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Jon Morrow knows just about everything there is to know about blogging. He first made his name as the Commissioning Editor of Copyblogger, and then went on to set up the hugely successful Smart Blogger website. He now leads a team who runs courses for bloggers. Serious Bloggers Only is a series of mini-courses, each of about 30 pages. The first mini-course, The Six-Figure Roadmap, provides a breakdown of all the things you have to do to build a blog from scratch until it grows to the point that it will earn you a six-figure income, working through four stages of your blog’s growth. Serious Bloggers Only currently includes another 25 mini-courses, covering topics ranging from The List Post Handbook to How to Build Your Funnel No Matter Where You’re Starting. Jon usually creates another mini-course for Serious Bloggers Only members once a month.
Kasper Bengtson er den fødte formidler når det kommer til komplekse områder som Facebook Annoncering. Han bryder det ned og giver dig step by step guide til hvordan du laver de bedste Facebook annoncer der konverterer.
Dig som har interesse for Online Marketing og ønsker at blive en del af en virksomheds marketingafdeling. Du har lyst til at arbejde med udvikling af marketingstrategier og marketingprojekter. Du ønsker en mere praktisk tilgang til Online Marketing, så du konkret ved hvordan du skal håndtere diverse opgaver i en Online Marketing afdeling.
Hvis du starter en blog, bør du også oprette en Google Analytics konto. Selvom du ikke har meget trafik, vil du stadig være i stand til at måle alt, hvad der sker på din hjemmeside – i takt med at du bliver bedre til at skabe trafik, vil du også få mere trafik til din hjemmeside.
Kunne du tænke dig at arbejde med Google? Interesserer du dig for, hvordan man kan komme til at ranke som nummer 1 i Googles søgemaskine – uden at overtræde Googles retningslinjer? Bliver du motiveret af langsigtede resultater, og elsker du at analysere data og følge udvikling? Så er det meget muligt, at søgemaskineoptimering, også kendt som SEO, er det rette valg for dig.
EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Supply Chain Dynamics Certificate in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MITx. Learn how to manage and harness the dynamics and interactions between firms and entities within a supply chain – part of the MITx Supply Chain Management MicroMasters Credential.
Tidligere var Peter Partner og User Experience Director  i Hello Group, derefter arbejdede Peter i en årrække som Director of Digital Strategy hos det digitale bureau In2media og senest som Director of Marketing hos Bang & Olufsen . 
Every child has a right to education including the children with special needs. There are many forms of special needs including Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia. If you wish to help children with special needs and become an amazing teacher in the process, you should definitely consider taking this Teaching Assistant Complete Course (TA, SEN, Autism, ADHD & Dyslexia) as it covers the aforementioned topics. This course has five sections each focusing on different yet relevant topics. You start with learning about teaching assistants and what they do. Here you cover a wide range of topics including the formation of habits, memorizing techniques, ways to stimulate capacity for creativity, moral social conduct and so much more. You will also learn about SEN teaching by going over SEN code of practice, dealing with autistic and angry pupils, and addressing different difficulties. Finally, you get an extended portion of autism and small sections each referring to ADHD and dyslexia. Getting this course will help you learn a lot about people with special needs and you could use it to help a loved one or decide to make a difference by helping others professionally. [+]
High-performing business coach, Lewis Howes, demonstrates in this online business course, Start Your Profitable Podcast, the techniques you can use to start a podcast and leverage your listenership to grow your brand. He covers everything you need from differentiating your podcast, to physically making, it to promoting and monetizing it.
Det er svært at sige, hvordan man bliver god til Growth Hacking. Det handler i princippet om at have indsigt i mange af de aspekter, jeg har nævnt i dette indlæg, og derudover er det essentielt, at man kan jonglere imellem dem og dermed komme med en helt ny idé, der kan vækste en virksomhed.
Entrepreneurial education is slowly but surely becoming more mainstream. Traditional universities are offering entrepreneurs more tools than ever before. But education start-ups such as Coursera and Udacity have taken this a step further–offering in-depth classes on entrepreneurship taught by industry heavy-weights such as Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Steve Blank for free.
Du lærer at opsætte en Google Adwords kampagne, samt hvordan du vedligeholder og optimerer den. Ydermere lærer du, med undervisning i Google Analytics, om tracking af online trafik, samt analyse af data.
Eric Ries is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who’s recognized as an authority in the world of building startups—he’s famed for creating The Lean Startup philosophy and authoring the business book of the same name. In this online business course taught by Eric to more than 3,000 students and hosted on Udemy, The Lean Startup methodology is broken down in a digestible way that allows you to apply it’s thought process to validating any amazon seller sign in of business idea without burning through your savings. You’ll get access to 2.5 hours of video lecture that teaches you how to apply and implement the Lean Startup principles to your business idea.
Digital markedsføring er meget mere end Facebook og en hjemmeside. Det digitale potentiale er enormt, og i dag udfolder de mest effektive og udbytterige marketingstrategier sig inden for digitale rammer. Derfor kan tabet være tilsvarende stort, hvis jeres virksomhed ikke arbejder professionelt og grundigt med området. En veludført digital strategi vil styrke virksomhedens brand, knytte tætte relationer til nye og eksisterende kunder og skabe både nysalg og mersalg på den mest effektive og omkostningsfrie måde.   
Project management – Capable project managers can be an invaluable resource to a company. Online project management training teaches students how to manage team schedules, estimate project cost and integrate multiple projects into an overarching management strategy.
Kickstart din karriere med træning i online markedsføring fra Succes Onlines Digitale Værksted. I disse gratis online-lektioner lærer du om forskellige emner som f.eks. søgemaskiner, sociale medier, analytics og mere.
EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Manufacturing Systems Analysis Certificate in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MITx. Learn how to analyze manufacturing systems to optimize performance and control costs and better understand the flow of material and information. 
Another great online business course from Tara Gentile, this one on her own self-hosted platform provides an in-depth system for existing business owners to grow their businesses further. As Tara describes it, Quiet Power Strategy is a series of online business courses designed to help entrepreneurs turn smart ideas into influence, customers and cash. Although not always open, Quiet Power Strategy: The Foundation places its focus on giving business owners a step-by-step process for creating a strategic action plan that works. Quiet Power Strategy: The Lab is a resource library and entrepreneurial community with more than 400 members. You can also sign up for a free course, Price for Growth! on that same page of her site to get a feel for how the paid courses will work.
   •   Accountability & community make all the difference in the world. Whether you have direct access to the instructor for video coaching calls, group Q&A’s or membership in a private Facebook group, the best online business courses all have a level of accountability that goes far above the average “video only” course. The reality is that 100% of people who take online business courses will fail at some point—you’ll hit roadblocks, run into challenges, make mistakes—and having accountability from your instructor or a larger community of other students going through the course with you is what’s going to get you back on track.
Level 3 Business Management Course Breathe new life into your CV and long-term career prospects with this exclusive Business Management Course. Explore the contemporary business management profession in-depth and take one important step closer to realising your full potential. Backed…

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