Politics: Repealing Obamacare: Not a Waste of Time

August 8, 2013

Where Obamacare premiums will soar

Defunding Obamacare: The Next Best Option

Congressional opponents of Obamacare continue to search for the best approach to relieve the American public of the unpopular law’s burdens. Read More.


DHS Grants Tentative Asylum to Illegals Who Crossed Border in Pro-Amnesty Protest

The preliminary approval is highly unusual because it is rare for the U.S. government to grant asylum to Mexican citizens.

Tea Party Wants a Government Shutdown – Jonathan Cohn, New Republic

The Democrats have a plan to bankrupt the country, and want the country to go bankrupt.

Yes, Defund Obamacare
Gene Schwimmer
The Sequester, not the Gingrich shutdown, is the model we should be looking at. More

RINO Clowns: McCain and Graham a Disaster in Egypt

By on August 7, 2013 in Blog, General

According to reports from Cairo, not only was the trip paid to Egypt by Senators John McCain (RINO-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) worthless but the word ‘counter-productive’ can be added to the list. These two clowns were like walking cans of gasoline and every time they opened their mouths, they spit up on another fire. […]

Good Morning America!

IRS manual detailed DEA's use of hidden intel evidence on citizens...

Congress Has a Duty to Repeal Obamacare – John Hayward, RedState

I smile


NEWS: Communist in the Thick of Immigration” Reform” Movement

REPORT: Obama admin makes new rule to compel diversity in neighborhoods…

A User’s Guide to Obama’s Inside-Out Economics – C. Baum, Bloomberg


Everybody Wants To Primary Lindsey Graham – Jason Linkins, Huff Post
Canceling on Putin Was a Mistake – Leon Aron, Politico

NEWS: The Marxist Plan to Bankrupt the United States: Is History Repeating Itself?

Why Obama Must Deny Keystone Pipeline – James Lenfestey, Star Tribune
Costly Myths About Climate Change – John Stossel, FOX Business

NEWS: “Republicans simply will not make the budget case in public”

How to Win the War Over Obamacare – Greg Sargent, Washington Post

The Racial Charade Is Disgusting, & I’m Tired of It – Derryck Green, RWN

NEWS: Department of State has been recruiting and arming Al-Qaeda

Turkey to fight for Mursi at White House with Obama?

By on August 6, 2013 in Blog, General

As Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns rubs elbows with jailed Muslim Brotherhood leader, Khairat al-Shater, in an attempt to help the Brotherhood jockey for political position, a report has surfaced that Barack Obama has agreed to welcome a Muslim Brotherhood delegation to the White House. Also expected to be present is a Turkish delegation. […]

President: Al Qaeda is ‘on the way to defeat’

Carlo Muñoz

08/07/13 05:28 PM ET

The president said the group’s top ranks have been “hammered” despite the new threat intercepted by intelligence agencies.…

Did U.S. Arm Muslim Brotherhood in Sinai?

By on August 6, 2013 in Blog, General

As the U.S. State Department continues to try to give the Muslim Brotherhood leverage with the new Egyptian government, the new Egyptian government is claiming that one of its offices was hit by a U.S. hellfire missile fired by… the Muslim Brotherhood? The missiles appeared to have been fired from a region where Ansar al-Sharia […]

Obama Tells Marines Al-Qaeda Is Near ‘Defeat,’







Watch their reaction to

-Obama’s Speech-


by Bridget Johnson

The same “on the run” narrative even after a conference call shows al-Zawahiri’s affiliates aren’t so disjointed after all.

U.S. Still Isn’t Rid of White Supremacy – Annie-Rose Strasser, Think Progress
The Washington Post Deserved Its Fall – John Podhoretz, New York Post

ARIZONA: Feel the hate as hundreds of anti-Obama protesters in Phoenix come out to demonstrate against him

Left Wing Media are foaming at the mouth over some of the crowd’s ‘racist’ remarks, especially their rendition of ‘Bye Bye Black Sheep’ and at least one sign in the crowd that read ‘Impeach the Half-White Muslim.’


Arizona Central Hundreds of protesters from both sides of the aisle wielded signs, chanted slogans and argued with each other Tuesday outside Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, while President Barack Obama spoke about housing and the economy inside. Environmentalists competed with tea-party members and immigration foes for attention to issues ranging from climate change to Obama’s ethnicity.

Racially-charged sentiment infused the protests and split the crowd both politically and physically. Obama supporters congregated on the west side of the road in front of the high school and his critics lined up across the street.

Obama foes at one point sang, “Bye Bye Black Sheep,” a derogatory reference to the president’s skin color, while protesters like Deanne Bartram raised a sign saying, “Impeach the Half-White Muslim!” Many on both sides wore red, white and blue and carried small flags.


“It just kind of happened naturally,” said Michael Pomales of how the opposing sides separated. Pomales, an 18-year-old Ahwatukee Foothills resident who graduated in the spring from Desert Vista High, said he decided to join the protesters side “to spread a little love” as the crowds began shouting at each other.

Pomales said his response to people yelling for Obama to go back from where he came from is simple: “He’s a great man. He cares about what I care about, education, jobs. He’s our president. He’s an American.”


Deanna Bartram, a 17-year-old University of Arizona student from Black Canyon City, lashed out at people who call her racist for not supporting Obama. She believes Obama supporters use the “race card” against her because they disagree with her political message.

“Obama is ruining American values. He is ruining the Constitution. He needs to go back to where he came from because obviously, he is a liar,” she said. “I am not racist. I am part Indian. Obama’s half Black, half White.”


“He’s 47 percent Negro,” shouted Ron Enderle, a 77-year-old Chandler resident who said that he and his son served as Marines and his grandson is currently serving in the Marines. Enderle criticized the president mishandling security at the U.S. Benghazi Embassy. “My grandson is third generation Marine, and it bothers me to have this man as our commander in chief. I’m ashamed,” Enderle said.

Judy Burris said that she blames Obama for racism in America reaching heights not seen since the 1960s Civil-Rights Era. “We have gone back so many years,” she said. “He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.” She said that she brought her 12-year-old grandson Christian Cabrera to the protests because she thought it would be educational. “He’s Mexican,” she said of her grandson. Cabrera said he wanted to accompany his grandma “so I could protest about impeaching Obama.”



By BareNakedIslam • Posted in EnemyWithin-American

Looks like John McCain’s and Miss Lindsay’s efforts to release Muslim Brotherhood terrorists from jail in Egypt have fallen on deaf ears

Egypt’s Defense Minister and leader of the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, will run for president – possibly before the end of the year.


Debka His campaign managers have set the goal of collecting 30 million signatures for his candidacy. That way, he can run on the ticket of the people’s candidate – not the Army’s.

Sisi is deep in preparations for launching his election campaign Thursday August 15 and plans to keep it short. Untroubled by criticism from the United States and Europe, he plans to restore the Egyptian army to political center stage in Cairo and keep the democratic process under control. Like former presidents Gemal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak, the defense minister will repress the Muslim Brotherhood he unseated on July 3 before cutting a deal with its leaders to permit them a restricted measure of political activity.


Tuesday July 30, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel phoned Gen. El-Sisi and, according to the official statement issued in Washington, talked about this week’s visit to Cairo by European Union Foreign Policy Coordinator Catherine Ashton and her two-hour conversation with deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. Hagel specifically pressed him to bring Muslim Brotherhood members into the interim government and give them free rein to run candidates for parliament in early 2014.

Protesters cheer with drums near a poster of army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi as they gather for a mass protest to support the army in Tahrir square in Cairo

El-Sisi told Hagel and Ashton that it was up to the Muslim Brotherhood to subscribe to his roadmap for the caretaker administration which is ruling the country until elections are held. He then floored the US defense secretary by announcing he was launching a lightning campaign for his own run for the presidency in an early election.


Wednesday, the US Senate voted 86-13 in favor of a motion to block a bill calling for the suspension of US military aid to Egypt. This bill was tabled by the Obama administration to signal its displeasure with and objections to the military coup.

Nonetheless, President Obama has chosen to send Republican Senators, John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, to try and smooth over the rough passage between Cairo and Washington. (Apparently a failure)


The administration can’t do much with Gen. El-Sisi who addresses Washington and European officials with courtesy but then goes off and does the exact opposite of what they ask of him. (WOW!  Imagine that, ANOTHER world leader who has refused to bow to the demands of Mullah Obama. Go figure)

Sisi’s actions present Washington and its European allies with unpalatable facts:

1. The defense minister is determined to restore the Egyptian army to center stage of Egypt’s political scene – as in the days of his predecessors.

2.  Egypt is reverting to the Mubarak era when the army decided who would be president.

3.  The democratic process in Egypt will be controlled and overseen by the army.

4.  Again like all former presidents Gemal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak, El-Sisi is bent on repressing the Muslim Brotherhood which he unseated last month until he can cut a deal with its leaders permitting them to be politically active within pre-set confines. The Brothers will be allowed to seat a small number of representatives in parliament.

5. Should the Americans or Europeans punish the military strongman by halting or cutting back on economic and military aid to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and some oil emirates have already promised to make up the shortfall.


And this from Breitbart:

Egyptian Government to McCain: He is persona non grata – unwelcome in Egypt

The Egyptian Cabinet took offense to comments Senator John McCain (R – AZ) made to the Washington Post about his advice to the new government of Egypt about releasing Muslim Brotherhood prisoners. The cabinet tweeted on Tuesday:

Obama Purging Military Leaders – who will not – “fire on US citizens”.

Why FDR Settled on “Germany First” – James Bowen, Pacific War
The Five Rules of Politics – Reid Wilson, National Journal

Wendy Davis Is Abortion Barbie – Erick Erickson, Red State
The Right’s Plan to Reverse Roe – Irin Carmon, MSNBC

Obama’s Breathtaking Statement on Ho Chi Minh – Paul Kengor, AmSpec

Rand Paul Is No Isolationist

Justin Logan in Politico
When did minding our own business become a dangerous idea?
President: Al Qaeda is ‘on the way to defeat’

Carlo Muñoz

08/07/13 05:28 PM ET

The president said the group’s top ranks have been “hammered” despite the new threat intercepted by intelligence agencies.…

Fighting Dirty to Save Affirmative Action

Ilya Shapiro in USA Today
The educational establishment may rue the day it again decided to pursue massive resistance to a Supreme Court ruling on civil rights.

Repealing Obamacare: Not a Waste of Time

Michael D. Tanner in National Review (Online)
The president should stop complaining about Republicans’ strategies and do something about jobs.

Why Economic Growth Depends on Reforming Social Security

Chris Edwards in Daily Caller
Switching from the current anti-saving Social Security to a pro-saving personal account system would be a huge spur for investment and job creation in the economy.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Blasts Obama Administration’s ‘Evil Mistakes’ on Benghazi, Fort Hood: ‘Incredible!’

by Bryan Preston

“They’ve gotten busted so many times…”

The Fraud That Is CNN – Through The Lies Within “The Truth About Benghazi” – Updating The Previous Expose’


This post merely outlines the supporting trail of evidence to follow-up on the original post.   Due to prior post length this independent update needed for intellectual absorption.

The original outline is HERE

The reason we are sharing this information is to help awaken those who only moderately understand the length, depth, and breadth of the manipulation put forth by CNN as a willfully blind leftist enabler to the Radically Left policies of the White House and administration.

We know there are many thousands of people who already understand how blatant this is.   The target audience for this information is those who just “can’t believe” what is outlined – yet have a common sense cognition to accept what is there, when it is shown.

So yesterday we constructed the pathway to deconstructing the narrative, and showing the points of attachment which are REALLY HARD to accept; but the truth does not care for your comfort – it exists with or without you being able to comprehend it.

As expected the CNN full hour Story “The Truth About Benghazi”, put forth by Erin Burnett, is not available on their website.   Actually, you really have to search to find any mention of it whatsoever.   However, we have done the logistics to create the shortcuts for you. Continue reading →

This Is All About Politics – Dept. Of Defense Tells Fort Hood Victim’s Families They Are Not Allowed To Talk To The Media…

The trial of Fort Hood Shooter, Nidal Hasan, continues.    The entire complex where the trial is taking place is like a military war camp outpost in Eastern Afghanistan.

soldier workplace violence

The building is surrounded with Hesco Barriers and Metalith perimeter blast protection containers.    Hundreds of them.

The Lawrence H. Williams Judicial Center is shown behind a protective barrier as jury selection begins, Tuesday, July 9, 2013, in Fort Hood, Texas. An Army psychiatrist going on trial in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting wants to tell potential jurors that he's being forced to wear a military uniform he believes represents "an enemy of Islam," he told a judge Tuesday. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

All of this for the consideration of “workplace violence“?

Why are they so worried about a terrorist attack if the trial is not of a “terrorist”?

But what’s worse is this latest revelation shared by Dana Losech and posted on RedState: Continue reading →

Sybrina Fulton, Her Son Jahvaris, And Some Unrelated Guy Named “Fruit”, Represent Modern African Americans On The Cover of Ebony Magazine…

I wonder if the other people who are sharing the cover of Ebony Magazine know that Jahvaris Fulton is the son of Sybrina Fulton, and not her ex husband Tracy “Fruit” Martin, who has fathered 4 or 5 other kids by other women; some while married to the prior child’s mothers.

Tracy Martin 2

Tracy Martin CRIP

Then again, now that I think about it, the “We are Trayvon” catch phrase probably does attach aptly to most of the group claiming such a descriptive as their commonality.

In order to be “like Trayvon” a person would have to be:

  • Violent (worship thug and street gang culture)
  • Kicked out of school (after missing 53 days with 2 prior suspensions)
  • Kicked out of their home (after threatening to kill mom)
  • Have no stable family (live with aunts, uncles, step moms etc)
  • A known drug user (Marijuana, DXM, and Sizzurp/Lean)
  • A known burglar (Prior diverted criminal arrests)
  • A Criminally diverted failed student (Miami-Dade School Police)
  • An illegal gun owner  (With Dad showing best way to get)

So when you see magazine covers saying “We Are Trayvon” the best approach is probably to say: Yep,…. and, quite frankly, that might just be the problem.

EBONY – It’s hard to believe that it was only 18 months ago that we lost Trayvon Martin. In the explosive time since that fateful night, February 26, 2012, generations of Black America have come to terms with the fact that we live in a country that often eats its young—our young. Continue reading →

Democrats Gave Talking Points To Anti-Gun Advocates Telling Them To “use the Trayvon Martin shooting” to advance their goals…

WASHINGTON DC - Newly uncovered Democratic anti-NRA talking points urge anti-gun advocates and politicians to hype high-profile gun incidents like the Florida slaying of Trayvon Martin to win support for new gun control laws.

In talking points likely followed by top Democratic leaders including President Obama after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in December, the anti-gun “guide” urged gun foes to speak out when a shooting “creates a unique climate” to shout down the National Rifle Association. Continue reading →

NSA: Keeping Us Safe From…Dope Pedddlers

The DEA’s “Special Operations Division” funnels information collected by American intelligence agencies to ordinary narcotics cops.

Congress’s Obamacare Waiver

Michael F. Cannon in National Review (Online)
President Obama is buying votes from members of Congress — with stolen money.

Obama Thinks Americans Don’t Need to Know

Gene Healy in DC Examiner
Team Obama feels entitled to keep the public in the dark about the most fundamental decisions a self-governing people can make.
World: U.S.-Russia Reset Is Falling Apart – Max Fisher, Washington Post
Defense: Al-Qaeda’s Legion of Doom – Eli Lake & Josh Rogin, Daily Beast
Religion: Pope Culture Hero – Jeffrey Weiss, Religion News Service
Energy: Why Power Density Matters – Robert Wilson, Energy Collective

Real Clear Politics Video 1 2 3 | More Videos »

RCP Morning Edition

President Gives Congress an Obamacare Waiver – Michael Cannon, NRO

Why Don’t Republicans Want to Win? – Pramila Jayapal, Politico

Republicans, Democrats & Racial Polarization – Ross Douthat, NY Times
The Post Sale: An Indefinable Sense of Loss – Lou Cannon, RealClearPolitics


Sec. of State Kerry Launches Faith-Based Community Initiative

Secretary of State John Kerry launches the new Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives, which will coordinate with faith communities on foreign policy and religious issues….

Jeff Bezos and the Great Beyondists – Matt Welch, Reason

A Setback for Minority Education Under Obama – Paul Peterson, WSJ

The Republican Party’s Dead-End Street – Juan Williams, The Hill

Excuse Me? GOP Is to Blame for Obamacare? – Jonah Goldberg, USA Today
The Three Campaigns of Mitch McConnell – Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
The Rising Guard of Democratic Women – Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast
Republicans’ 2014 Prospects: Good & Getting Better – Ed Rogers, Wash Post
Mideast Peace Talks: Daring to Fail – Thomas Friedman, New York Times

3 Forgotten Facts About Fort Hood Massacre – Michelle Malkin, Townhall

The Day Our Earth Stood Still – Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
The Post: A Once-Great Newspaper – Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Reince Is Right About the Hillary Movies – Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Why Are Dems Attacking the NYPD? – Michael Goodwin, New York Post
2016 GOP (Rasmussen):Christie 21, Rubio 18, Bush 16, Paul 15, Ryan 13

President Obama Talks to Marines

President Obama speaks to Marines at Camp Pendleton in California, the Marine Corps’ largest West Coast expeditionary training facility. While there, the President will also…

Bezos the Innovator Is What News Business Needs – Bloomberg
Republican Stance Against Obamacare Hurts NH Families – Boston Globe
Select Committee Needed in IRS, Benghazi Scandals – Investor’s Biz Daily
Questionable Benefits for Laid Off Boeing Workers – Seattle Times

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  • Miracle in Missouri: Mystery ‘Angel’ Priest Appears to Help Trapped Teen Following Horrible Car Crash — Then Disappears

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  • Hollywood hypocrite? Matt Damon puts kids in private school

  • Analysis: Is al Qaeda back?

  • Does he care? Terror threat mounts as Obama laughs it up with Jay Leno

  • Was the president’s ‘Tonight Show’ appearance appropriate? Michelle Malkin reacts to Obama’s chat with Leno

  • Miracle in Missouri: Mystery ‘Angel’ Priest Appears to Help Trapped Teen Following Horrible Car Crash — Then Disappears

  • Group appeals to U.N. to halt one-child policy in China

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