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På modul 5 SEO & Kommunikation lærer du, hvordan dine tekster hjælper din virksomhed til en bedre placering på søgemaskiner verden over. Du vil lære, hvordan man skriver tekster til nettet, og hvordan søgemaskineoptimering kan bruges til at fremme din virksomheds online tilstedeværelse.
Rather than just describing what to do, these online business courses focus on guiding you through the process of actually doing it in real-time while you’re going through the program—which is the true sign of a strong online business course.
Kvaliteten var helt i top! Der var en rigtig god blanding af teori og praksis, hvor det specielt var brugbart, at vi fik lov at arbejde med baggrund i vores egne virksomheder. Jeg har fået en masse nye værktøjer med hjem og fået overblik over, hvilke der vil være til gavn for netop mit arbejde i fremtiden, og hvilke jeg skal styre udenom.
Michelle Ward, also known as The When I Grow Up Coach, offers dream career guidance to creative women. She taught a great online business course on CreativeLive that I had the opportunity to work with her on called, Ditch Your Day Job, which she subtitles “A Step-by-step Online Course To Leaving Your Boring Day Job And Launching A Career You Love.” The online business course focuses on creating a simple plan for getting your business started (even if it’s a phone case business), establishing an emergency fund and identifying your existing sources of help and support.
Vores kursus i Online Marketing er til dig, der gerne vil have flere besøgende, flere besøgende der køber, flere tilmeldinger til dit nyhedsbrev eller flere,  der bliver kunder i stedet for kun besøgende. Kort sagt: Dette kursus er til dig, der vil være meget bedre til søgemaskineoptimering, e-mail markedsføring, online markedsføring via sociale medier og online marketing generelt!
Faget “Digital marketing” er en del af diplomuddannelsen i Digital konceptudvikling. Den samlede uddannelse svarer til 60 ECTS-point. Du kan vælge at tage hele diplomuddannelsen, eller du kan følge enkeltfag.
Søgemotoroptimering er en proces, hvor en hjemmeside udnytter internettets søgemaskiner til at skabe kontakt med de kunder, der som regel er på jagt efter et produkt, en service eller anden information. SEO omfatter flere trin: forståelse for de søgeord, kunder bruger, viden om præcis hvilke søgemaskiner kunderne bruger  – og selvfølgelig optimeringen af hjemmesiden i forhold til ovenstående.
Learn to analyze and improve business processes in services or in by learning how to increase productivity and deliver higher quality standards. This Introduction to Operations Management course is offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Pennsylvania.
Likewise, the examples on which the contents dictated in this course are based have a profound applicability to the world of business, with which its immediate business use is at hand. Finally, the teachers who have designed and developed this course for you, not only give an academic view of the software but, due to their great professional career supported by a deep use of Excel, will transmit their own experience that will allow you to have a More concrete vision of the possibilities offered by this tool…. [-]
Conflict management – Conflict is a natural part of a healthy business environment, and knowing how to address it and resolve it to the good is a highly valuable ability. Learn how to successfully manage differences of opinion and work effectively with difficult people in online conflict management courses.
EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Teamwork and Collaboration Certificate in collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology – RITx. Learn essential teamwork and collaboration skills to lead, build and motivate teams in the workplace.
Wharton’s Entrepreneurship Specialization covers the conception, design, organization, and management of new enterprises. The Entrepreneurship Specialization is offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Online marketing handler groft sagt om at markedsføre sine produkter eller ydelser på internettet. Dette åbner op for et utal af muligheder for at kommunikere og ikke mindst interagere med målgruppen. Det er netop på grund af dette, at stort set alle virksomheder på verdensplan har taget marketingformen i brug som en vital del af deres samlede markedsføringsstrategi.
    Explore strategies for efficiently and successfully recruiting top talent on social platforms. Learn how to jump-start your social media recruiting presence, find and approach ideal candidates, and more.
    This five-week course, taught by Jeanne Liedtka of the University of Virginia, aims to ignite both the right and left sides of entrepreneurial brains. “Creative people don’t just wake up in the morning and have a great idea,” Liedtka says in a video on the site. “There in fact is a process and a set of tools that all of us can learn that can help us be successfully creative.”
    In this online business course on CreativeLive, Make More Money and Discover Your Worth, instructors Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles focus on how to price yourself, bring in higher paying clients and promote your brand to a wider audience of potential new customers. In this online business course, they also discuss how to turn your personal hurdles into your unique advantage and how to be more positive about your position in the marketplace. They examine the unconscious ways you have driven money away, giving you a more clear glimpse into unlocking your dreams.

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