio Macri, nicknamed Zzi ’Ntoni, who had pioneered the importation of drugs into Canada, bypassing the New York gangs. He also became friendly with a Cosa Nostra leader from Sicily, Salvatore Miceli, with whose help he obtained top-quality heroin refined in Palermo.
His career as one of the first fully international drug smugglers was underway. Roberto Saviano, best-selling Italian author of Gomorra, commented: “He is a modern figure who has transformed the world’s drug traffic.”
Though linked to ’Ndrangheta through a brief marriage to the daughter of a Calabrian boss, Pannunzi made a point of keeping excellent relations with all the different clans. As such, and in contrast to Pablo Escobar, he is said never to have killed anyone. In Rome he operated for years under the cover of running a men’s boutique, and his own appearance was always immaculate.
Pannunzi had been captured twice before – and walked free both times. When he was captured again in Madrid in 2004, he was handed over to Italian authorities, tried, and jailed. But in 2010, he was transferred from jail to a private clinic near Rome for medical treatment, from where he managed to escape. A few days earlier he had said: “If I must die, I prefer to die a free man.” In Italy he has sentences totaling 16 years to serve.
Deriving from the Greek words for “man” and “heroic”, the ’Ndrangheta have never enjoyed the fame of Cosa Nostra in Sicily, but in the past two decades they have overtaken the Sicilian clans as the most powerful and successful Italian drug smuggling gangs, and Pannunzi has played a large part in that success.
The secret network has been in existence for well over a century and possibly much longer. A written code of rules discovered in the 1890s referred to the gangs’ behavior as based on honor, secrecy, violence, solidarity and mutual assistance. One explanation for their success in overtaking Cosa Nostra is that the gangs are organised strictly by families, with a sense of omerta that is correspondingly stronger than in Sicily. As a result, supergrasses are almost unknown.

Source: The Independent

Ndrangheta: Los Zetas Powerful Ally
In April 2011 I posted a couple of articles about the Zetas-Ndrangheta connection, as a friend sent me a Italian government report regarding the subject.  A few months later Milenio and Insight wrote articles on the same subject.  I am posting the article from Insight Crime by Patrick Corcoran, as it is largely comprised of the outstanding Milenio article….in addition to his insight.  The relationship began when Zs were with CDG-it was unclear until now if the Italian-Mexican relationship was with Zs on behalf of CDG or themselves.  Since the split the Zs relationship has strengthened and it is them that have the alliance and are main suppliers of cocaine to the Italian mafia by shipping cocaine through the U.S…..Paz, Chivis
The rise of the Zetas as not just a Mexican menace but as a significant power in the international drug trade has been helped along by its growing links to a sprawling Italian mafia group known as the ‘Ndrangheta.
As M Semanal, the weekly magazine of the newspaper Milenio, reports in its most recent edition, the links between the ‘Ndrangheta and the Zetas have grown sharply in recent years. A new international investigation demonstrates that the Mexicans have turned themselves into the main suppliers of the ‘Ndrangheta by shipping cocaine through the U.S. and on to Italy.
This is not the first illustration of Zetas-’Ndrangheta collaboration. Project Reckoning also known as Operation Solare in Italy, uncovered a sophisticated logistical network between the two groups in 2008. The investigation, which involved authorities in the U.S., Italy, Mexico, and Guatemala, resulted in the seizure of millions of dollars in cash. The operation later served as the basis for the Mexican book “Contacto En Italia,” authored by the Mexican journalist Cynthia Rodriguez.
The Zetas’  links to the ‘Ndrangheta and their growing weight in Europe further demonstrates the Mexican cartel’s international clout. While the gang was initially no more than a squad of hit men when formed in the later 1990s, since its 2010 split with the Gulf Cartel, for whom it had worked for more than a decade, the Zetas have increased their operations in Central America (especially Guatemala), South America, and Europe. This gives them a separate base of power and source of income more resistent to the pressure from the Mexican government.
As M Semanal notes, Europe, where the cocaine industry is worth an estimated $34 billion annually is a logical target for Mexican gangs. For the time being, that means working with the ‘Ndrangheta, the dominant importer in Europe. The intimate links between the two gangs suggests that the Zetas’ relevance as an international supplier will continue for years into the future, notwithstanding redoubled American and Mexican attempts to eliminate the group…..continues next page………..

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The Elite Mercenaries

| Borderland Beat Reporter ValorxTruth
Proceso #1913
The testimonies of men and women trained as specialists in covert operations, elite assassins hired either to eliminate crime leaders or to fight the army, depending on who’s your employer at the time are raw and insightful.  These are the voices of the new mercenaries, a product of the market of violence that the country has turned itself into.  Their narratives were made exclusively to representative Ricardo Monreal who included it in his book Escuadrones De La Muerte En México (Death Squads in Mexico) (House of Representatives, 2013) from which this article is taken from.
Juan Ignacio, 30, formed a current part of an elite group of the Mexican Navy.  He joined the security force in 2007, a few weeks after having abandoned the Heroica Escuela Naval Militar de Antón Lizardo, in Veracruz, by express invitation by one of his physical coaches and teachers…not having completed his studies was not an obstacle for his recruitment; His skills in handling weapons and his good physical condition made him a suitable candidate.
At the naval base in the port of Veracruz, he was called to appear…with clothes and training equipment because he would be at a distant location for three weeks.  With a group of 14 more youths he would set off the next day at a farm in the Huasteca veracruzana region, an hour from the town of Álamos, which is only accessible by a dirt road heading towards the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range.  Before arriving, he noticed two marine checkpoints guarding the entrances.
The farm is actually a training camp at the base of the mountain, with a central house and dormitories around it, and five sections or distinct areas:

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Interview with a Tepito Drug Vendor

Saturday, July 6, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Translation of video narrative below video
Witness speaking:
You can find drugs, weapons, whatever you want
About a lot of drugs accumulated, you are speaking about….?
I haven’t seen that much drug altogether, that is what I mean
How much are we talking about, warehouse or (inaudible)?
As I said before, selling drugs is not much science; just that you need to take care of yourself and that is it. I don’t think that there are little groups, this is organized crime.
He is Edgar, since the age of four  he has been in the core of Tepito. This is his testimony:
Edgar (witness):
I got in out of curiosity at the beginning and I went with the purpose of getting things; hanging  out and time went by until I started working.
What streets did you get to of the Tepito neighborhood?
Well the most known is Tenochtitlan. Everybody works on it (drugs) on that street. The hours of selling are, well some stores open very early and are open until 6 or 7 and others are open day and night, nonstop.
He is one of the teenagers that with radio in hand, surveillance one of the many selling points that are located in the neighborhoods of Tepito. While gaining trust of his superiors, he obtained the right of becoming part of the young army that offer drugs in that neighborhood.
There are 18 in the business, (inaudible) 18 that are on the scales, others that are delivering and others that are running errands. As I was telling you, it is just a business; you can even do of the narcotic sales like a franchise like McDonalds.
Well, it’s because the entire city, everybody sells it, I mean it is globalized, it is just not on the hood (Tepito); it is the whole DF
How much for a pill?
We have them 110 or 80 pesos.
Which drug is the most sold or which one do you sell the most?
The wheel
Which one is the wheel?
The tachas (MDMA aka Ecstasy-a stimulant/hallucinogen)
In one week, I invest 500 pesos and gain about 1,500 pesos, sometimes 1,000 and gained 1,800 pesos. I bought of ½ or ¼.
Tepito is the biggest drug supplier of the DF (Federal District/Mexico City). Wholesalers that sell the merchandise in other points of the capital come here.
We are walking through the street Libertad. This is just one of the main points of whole sale and retail of drugs that exist in the colonia of Tepito.
On the streets that guide us to the entrance, you can see halcones (hawks) that watch the area, ready to inform about any unusual movement..
Between the stands, the young guards between 15 and 25 years of age, observe and are capable of distinguishing by just analyzing the dress code, the way of speaking, look or walk.
They can also distinguish if the person is a resident of the colony or is just passing by in search of any kind of merchandise. The competition is very high, says the distributors and more when you are working in a spot where several sellers are adjacent to each other, as it is on the streets of Tenochtitlan, Jesus Carranza or Libertad. Here everything is fair.
Large amounts of money are handled here either biweekly or weekly.
It’s like I told you, this is global, there are points everywhere.
Here, you don’t need to have a contact that gives protection to be able to buy more than 1 kilogram of drugs, you just need to have enough financial resources to pay the distributors.
The police are corrupt. Everybody gives money to the police the police are just making more violence. Like everything else, you buy time from the police; all the criminal organizations say: I will give you this much and you will give me 10 minutes
And it’s why despite the police operations, Tepito continues to be the grand warehouse that supply drugs to  DF.

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Just think, these cute little future breeders of suicide bombers will be married in a year or two

Teach the children well: “Jews are the most evil among creations, barbaric monkeys, and wretched pigs…”



And speaking of suicide bombings…




By BareNakedIslam • Posted in Children

Anti-Muslim blowback soaring in Britain and France is blamed on the media and politicians, never on the actual cause – Muslim supremacist behavior


BRITAIN: On the 8th anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings, and in the aftermath of the killing of British army soldier Lee Rigby, much evidence suggests that so-called ‘Islamophobia’ has moved beyond small fringe far-right groups to being far more widespread across broad sections of the population.


al-Jazeera While the majority of Britons certainly do not regard Muslims as terrorists or terrorist sympathisers, the proportion leaning towards this position has doubled since 7/7. In 2011, 75 percent viewed Islam as the most violent religion and 43 percent saw Muslims as fanatical. Large segments of British society today accurately believe that Muslims possess dual loyalties and the number of those who perceive Islam as a threat to Western liberal democracy has risen sharply.

In a survey conducted immediately after the Woolwich murder, 59 percent of respondents regarded a “clash of civilisations” as inevitable, with only a third, in contrast, deeming Islam as compatible with the “British way of life”. (That many?)


So what or who is fuelling this belief? I believe that political rhetoric and the media has a lot to answer for. In a whole host of speeches and acts since July 2005, Islamophobic anti-Islam discourse has become normalized and become more coded and subtle. (That’s bad, it should be more blatant)

Indeed, some believe that an underlying hostility and resentment against Muslim communities was lying dormant, only for Lee Rigby’s murder to spark its re-eruption with a sharp rise in Islamophobic anti-Muslim attacks, from online and hate-filled speeches, to arson and the fire-bombing of mosques.

In the wake of the Woolwich attack, the home secretary, Theresa May, has outlined tougher pre-emptive censorship of internet sites, a lower threshold for banning extremist groups and renewed pressure on universities and mosques to reject so-called hate preachers (They should be deported or jailed).


A range of people and social groups, including politicians, judges, journalists, intellectuals and university authorities feel obliged to be co-opted into the process of detecting, monitoring and reporting “suspect” Muslim individuals and behaviours. (We don’t have to be co-opted, we do it willingly)

Islamophobia Anti-Islam blowback is becoming increasingly institutionalised – we find it in official policy documents and in the voices of state institutions and those holding authoritative positions.


Various research, including a 2010 report suggests that politicians – with their sensationalised understandable focus on those Muslim groups that adhere to anti-western ideologies – have pandered to, fuelled and reaffirmed anti-Islam anxieties in their ambition to achieve electoral advantage. (And it works!)

And in the media, the broad tendency has been to magnify the perceived actual threat posed by Muslims to entire communities. The public has been bombarded with negative and distorted accurate messages regarding Muslims’ inherent difference and incompatibility with “normal” values and “normal” ways of life – reason enough to view being anti-Muslim as acceptable and justified. (It IS!)


Compare Woolwich again with the death nearly 10 years ago of an innocent Iraqi hotel receptionist, Baha Mousa, who was kept hooded in British army custody for 36 hours and subjected to “appalling and cowardly… gratuitous violence”. For this, Corporal Donald Payne was charged with a war crime but was sentenced to only a single year in prison. What does such disproportion indicate? (Who cares? It was 10 years ago)

It is important we don’t forget how such actions, along with Islamophobic discourse and rhetoric, can play into the hands of extremist groups and provide the fuel for extremist messages. But eight years after the worst terrorist atrocity on British soil, it seems this lesson still hasn’t been learnt. (It is not so-called ‘extremist’ groups that hate you, it is ordinary British citizens)


FRANCE: Anti-Muslim blowback rising in France, according to so-called ‘Islamophobia’ group.

REUTERS Anti-Muslim attacks and insults have risen steadily in France in recent years as some politicians and media increasingly present Islam as a problem for French society, a Muslim rights group said on Wednesday.


Hostility rises when Islam is in the news, for example last year when an Islamist killed seven people or when a politician accused Muslim children of stealing classmates’ snacks, the Committee against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) said.

The CCIF welcomed a European Parliament decision on Tuesday to lift the legal immunity of far-right leader Marine Le Pen so she can be tried on racism charges for comparing Muslims praying in the streets here to the wartime Nazi occupation of France. (Marine LePen is right and this will only increase her soaring popularity)


The group said in its annual report that anti-Muslim acts rose to 469 last year, after 298 in 2011 and 188 in 2010. (Anti-semitic attacks, mainly by Muslims, are far more frequent that anti-Muslim attacks)

CCIF President Samy Debah said Le Pen and other politicians were making anti-Muslim rhetoric commonplace. France’s estimated five million Muslims form the largest Islamic minority in Europe but are poorly represented in politics and business.


“There is a link between the political discourse and the rise of these violent (in Muslim speak, ‘violent’ includes graffiti, hijab-pulling, and name calling) acts and discrimination against the Muslim community,” Debah told a news conference. “There is a link between the political discourse and the rise of these violent acts and discrimination against the Muslim community,” Debah told a news conference.

The CCIF report said anti-Muslim acts were increasingly aimed against people, especially women, rather than institutions such as mosques, cemeteries and shops. Attacks against mosques had almost doubled to 40 in 2012 compared with 2011, it said.


The report called France’s civil service “one of the principal vectors of Islamophobia” because it said bureaucrats often over-interpreted official secularist policies to wrongly refuse to serve Muslim women wearing headscarves. (Over-interpreted? France is a secular society. NO exceptions)

Debah said the CCIF hoped an investigating magistrate would now order Le Pen to stand trial for the comments about Muslims praying in the streets. This completely blocks some streets in large cities, which prompted Le Pen to describe it as an occupation in 2010. She used her immunity as a European Parliament deputy to avoid answering a summons to meet an investigating magistrate. “I stand by my words and I’ll defend them in court,” she told BFM television after the parliament voted to lift her immunity at the request of the snubbed magistrate.


Her National Front party ranks almost equal in polls with the main opposition UMP party, whose leader Jean-Francois Cope raised a storm last year by saying Muslim children stole chocolate pastries from non-Muslim classmates to keep them from eating at school during Ramadan. The National Front has also gained ground as high unemployment and an embarrassing scandal sap support for the governing Socialists.

Le Pen’s argument that she is being harassed by political opponents has proved popular with her supporters. If found guilty of inciting racial hatred, she would face a maximum penalty of one year in jail and 45,000 euros in fines.




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  • The housing-recovery myth

    Tue Jul 9 11:39:02 2013 · by AngelesCrestHighway 

    Market Watch ^ | 07/09/2013 | David Weidner
    It’s often said there’s never been an economic recovery without a rebound in real estate. And for investors desperate for any sign of a housing rebound, the last year has been a tonic. You’ve read the headlines. This is a great time to be a home buyer. Interest rates are still near historic lows. Prices have edged up, but only slightly when compared to the long-term trend. Some markets, such as San Jose, Calif., Las Vegas and Phoenix, possibly are overheating. That’s the good news. The bad: very few homeowners are seeing the benefits. In other words, the housing recovery…
  • Forcing Christians to Eat Pork

    Tue Jul 9 11:33:19 2013 · by Sopater · 7 replies 

    American Thinker ^ | July 9, 2013 | Selwyn Duke
    While Barack Obama has often been compared to leaders of the past, it’s unlikely anyone has yet associated him with Antiochus IV Epiphanes. Ruler of the Seleucid Empire between 175 and 164 B.C., King Antiochus is best known for the persecution of Jews, and one story from the second book of Maccabees is particularly relevant here. As the passage tells us, the king was bent on forcing a Jewish woman and her seven sons to, of all things, eat pork. The boys resisted and were tortured and killed one by one as their mother, who ultimately was also murdered, looked…
  • Suspicions Growing Over Death of Journalist Probing NSA and CIA Abuses

    Tue Jul 9 11:32:47 2013 · by george76 · 7 replies 

    The New American ^ | 08 July 2013 | Alex Newman
    Weeks after the fiery death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings , who was probing abuses by the CIA and NSA and had recently informed others that he was being investigated by federal authorities, suspicions about his mysterious car crash are still swirling around the Internet. While police officially ruled the death an “accident,” serious questions are still surfacing — even in the establishment media and among prominent officials. Based on e-mails Hastings sent out shortly before he died about working on a “big story” and needing to go “off the radar,” it has become clear that he was worried, too….

UK: Three WHAT??? are under arrest for slaughtering ANOTHER British soldier, David Ryding, in the street?

DavidRyding080713014-1They have the three attackers in custody, yet give no information about their names, nationality, or ethnic origin, just their ages. Are they afraid there will be a well-deserved ‘backlash’ if they reveal that the attackers are Muslims as we have the right to suspect? It seems that a nationwide uprising against UK politicians/traitors who continue to import masses of these Muslim jihadists and parasites from the third world is exactly what is needed in the Islamic Republic of Britain.

WirralGlobe (h/t Vlad Tepes) A 26-year-old former soldier from Moreton has died after being attacked in the town of Rugby in the early hours of Sunday morning. David Ryding was so badly injured he was put on a life-support machine at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire.

A statement from Warwickshire Police today said: “It soon became apparent that nothing could be done to save him and life was pronounced extinct at 3.30am this morning and his life-support machine has been turned off.”

Police arrested a 21-year-old man from Rugby on suspicion of murder following the incident, which occurred at 5am on Sunday, at the Clock Tower in Market Place, Rugby. Two further men aged 25 and 27 have been arrested on suspicion of affray.

Mr Ryding was a member the First Battalion the Mercian Regiment but retired from the service in 2011.



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What an Arab thinks of the Turkish Prime Minister

A horse has an amazing natural instinct for instantly being able to size up whomever is on his back. When Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan tries to get aboard this little Arabian horse, we see this unique equine ability in action.


h/t Shoebat


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EGYPT: American and Israeli-trained Egyptian fighter pilots put on a show for the people!

Looks like those 20 American F-16 fighter jets that we just gave Egypt will be put to good use now that the Muslim Brotherhood Islamofascists have been toppled.



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WILD BILL FOR AMERICA: ‘Dead Dog Jihad’ – coming soon to America?





























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HA HA! First al-Jazeera gets kicked out of Egypt, now the New York Times

New York Times reportedly ‘kicked out’ of Tahrir, told the foreign press ‘forbidden’



Two guys kicked me out of Tahrir, said foreign journos “forbidden.” Didn’t care for press card or call to press office where I’m registered.

New York Times reporter Ben Hubbard tweeted today that he was “kicked out” of Egypt’s Tahrir Square and told foreign journalists were prohibited. Hubbard had been reporting from Cairo’s Zeinhoum morgue, where casualties from the protests were being transported.

Just three hours earlier, Hubbard had retweeted this post from a Wall Street Journal correspondent noting Al-Jazeera’s expulsion from a press conference by the Egyptian military.

Haha, Egyptians kicking Al Jazeera out & telling New York Times journo @NYTBen to fuck off – GOOD. Bias propaganda is not journalism!!



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Charges Dropped: 5 Military Officials Accused of Assisting BLO Ordered Released From Prison

Friday, July 5, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Today Judge Raul Valerio Ramirez  ordered the immediate release of Gen. Roberto Dawe, Gen. Ricardo Escorcia, Gen. Ruben Perez, Lt. Col Silvio Hernandez and Maj. Ivan Reyna from the federal criminal Altiplano in Almoloya, in the State of Mexico, where they have been held in the maximum prison since their arrest last year.
The charges were dropped against the men due to a lack of evidence.

First it was  Tomas Angeles Dauahare (above upon release), the Mexican General accused by “Jennifer” and “Mateo” protected witnesses, of protecting the Beltran Leyva Cartel. Based on information provided by  the protected witnesses, the general was imprisoned.  Then in January of this year in an unprecedented move, the PGR issued this finding;

“With respect to defendant Tomas Angeles Dauahare, the statements of the collaborating protected witnesses have not been corroborated by any probative means, except for the fact that the accused was a public servant in the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena: Secretaria de Defensa Nacional), without having any proof to date to confirm the statements by ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Mateo’”, says the court document numbered DGCPPAMDO/707/2013 from the PGR.
Due to the fact there was no evidence to prove the claims of the two protected witnesses, the general was released from prison in April.
One of the witnesses has the code name “Mateo”.  Mateo (photo above)  is in reality Sergio Enrique Villarreal Barragán, a.k.a. “El Grande”, of the Beltran Leyva cartel. Villarreal was once a federal police officer stationed in Nuevo Laredo, defected and worked with the Juarez Cartel, subsequently moving to CDG, eventually worked with  Beltran Leyva as a lieutenant.  Villarreal was arrested by the Mexican Marines in 2010 and extradited to the US, in May of 2012.
“Jennifer” and “Mateo”, code name for “El Grande”, stated on several occasions that Angeles Dauahare helped Edgar Valdez Villarreal, “La Barbie”, gain military protection while trafficking cocaine via aircraft in  Cancun, Toluca and Cuernavaca airports.
The other witness is yet to be officially identified but who was the key accuser in the case against former drug czar Noe Ramirez Mandujano. Ramirez Mandujano was also released in April after a judge determined witnesses had given contrived testimony and prosecutors had manufactured evidence.
All charges against the five men released on Thursday stemmed from information provided by “Mateo” and “Jennifer”.  No substantiating evidence could be found to support the claims.

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Teens Killed After Bullying Nephew of Nacho Coronel

Thursday, July 4, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Initially the teens were reported killed after meeting cartel members about working in the organization.  As it turns out that was only part of the story. Andrés is on left in the photo above.

Two teenagers of 15 years of age were murdered after making fun of the son of a drug trafficker capo.
The General Attorney of the State, Luis Carlos Nájera, indicated yesterday that was the  version was given by a 17 year old teenager that was arrested, off record  he was identified as Isaac, who is implicated in  the disappearance of the minors, which happened two weeks ago.
On June 21st, the teenagers, Luis Antonio Ortiz and Andrés Barba, had arranged to meet at a mall.  As a lure they were invited to a party via facebook.  From there, they were taken to a forest, where they were suffocated, according to the Attorney.
“The teen which we have arrested tells us that the two teenagers mistreated and bullied the son of José Ángel Carrasco Coronel, known as “El Changel”, who had been previously arrested in Mexico City. They were classmates of this young man”, explains Nájera.
“El Changel” (below) is nephew of Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, chief of drug trafficking that was killed on July of 2010 in Zapopan.
State and federal sources revealed that after the death of the capo, Carrasco Coronel controlled the criminal group “La Corona”, formed with loyal people of “Nacho” Coronel. “El Changel” was arrested in January of 2013.
The Attorney of Jalisco indicated that, according to the investigations, the lured the  minors to a Zapopan  mall with the promise of working  in a criminal organization, which they would be paid between 10 and 20 thousand pesos, and other benefits such as parties where they would have their choice of women. (in orange and blue below)


There are a couple of unofficial reports that go something like this:
Luis, Andres and the son of Changel all go to the private school “Rudyard Kipling”, Changel’s son is in his first year the two other boys are seniors. All three boys are in the same group of friends, however, for whatever reason the two older boys, conducted  an ongoing attack of mocking and bullying the younger child.
Possibly fed up with the personal attacks, Changel’s son called on his friend who did not attend the school for revenge.  His name is Vegas Andres Tovar, (in photo above) nickname “Vega”.
Authorities refer to him as a “Nini” meaning he neither attends school nor works.  His neighbors describe him as a boy who is “polite, quiet and reserved”, who they see each day walking his dog.
Vega created a ruse on facebook contacting the boys and inviting them to a party.  He used the alias “Raul Barajas”.  There are two versions but at least one of the boys, Luis, replied.  The invitation in part read “Friday a party where there will be models and  hostesses, you can choose who you like”.
Taking the bait the high school students met “Raul” and Isaac at the mall, sealing their fate.
The 2nd boy, who was with Vega is named “Isaac” he has been arrested. It is not known if the son of Chanel has been arrested or even his name.

Source used: Reforma-La Jornada
Thanks to the reader giving heads up to the FB posting from the Mileno video

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People aren’t dying in Turkey over a redevelopment plan. They are dying to try to stave off Turkey’s Islamization, and the complete demise of Kemalist secularism. “Turkey police resort to violent means to end Istanbul protest,” from Middle East Online, July 8 (thanks to Twostellas):

ISTANBUL – Turkish riot police on Monday fired rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon to block demonstrators from entering a small Istanbul park, the birthplace of deadly unrest that engulfed the country last month.Police moved after Turkish authorities reopened Gezi Park to public use earlier in the day.

“Four people died for this park. This park will reopen!” a young demonstrator shouted, while others were trying to convince the police that their action was unfair and they should stop emptying the park.

But later in the day after police sealed off access to the central Taksim square and the adjacent park, the cat-and-mouse game with protesters ensued in the nearby thoroughfares.

At least one demonstrator was seriously wounded, with his left eye abundantly bleeding, a journalist reported.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Go on, shoot me too!” one of the protesters yelled at a police officer on top of an armoured vehicle.

Some angry shopkeepers at a fish market close to Taksim square lashed out at police and anti-government demonstrators, accusing them of ruining their business.

Earlier Monday when Turkish authorities reopened the park they warned that no further protests would be tolerated.

“Gezi Park has been reopened to public but there are many calls for unauthorised protests aimed at turning the park into an occupation zone,” Istanbul governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu wrote on Twitter.

A brutal police crackdown on May 31 against a peaceful sit-in to prevent 600 trees from being cut down in a park redevelopment scheme sparked June’s nationwide protests against Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamic-rooted government.

Protesters occupied the small park and put up tents to remain around the clock before being evicted by police on June 15.

Since then, the park has been closed. But in the face of public anger, authorities planted additional trees and a Turkish court annulled a government decision to redevelop the park, saying locals had not been sufficiently consulted about the project.

Residents feared the redevelopment plan would turn the area into a shopping district, while urban planners and ecologists said the proposals did not respect the environment.

Nearly three weeks of protests in Turkey have left four people dead and some 8,000 injured.

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They know that Islamic Sharia rule would create innumerable hardships for Christians. But its proponents haven’t gone away, either. “Egypt’s Catholic Church praises military for pushing out Morsi,” from Coptic World, July 9:

Egypt’s Catholic leaders have welcomed the military overthrow of the country’s Islamist president and expressed confidence that Christians and Muslims can work together to build a “real democracy”.

Good luck with that.

Fr Hani Bakhoum Kiroulos, spokesman for the Catholic Coptic Church, said: “What has happened is absolutely not a military coup – our armed forces have responded to the desire of the people.“Millions of people took to the streets because they were unable to live under such a regime. They expressed their views and demanded freedom, and the military took action accordingly,” he told the American Catholic News Service.

Fr Kiroulos said the preceding four days of protests, in which the military deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, had united Christians and Muslims.

“The Church isn’t just a collection of buildings, but a mass of people – and we are part of the Egyptian people and with the majority who’ve expressed their will,” Fr Kiroulos said.

“If the Egyptian people suffer, we will suffer too. But we hope [they] can now all join together, Christians and Muslims, in creating a new country and a better future,” he said.

The head of Egypt’s armed forces, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, announced the takeover after giving Morsi a 48-hour ultimatum to overcome a nationwide paralysis, worsened by mass protests in Cairo, Alexandria and other towns.

The move was welcomed as a “defining moment in the nation’s history” by Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II, who appeared beside the general during his televised address, along with the country’s grand imam, Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb.

In a brief address, the Orthodox leader said he backed the “map for the future” drawn up by the new Supreme Council, adding that the armed forces reflected “the values of the people” and would be “honest advocates of the national interest”.

Fr Kiroulos said the presence of religious leaders alongside al-Sisi had been a “very important sign of Egyptian unity”.

“Our own Catholic Church has enjoyed very good unofficial relations with the army,” said the priest, who is secretary to Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak. “By contrast, we received no help or support from President Morsi, only smiles. Although our relations started well, and he showed some concern for Christians, this never went beyond an official level.”

In an interview with Fides, the news agency of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, Patriarch Sedrak said Catholics had been celebrating that “the people of Egypt have peacefully regained their country”, adding that he was confident the country would not “repeat the mistakes made in the past” and would move toward “full restoration of democratic order”.

He said at least five million Egyptians would go on supporting the “radical beliefs” of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, adding that he also feared “feelings of revenge”.

“We must convince them there is a place for them in the country and no one rejects them – but they should behave as Egyptians, as fellow citizens with other Egyptians, and not aim at establishing a religious despotism,” the patriarch said.

“They should not be excluded from the political scene. But they must behave like a political party and not as a means of imposing a religious hegemony,” he added.

The 200,000-member Coptic Catholic Church has 14 dioceses in Egypt.

The Coptic Orthodox Church makes up at least a 10th of Egypt’s population of 81 million.

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And “the truth that is apparent to every reasonable person is that it is a war declared against Islam in Egypt,” which means more violence is in the offing.

“Islamist groups: Egypt’s crackdown vindicates use of violence as political tool,” by Liz Sly for the Washington Post, July 8:

BEIRUT — The Egyptian army’s escalating crackdown on supporters of the country’s ousted Muslim Brotherhood government is being seized on by many radical Islamists as proof that violence, not democracy, is the only solution to the region’s problems.In the days since Egypt’s military toppled the country’s first freely elected government, jihadist groups in the region and elsewhere have rushed to assert the futility of elections and Western-style democracy, in statements and in chat forums on jihadi Web sites.

Among them is Afghanistan’s Taliban, which issued a statement Monday condemning the coup against President Mohamed Morsi after Egyptian troops killed at least 51 of his supporters.

“It has become clear,” said Taliban spokesman Muhammad Yusuf, that “so-called elections, the demands of the people, and justice, freedom, security and peace are merely hollow chants and slogans used by the West and the secularists to trick the people,” [sic]

Others had earlier asserted similar sentiments. “When will the Muslim Brotherhood wake up from their deep slumber and realize the futility of their efforts at instituting change?” asked the Somali militant group al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda affiliate, in a comment posted on Twitter after Morsi’s overthrow last week.

“Change comes by the bullet alone; NOT the ballot,” the group said in another tweet.

At least two new jihadi groups have been formed in a bid to counter the challenge to the Brotherhood. Within hours of the shootings Monday, a group calling itself the Abdullah Azzam Brigades of Egypt declared that it had been created to counter the “criminality” underway in the country.

Another hitherto unknown group, calling itself Ansar al-Sharia in Egypt, issued a similar statement last week.

“The truth that is apparent to every reasonable person is that it is a war declared against Islam in Egypt,” it said of the military’s removal of Morsi….

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Morsi supporters have been attacking Christians, blaming them for the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood government. “Masked gunmen open fire at Port Said church,” from MENA, July 9:

Masked gunmen opened fire at Mar Mina Church in Port Said’s al-Manakh early Tuesday and managed to get away, according to state-run news agency MENA. No casualties were reported.Army and police squads arrived at the scene of the attack and efforts are being undertaken to identify the perpetrators.

This is the third such attack in 24 hours. Yesterday, unknown attackers assaulted Port Said’s western seaport and the province’s traffic police department.

A priest was killed Saturday in Masaeed in North Sinai.

The attacks come days after Egypt’s army toppled Islamist president Mohamed Morsy, yielding to mass protests demanding early elections. Morsy’s Islamist supporters have protested the army’s decision.

Several Jiahdist leaders have been quoted in media reports as saying they vow to fight to defend Morsy’s legitimacy.

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Not up to making that trek to perfidious Albion this summer? Here’s an easy way out: read these five books, and pretty soon you, too, will be expressing opinions that are “not conducive to the public good.”

Please contribute to our legal fund to overturn the unjust ban on Pamela Geller and me entering the UK here.

And sign the petition asking that the ban be overturned here.

Here is my column at PJ Lifestyle today:

Planning a summer trip to London? So was I! But the British Home Office had other ideas, explaining in a kind letter to me that admitting me into the country would be “not conducive to the public good.”

So let’s say that the kids are nagging you to book that trip to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, but you just don’t have the money or the time, and are looking for that golden letter from British Home Secretary Theresa May, closing the door to perfidious Albion to you forever. It’s easy. All you have to do is do what I did: read a few books.

The Home Office’s letter to me explained that I was banned because I said that Islam “is a religion and is a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose for establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western society,” and that “because media and general government unwillingness to face the sources of Islamic terrorism these things remain largely unknown.”

These horrifying quotes were apparently taken from a documentary I appeared in about ten years ago, Islam: What the West Needs to Know. I said these things because I had read a few books that, if you dare to read as well, you, too, might end up banned from Britain yourself.

1. Towards Understanding the Qur’an (The Islamic Foundation, 2008).

This is a one-volume translation of the Qur’an by Zafar Ishaq Ansari, plus commentary by Sayyid Abul A‘la Mawdudi (also spelled Maududi). Mawdudi was a twentieth-century Islamic scholar and political leader in Pakistan. His influence is mainstream and international; he wrote a multivolume commentary on the Qur’an and numerous other works that can be found readily in Islamic bookstores in the U.S. and all over the West.

In this book he writes: “The purpose for which the Muslims are required to fight is not, as one might to think, to compel the unbelievers into embracing Islam. Rather, its purpose is to put an end to the suzerainty of the unbelievers so that the latter are unable to rule over people. The authority to rule should only be vested in those who follow the True Faith; unbelievers who do not follow this True Faith should live in a state of subordination. Anybody who becomes convinced of the Truth of Islam may accept the faith of his/her own volition. The unbelievers are required to pay jizyah (poll tax) in return for the security provided to them as the dhimmis (“Protected People”) of an Islamic state. Jizyah symbolizes the submission of the unbelievers to the suzerainty of Islam.”

You could almost get the idea that Mawdudi thought that Islam was a religion and a belief system that “mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose for establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western society,” as it would relegate non-Muslims to a second-class state of submission to the Muslims, paying a special tax and accepting other discriminatory regulations. Mawdudi had no trouble getting into Britain, but then again, he was a Muslim, and as I explained last week, you can talk about jihad violence in Britain, as long as you’re for it. So if you’re not a Muslim, get this book, and watch your mailbox for your ban letter.

2. The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam by Bat Ye’or (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1996).

Find out what Mawdudi meant by that “submission of the unbelievers to the suzerainty of Islam,” and the payment of the jizyah. Bat Ye’or is the pioneering historian of that “state of subordination,” dhimmitude, and in this book she reproduces a large number of contemporary documents that illustrate with harrowing vividness just what the “suzerainty of the Islam” meant to non-Muslims.

One ancient account of Muslim conquest and occupation of Egypt in the seventh century recounts how in one town, the Christians “came to the point of offering their children in exchange for the enormous sums that they had to pay each month, finding no one to help them because God had abandoned them and had delivered the Christians into the hands of their enemies.” These were the “Protected People.”

3. Sahih Muslim (translated by Abdul Hamid Siddiqui, Kitab Bhavan, 2000).

This is a collection of hadith, accounts of the words and deeds of Muhammad that Muslim scholars generally consider authentic and that are hence normative for Islamic law. In it, Muhammad affirms Mawdudi’s words about fighting unbelievers: “Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them….If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them.” (4294)

So while Mawdudi, despite his mainstream popularity, could conceivably be one of the tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked the religion of peace, it is harder to make the case that Muhammad himself was among that tiny minority. That ban letter is looming ever closer.

There is more.

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Townhall |  by Guy Benson  |  2013-07-08

If the State Department is fine with spoonfeeding the public false information on the trivial matter of John Kerry’s yachting schedule, why should anyone believe their assertions about a legitimate scandal like Benghazi? The potential fallout for Hillary Clinton from that catastrophe was obvious from the start. We’ve since heard whistleblower testimony about systemic truth-suppression and seen documents confirming high-level political manipulation of intelligence related to the attacks.  Read More…

60  5  0  0  65
WND |  by Daniel Greenfield  |  2013-07-06

A suspicious mind would suspect that Obama Inc. has something to hide about Benghazi and doesn’t want to risk having the same kind of testimony from the military end that we saw from top diplomatic personnel who turned whistleblowers.  Read More…

166  4  0  2  172 |  by Sharyl Attkisson  |  2013-07-05

REPORT: Missing Marine Colonel key to understanding truth behind Benghazi terror attack… Read More…

199  4  0  7  210
Breitbart |  by Ben Shapiro  |  2013-07-03

On Wednesday, Gen. Abdel Fatah Said Al-Sisi announced a military coup in Egypt. He said that the Constitution had been suspended, that early elections would take place, and that there would be a “code of ethics” for the media. He stated that the chief of the Constitutional court would be taking charge during a transitional period before another election. He said the new government would be “diverse and include all the people,” and that the constitution would be revised to reverse changes made by ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi. Read More…

48  2  0  0  50 |  by Ted Cruz  |  2013-07-03

Why does President Barack Obama persist in supporting Mohamed Morsy — and not the protesters? Read More…

100  2  0  0  102
Townhall |  by Kevin McCullough  |  2013-07-01

On Wednesday June 26, 2013 reports began to pop up across the Arabic world citing an internal Libyan government memo that has not yet been acknowledged in the American press. Read More…

152  5  0  7  161
New York Post |  by Keith J. Kelly  |  2013-06-28

The tragic events in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, are still of great interest to Americans — and book publishers are willing to pay up to tell the story. Twelve Books, which announced this week it signed a deal with four members of the elite security team from the annex of the US Embassy in the Mideast town, is paying a $3 million advance, Media Ink has learned. Read More…

41  5  0  0  47
The Cable |  by Shane Harris  |  2013-06-26

The day before he returned to Benghazi after a nine-month absence, Chris Stevens was brooding. The U.S. ambassador to Libya had just finished reading The Troubled Man, the 10th and final novel in Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell’s series about a sullen police detective named Kurt Wallander. Stevens was unnerved by the downward spiral of the 60-year-old investigator, who dives headlong into his work to distract him from the blank walls of his life closing in around him. Read More…

85  2  0  0  86
Breitbert |  by Matthew Boyle  |  2013-06-26

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said that unanswered questions surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack in Benghazi would haunt former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for president from the Democratic Party in 2016. Read More…

44  8  0  0  51
The Washington Times |  by Shaun Waterman  |  2013-06-25

The Republican chairman of the House committee investigating last year’s terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, has subpoenaed four State Department officials, contending that the department is blocking his efforts to interview them. Read More…

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