Opinions: Obama’s Mess in Egypt

July 8, 2013

Rep. Labrador: Immigration Reform Could Mean the ‘Death of the Party’

by Rick Moran

Republicans may lose their base unless strict border-security provisions are in the House immigration bill.

  • Are we distracted by scandals while Democrats walk away with the immigration amnesty prize?

    Mon Jul 8 09:59:17 2013 · by Lakeshark · 8 replies

    Legal Insurrection ^ | 5/22/13 | William Jacobson
    I received an insightful email from reader Karen Sacandy: Dear Professor Jacobson: I’m among your many grateful readers, but at this time, the Democrats are like Thomas Crown in the flick, “The Thomas Crown Affair,” who created a distraction over here, while over there, he was stealing a multimillion dollar painting. But in this case, it’s a total transformation of the American people, by immigration law changes to aid and abet the non-enforcement we’ve had for decades. All these abuses of power converging at this time are almost COMPLETELY distracting everyone who could bring pressure to bear to prevent the…

Obama’s Middle East Policy Revealed? Administration Makes Stunning Statement

by Barry Rubin

Appeasement. Internally, the administration is discussing strategies of appeasement.

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The Challenges To Egyptian Labour
Dr. Gary K. Busch – 7/5/2013
There are hard times coming in Egypt as the revolution degenerates into a long and protracted conflict between the Moslem Brotherhood and their Salafist allies and the secular modern, mainly urban, Egyptian citizens appalled at the mess of the economic situation and the rise of the new Islamic configuration of the country’s Constitution. There is little or no fuel available at any price; food imports have been curtailed for lack of foreign currency; and jobs and factories have been folding at an ever-increasing rate, putting large numbers of workers out of work.

Obama’s Mess in Egypt
Prof. Peter Morici – 7/5/2013
Recent events in Egypt put President Obama in a tough spot, even if not as difficult as that of deposed Egyptian President Morsi. At least the latter gentleman knows his own mind, even if paying a high price for it, whereas Obama is at wit’s end to articulate where he stands on the sanctity of democracy and its place in American foreign policy.

Egypt’s Militray Coup Predicted TWO YEARS ago!
GP Interviews – 7/4/2013
November 2011


“Q. Do you expect changes in State System in Egypt after the revolution?

SV: I predict an unholy alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military. This ad-hoc and opportunistic coalition will not survive for long: the military is bound to crack down on the increasingly assertive political Muslim bloc and re-establish its supremacy in order to protect its vast commercial interests.”…

  • Washington Deserves a Declaration of Incompetence


    Big Government is so bloated that its left hand doesn’t know what its far-left hand is doing.

  • The Right to Happiness


    Revolutions are not unique. Before the fireworks begin bursting in showers of life over American skies, they fall sparkling over the crowds of Tahrir Square to commemorate another revolution.

    • Zimmerman and Obama Mr. President: Defuse the looming racial explosion.

      Mon Jul 8 09:27:43 2013 · by bestintxas · 43 replies 

      american spectator ^ | 7/8/13 | A. Trebach
      In the likely event that George Zimmerman is acquitted, it is also likely that there will be explosions of racial violence all over this country. Even in the event of a guilty verdict, it is possible in this emotional situation that there will be violent actions by those on all sides of this tense issue, whether white or black, liberal or conservative. Sensible folks should be frightened for the fate of our nation now as the Zimmerman case dominates so much of the media. All responsible Americans have a duty to take whatever action they can to head off this…
    • What is Islam?

      Mon Jul 8 07:24:51 2013 · by Kaslin · 46 replies 

      Townhall.com ^ | July 8, 2013 | Jeff Jacoby
      For years, terrible and violent crimes have been committed in the name of Islam. Does that mean Islam is inherently a religion of terrible violence? The scholar Daniel Pipes has long argued that it is a mistake to attribute the evils committed by Muslim supremacists and jihadist killers to Islam itself, or to the text of the Koran and the hadith, the religion’s sacred scriptures. Like every great faith, Islam is what its adherents make of it. Today, many of those adherents are influenced by Islamism, the militant totalitarian version of Islam that emerged in the 20th century. The Islamist…

    Hundreds of Pro-Mursi Protesters take to the streets… of Chicago

    By on July 8, 2013 in Blog, General

    The Muslim Brotherhood has hundreds of very active pro-Mohammed Mursi protesters in Chicago who took to the streets to demand the ousted president’s reinstatement. Considering that the entity that hit us on 9/11/01 is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is beyond shocking that this isn’t shocking to all Americans. Via Chicago Tribune: About [...]

    101 million in U.S. on food assistance

    Pamela Geller WND Column: Egypt without illusions

    As a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in Egypt leads a crowd in a chant of the Obama slogan “Yes, we can!,” Obama continues to advance this genocidal party. Read my column on Egypt at WND. Here’s an excerpt:

    Egypt without illusions
    Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.03.14 AM
    Exclusive: Pamela Geller asks, ‘What is Obama’s obsession with Muslim Brotherhood?’

    [...] Obama’s loyalty to the Brotherhood ought to be the subject of congressional hearings. He thinks they’re the guardians of democracy in Egypt? The mainstream media and Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the U.S. keep claiming that Morsi was democratically elected, and therefore is the legitimate president of Egypt. But there was massive fraud in the election that put Morsi in power. He was no more democratically elected than the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood is made up of Jew-hating Shariah supremacists. Their “Palestinian” wing, Hamas, celebrates attacks on Israeli civilians. Democracy? Obama cited Morsi’s 13 million votes for his unqualified support of these vicious thugs. But the Tamarod opposition group claimed before the toppling of Morsi to have 22 million signatures on a petition demanding that he step down and allow new elections. Insanity has taken over at the highest levels in Washington. We will pay dearly for the Muslim Brotherhood stooge in the White House.

    Mubarak was loyal to the U.S., but Obama called for Mubarak’s resignation as soon as the Facebook revolution took off in January 2011. He sided with the crowd depicting Mubarak as a Jew. But Obama didn’t throw Morsi under the bus, despite the fact that even Mubarak observed that the number of anti-Morsi protesters on the streets of Cairo dwarfed the number of “Arab Spring” demonstrators that led to his removal from power. Despite the historic crowds, Obama remained unmoved and firmly in the Muslim Brotherhood camp.

    At the time that Mubarak was ousted, the Brotherhood vowed to stay out of politics and what was the first thing they did? Ran a presidential candidate. Caroline Glick put it well: “Israelis watched in shock and horror as their American friends followed the Pied Piper of the phony Arab Spring over the policy cliff. Mubarak was a dictator. But his opponents were no Alexander Dubceks. There was no reason to throw away 30 years of stability before figuring out a way to ride the tiger that would follow it. Certainly there was no reason to actively support Mubarak’s overthrow.”

    In one of his last acts as president, Morsi appointed Adel Mohamed al-Khayat, governor of the Luxor tourist region. Al-Khayat is a former member of al-Gamaa al-Islamiya, a jihad terror group that murdered 58 tourists in Luxor in 1997 because, according to a fatwa, “tourist villages have aspects that anger Allah, including alcohol, gambling and other forbidden things.” This appointment would never have happened under Mubarak. But under the Muslim Brotherhood, a slaughterer was exalted and rewarded. They were sending a message with this appointment.

    Nevertheless, Obama is “deeply concerned” about the Egyptian military’s decision to oust Morsi. Obama issued this warning in his speech about Egypt:

    We are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsy and suspend the Egyptian constitution. I now call on the Egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible through an inclusive and transparent process, and to avoid any arbitrary arrests of President Morsy and his supporters. Given today’s developments, I have also directed the relevant departments and agencies to review the implications under U.S. law for our assistance to the Government of Egypt.

    Why were no such warnings issued when Islamic supremacists toppled our 30-year ally, Hosni Mubarak? When Morsi seized dictatorial power for himself, Obama said nothing. When he rammed through a Shariah constitution, Obama said nothing. Obama refused congressional calls to cut funding to Egypt in light of the increasingly authoritarian nature of the Morsi regime.

    Obama even told Coptic Christians not to protest against the Morsi regime, despite the fact that Christians in Egypt have faced escalating violence and suffered a nationwide wave of kidnappings under Morsi. And signs criticizing Obama for supporting terrorism and tyranny were a common feature of the anti-Morsi demonstrations. By consistently supporting Islamic supremacist regimes, Obama has damaged our standing in the world.

    I have no illusions about Egypt. Yes, they have rid themselves of Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government. But close to 75 percent of the Egyptian people voted in last year’s election for Islamic rule – for the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis and other Islamic supremacists. I don’t see the few liberal voices there having any shot whatsoever at forming a new government. I believe that the people weren’t protesting the Islamization of the government but the lack of food, jobs and opportunity. So what is coming is just more of the same.

    The sudden and unexpected fall of the Morsi regime and the current violence, confusion and turmoil in Egypt shows how Obama’s Middle Eastern strategy has hurt Egypt and will hurt the U.S. also. And so begins a world were America (as it was previously known) is absent. A world where the leader of the free world is absent. Ayn Rand nailed it when she said, “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    No one can get it right every time – but it is the responsibility of the American president to err on the side of freedom. Because that can never be a mistake.

    The “Arab Spring” was from the beginning just a fantasy – a fantasy that Obama and his administration eagerly embraced. And what we witnessed in the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt and the jihadist takeover of Libya was reality making a fool of the fantasists in Washington.

    Meanwhile, pro-Muslim Brotherhood voices here in the U.S. are agitating for the return of Morsi. Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohamad Eliabary, a member of Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, claimed that “undemocratic liberals are using Ends Justify Means logic” to persecute the Brotherhood and seize power. Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR and ISNA have suffered a devastating blow. These subversives wield enormous power in Washington and in particular in this administration. They must be stopped.

    Read the whole here.

    On the Brink of Civil War: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Calls for an “Intifada”

    Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood  is calling for an ‘intifada’ as they vow to fight for Mohammed Morsi. And Salafi Jihad issued a call to “intifada”, a “clarion call for Islamic revolution”. 

    “Egypt closes Freedom and Justice Party HQ over weapons find,” Middle East Online, July 8 (thanks to Van):

    CAIRO – Egypt’s prosecution ordered the closure of the Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party after police found weapons inside it on Monday, a security official said.Police found “flammable liquid, knives and arms to be used against the June 30 protests,” the official said, in reference to demonstrations that saw millions take to the streets to demand the resignation of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

    Forty-two loyalists of Egypt’s ousted president were killed on Monday while demonstrating against last week’s military coup, triggering an Islamist uprising call and dashing the army’s hopes for an interim civilian administration.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, which has led demonstrations against the overthrow of Morsi last Wednesday, said its supporters were “massacred” when police and troops fired on them during dawn prayers outside an elite army headquarters in Cairo.

    The military blamed “terrorists” while witnesses, including Brotherhood supporters at the scene, said that the armed forces fired only tear gas and warning shots and that “thugs” in civilian clothes had carried out the deadly shooting.

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    GOP’s Beef with Census Goes Beyond Obama’s Latest Chicago Nominee

    by Bill Straub

    Like the constitutionality of the mandatory American Community Survey, which asks about everything from toilets to poor concentration.


    Israel’s Embattled Pro-Israel Priest

    by P. David Hornik

    An advocate of Christian army service ignites fierce opposition.

    World Order and Islamism

    by Roger Kimball

    There are many reasons to conclude that Islam cannot integrate itself into the secular order of international states without ceasing to be Islam.

    Rep. Labrador: Immigration Reform Could Mean the ‘Death of the Party’

    by Rick Moran

    Republicans may lose their base unless strict border-security provisions are in the House immigration bill.

    Scientists Have No Explanation for the Evaporative Qualities of My Low-Carb Brownies Recipe

    by Sarah Hoyt

    One minute they’re there and solid, and the next minute you have an empty pan. This quality gets worse in the presence of husbands or children.

    What Is PRISM?

    by Charlie Martin

    A little knowledge and some reasonable speculations make sense of the PRISM revelations.

    Corporations Should Pay More, Coburn and Levin Conclude from GAO Report

    by Bill Straub

    Loopholes mean tax burden “is shifted onto hardworking American families and small business,” Republican senator says.

    Thurston, We Have a Problem

    by Ed Driscoll

    As Egypt burns, Kerry’s on his yacht, Obama’s in a kayak; this administration is hitting an iceberg.

    Egypt: A Teachable Moment in World History

    by Barry Rubin

    A cautionary note: We are far from out of the woods yet.

    Who Lost the Middle East?

    by Richard Fernandez

    Behold, the White House’s Middle East wrecking crew.

    July 4, 2013: Thinking about the Summer of 1776

    by Roger Kimball

    Today it is worth recollecting and celebrating the spirit that, even more than Washington’s armies, made American independence possible.

    New Great Awakening: America Is Not a Christian Nation

    by Paula Bolyard

    Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.

    Obama’s Mysterious Middle East Policy Revealed

    by Barry Rubin

    Can you see now what I’ve been trying to tell you? Questions and answers…

    Argentina Blocks Prosecutor from Telling Congress About Iran’s Troubling Terror Network

    by Bridget Johnson

    “Shame on President Kirchner,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen tells PJM after relentless AMIA bombing prosecutor not allowed to come to Washington.

    Why President Morsi is in Trouble

    by Mohamed Soliman

    A youth leader of the June 30th demonstrations gives us an insider’s view of why ordinary Egyptians are in revolt.

    Batman versus Government Mice

    by Andrew Klavan

    If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him a glass of milk, he’s probably going to wiretap your house…

    Cruz: Big Companies Drowning Out Small Business on Internet Sales Tax

    by Nicholas Ballasy

    “If you want to compete in the marketplace, go build a better mousetrap,” senator tells PJ Media.

    Yes, You Can Tell the Truth About Jihad Violence in Britain (As Long As You’re For It)

    by Robert Spencer

    Why I’m banned from entering the UK but Saudi cleric Mohammed al-Arifi is not.

    Egypt Falls Back on the Military

    by David P. Goldman

    Two years after the collapse of Egypt’s sixty years of military rule, the largest Arab country has come full circle.

    Flying as Torture

    by Victor Davis Hanson

    Would a weekend in Gitmo be all that much worse than flying in the United States?

    The Backwards Trial: After Two Bizarre Weeks, Zimmerman Prosecution Rests

    by Mike McDaniel

    The astounding details of how a prosecution appeared to establish reasonable doubt.

    Mainstream Media Race Hustling has Put George Zimmerman on Trial

    by Bryan Preston

    The Zimmerman trial itself is a perversion of justice.

    Bush on Gay Marriage: Don’t Be ‘Overly Critical… Until You’ve Examined Your Own Heart’

    by Bridget Johnson

    On the public policy question, “I just don’t want to weigh back in the debate. I’m out of politics.”

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