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På modul 5 SEO & Kommunikation lærer du, hvordan dine tekster hjælper din virksomhed til en bedre placering på søgemaskiner verden over. Du vil lære, hvordan man skriver tekster til nettet, og hvordan søgemaskineoptimering kan bruges til at fremme din virksomheds online tilstedeværelse.
Even though soft skills tend to rely more on empathy and emotional intelligence than intellectual and physical capacity, they can be learned like any other skill by students dedicated to their education. Online business training can be a great help in learning skills like these:
Do you have a dream of being a best-selling author? Entrepreneur, Tom Corson-Knowles did, and today he’s the author of more than 20 bestsellers. He has created a course, How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle, where he teaches the secrets of his publishing success. He comprehensively covers the basics, writing, cover design, Kindle formatting, publishing, marketing and financial management for authors.
Det var et rigtig godt kursus, som jeg håber vil få stor betydning. Der var gode muligheder for at gå i dybden med de enkelte projekter. Begge undervisere var gode til at inkorporere vores input i deres undervisning, så kurset blev tilpasset netop de projekter, de forskellige deltagere sad med.
Brug effektivt sociale medier til at involvere og skabe nye brugere af virksomhedens brand. Lær at lægge en plan på de digitale medier, så aktiviteterne hænger sammen på tværs af de forskellige platforme.
Ja – det er næsten et endnu bedre spørgsmål, netop fordi der er mange områder, man kan vælge at dykke ned i. Faktisk oplever jeg, at der er områder inden for digitalisering, som selv ikke jeg kender til, fordi feltet er så “dynamisk”.
Like many of Ramit Sethi’s courses, Call-to-Action runs seasonally, so you do need to get your timing right to be able to take this course. It focuses on the power of good copywriting. It allows you to discover how to create quality content week after week. Ramit has distilled everything he’s learned from millions of dollars in sales, into this proven system. The course focuses on the power of writing for your business. If you can’t wait until Ramit next offers this course, he provides you with the opportunity to sign up on a waiting list.
This course explains Business Mathematics in clear language, using realistic problems, such as linear equations, interests and quadratic equations. Whether you already work in business or are hoping to obtain a career within a business, this course will help you master Business Mathematics.
Excel kan både bruges indenfor studie- og arbejdslivet til analysere større eller mindre talmængder. Det vil sige, at programmet muliggør bearbejdelse af data, så den opstilles overskueligt og systematisk. Privat bruges et program som Excel også til at skabe overblik over budgettet.
Sales – Cold-calling techniques, closing strategies and negotiation fundamentals are all obvious benefits for sales professionals, but business operatives in any segment of the industry can make use of the cross-platform skills learned in online sales training courses.
This online business course taught on CreativeLive, Podcasting 101, is a shortened version of renowned podcaster John Lee Dumas’ full Podcaster’s Paradise course. In this course, John goes through the steps to create and distribute a high-quality podcast. It covers everything from selecting your equipment, to making a high-quality recording to creating and growing your podcast.
Du lærer at igangsætte online aktiviteter, der imødekommer virksomhedens mål og du kan øge effekten af online marketing. Du lærer også at styrke virksomhedens branding via kreativ anvendelse af de online kanaler.
Drawing on the latest research and insights, the Evaluation course offers a suite of subjects that will provide students with extensive knowledge and skills of evaluation theory and practice that can be applied to work settings. The subjects familiarise students with theories underlying policy and program development, ethical practice, key concepts and approaches to evaluation and the various roles of an evaluator. Undertaking single subjects allow you the opportunity to study according to your interest and expertise and specialize in the area(s) of your choice. Students taking the course from overseas are not required to have an international student visa. Find Out More
I couldn’t start this list without covering one of my own best online business courses, 30 Days to Validate. If you want to start a business, but you’re not exactly sure where to begin—this course is for you. The target end result students aim for in the course (within 30 days signing up) is a minimum of at least 10 paying customers for your new business. It walks you step-by-step through my 7-stage process for finding the right business idea, estimating how much demand there is in the marketplace for that idea and into the process of building an audience around your concept—all in the limited hours outside of your day job.
This course provides an introduction to the sharing economy and examines its impact on economies, businesses, and consumers. The growth of the sharing economy in many industry sectors highlights the challenges and opportunities while providing a range of options to provide innovative consumer experiences.
for setting up your own business. To become a professional nail technician requires knowledge, patience, and creativity. This diploma course will definitely lead you to become one! Diploma in Business Management The purpose of Boot camp is to help you to write a business plan and to take the hard look…
Skal I i gang på de sociale medier? Eller er I der allerede, men savner fælles fodslag og synlig effekt? Med en social medie-strategi kan I sikre, at jeres indsats er både målrettet og målbar. På dette kursus får du værktøjer og viden til at komme i gang med en social medie-strategi for din virksomhed. Kom væk fra den første Facebook-fascination og lær at udnytte de sociale medier på den rette og mest udbytterige måde.
This Entrepreneurship – Launching an Innovative Business Specialization offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Maryland examines the entrepreneurial mindset and skill sets, indicators of innovation opportunities, critical steps to bring innovations to the marketplace, and innovation strategies to establish and maintain a competitive advantage.
Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products focuses on the psychology and science behind building habit-forming products, that keep on encouraging your customers to return. Neil Eyal has based this course on his bestselling book of the same name. He focuses on the intersection between psychology, technology, and business. He teaches you how to build products and experiences that are inherently sticky, leading to you enjoying regular repeat customers.
Denne øvelse hænger meget sammen med content marketing. (Det indhold, du deler på de sociale medier). Når du ikke skal bruge annoncekroner på at promovere dine indlæg, vil det kræve, at du skaber ekstra godt indhold – og tilmed meget af det – således du kan få noget ud af dit content.
Online marketing er et felt i rivende udvikling og dækker også over betegnelser som eMarketing, web-markedsføring, digital marketing og mange andre. Samtidig er listen ufattelig lang over de måder, du kan arbejde med online marketing på i en virksomhed. Det kan derfor være svært at finde rundt i junglen af kurser og uddannelser inden for feltet.
På modul 4 sociale medier og kunderelationer  lærer du, hvorfor kunderelationer også er afgørende online. På denne workshop vil du blive taget igennem, hvordan sociale medier og e-mailmarkedsføring kan hjælpe din virksomhed til at skabe bedre relationer til dine kunder online.
Der findes generelt ikke så mange bøger om markedsføring, når det kommer til den digitale vinkel. Der er mere at hente i forskellige blogs og studier, da de ofte giver et mere nuanceret billede af, hvad der virker. Der er dog nogle få forfattere, der har arbejdet for bla. Apple, Tesla, mv., som har reelle cases at tage udgangspunkt i.

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