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Productivity and Time Management: Get More Done is a free Skillshare course where Brian Cervino, the Product Marketing Manager at Trello demonstrates tools, tactics, and tips which can help make your day more productive. Although the course includes a section on how you can use Trello to improve your productivity, Brian covers other time-saving products as well.
Med andre ord handler det om at teste tingene af. Start en blog inden for et felt, som du har en passion for. Fokuser på content marketing, som du også kan læse om i dette indlæg, og skab deraf noget fedt indhold, som folk har lyst til at dele – når du har en vis mængde trafik, kan du bruge denne til at tjene penge.
River Online afholder kurser over hele landet i alt inden for online marketing. Vores undervisere er skarpe og personer, som elsker at lære fra sig. For dem er det et afbræk i en travl hverdag, som er med til at udvikle dem, det betyder at du får meget dedikerede undervisere, som vil vise dig alt hvad de ved.
Creative Class specifically targets freelancers with creative skills who attract and provide services to clients online. Paul Jackson has created a 12-lesson practical course to help creative freelancers improve their businesses. It includes topics on defining your niche, researching your audience’s needs, setting up clear processes, collecting feedback, pricing by value, and connecting with your audience. Paul Jarvis is himself a busy creative, so he has transferred what he has learned himself to his teachings.
fælles gennemgang af jeres nye digitale strategier i et rum for kvalificeret feed back og sparring med underviseren og de andre kursusdeltagere. Der vil desuden være en endelig færdighedstest i begreber og brug af digitale værktøjer, og udlevering af diplom.
This free online business course, taught through a series of 6 short video lectures by Skillshare CEO Michael Karnjanaprakorn shares the approach he’s used to validate the idea for his now multi-million dollar, venture backed startup. Minimum Viable Product: Validate Your Idea with Less Than $1,000 walks through the in-depth case study of how Skillshare, the leading online learning community for creatives went from initial idea to first paying customers. This online business course includes a wealth of material around how to effectively communicate your idea to potential customers, conducting objective customer interviews to get real feedback, building your MVP and testing that MVP in the real world without wasting time or money.
I couldn’t start this list without covering one of my own best online business courses, 30 Days to Validate. If you want to start a business, but you’re not exactly sure where to begin—this fladlien is for you. The target end result students aim for in the course (within 30 days of signing up) is a minimum of at least 10 paying customers for your new business. It walks you step-by-step through my 7-stage process for finding the right business idea, estimating how much demand there is in the marketplace for that idea and into the process of building an audience around your concept—all in the limited hours outside of your day job.
På modul 4 sociale medier og kunderelationer  lærer du, hvorfor kunderelationer også er afgørende online. På denne workshop vil du blive taget igennem, hvordan sociale medier og e-mailmarkedsføring kan hjælpe din virksomhed til at skabe bedre relationer til dine kunder online.
Our offer is characterized by the highest quality based on a triple recognition and certification as well as an innovative learning concept based on the most modern learning technology with maximum flexibility. Thus, our online training can also be easily agreed with your professional activity…. [-]
What makes some people more successful, more confident, and happier than others? The answer lies in game-changing mindset shifts. Like most of Ramit Sethi’s courses, Success Triggers is only available for purchase at certain times. Ramit does have a good quantity of free material available on his site which you have access to once you sign up for his Success Triggers Insider List. You can use these free articles to help you determine how much use you would find for the paid course when Ramit makes it available. Success Triggers focuses on the patterns exhibited by top performers.
For at spare tid gik vi i stedet ivrigt på jagt efter et dansk online kursus om emnet, og måtte også denne gang opgive, da vi til vores store overraskelse fandt hele 50(!) udbydere af fysiske kurser, men ikke ét eneste dansk online kursus om emnet.
Kvaliteten var helt i top! Der var en rigtig god blanding af teori og praksis, hvor det specielt var brugbart, at vi fik lov at arbejde med baggrund i vores egne virksomheder. Jeg har fået en masse nye værktøjer med hjem og fået overblik over, hvilke der vil være til gavn for netop mit arbejde i fremtiden, og hvilke jeg skal styre udenom.
Byg ovenpå din viden og lær, hvordan du udarbejder succesfulde, langsigtede kampagner, og hvordan du kan udnytte forskellige budstrategier til at sænke prisen og øge kvaliteten af dine AdWords-annoncer.
Our fully online program focuses on the business side of brewing and is ideal for home brewers looking to reach larger audiences, as well as industry professionals who want to advance their careers. While brewing is emphasized, distillery and cidery business models are also included.
3D Kurser Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Kurser Adobe Kurser Adobe Photoshop Advanced Basics Digital Marketing instagram Rhino3D Sketchup Kursus Sociale Medier Webdesign Webdesign og Digital Marketing Kurser WordPress
Having self-published four eBooks, business strategist Tara Gentile breaks down her own personal process in this online business course, How to Write and Publish an eBook. She covers all of the necessary steps from choosing your idea and creating an outline, through to marketing your book, making sales and getting people to read it.
Jeg vil ikke komme ind på, hvilke kommunikationsuddannelser du kan tage for at blive god til online markedsføring. I stedet for vil jeg give dig en liste over de uddannelser, jeg selv har hørt godt om.
The online Business Continuity track is offered as part of the Security & Strategic Intelligence Certificate at Saint Louis University. This program complements your major field of study by preparing you for leadership and management positions within any organization that has a need to minimize risks associated with disruptions in business operations due to external or internal factors including criminal or terrorist activities.
EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Business Communication Certificate in collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology – RITx. Learn how to effectively communicate and build professional relationships through face-to-face, written, and non-verbal communication.
This course is a must for anyone who wants to understand more about what social enterprise is and its relation to sustainable development. You will learn how to evaluate social enterprise in the context of global and local problems. If you work with social enterprise or are thinking about launching a social enterprise, this course provides a valuable foundation.
Hvis du tager en kollega med, får I begge en rabat (og du får en god sparringspartner, når du kommer tilbage fra kurset). I kan se rabatten i kursusbeskrivelsen (hvor du tilmeldte dig). Ved tilmelding skal din kollega blot gøre opmærksom på, at du også deltager. Så får I begge rabatten.
It is good to have access to your company’s analytics platform and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc). But it is not required to take the course. If you can not get access to Google Analytics or another analytics software, please get in contact before you register for the course.
A Distance-learning master’s options provide many opportunities for career advancement. Fully online self-paced study offers employed students the time flexibility needed to balance work and studies. By using the latest advancements in communication technology, online masters open the way to new business opportunities by building networks of students with common goals. Remote studies offer lower tuition fees, while preserving content quality and teacher involvement as on campus master’s programmes.
No matter your background or experience, it’s time to take charge of your future—whether you choose a management degree or the ExcelTrackTM bachelor’s degree or MBA, you can complete your online business degree virtually anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.
The Level 4 Diploma in Business Management qualification is focused on managing communication, businessorganisations in a global context, people management, finance for managers as well as an understanding of the research skills and personal development expected of a manager. It includes a broad…
Bestselling business author and prolific marketing genius, Seth Godin has been starting, running and bootstrapping companies for nearly 40 years. He is renowned as the master of verbal brevity–considered by many to be the best writer of short blog posts in the world. In this online business course, The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right the First Time, Seth shares practical nuts and bolts material for the owners and managers of small businesses. The theme of this online business course is that you should build a business around ideas that work, by following seven simple concepts that Seth teaches over a series of video lessons and activities.

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    For begge målgrupper gælder, at kurset er oplagt hvis du skal arbejde med kommunikation og marketing og mangler kompetencer inden for online marketing. F.eks. faglærte, kontoruddannede, KVU’ere, Cand. Mag.’ere, Bachelorer, Multimediedesignere, Markedsføringsøkonomer, m.fl.
    På modul 2: Brug dataen i din virksomhed lærer du, hvordan værktøjer som eksempelvis Google Analytics kan hjælpe dig til at forstå dine kunders online adfærd og højne konverteringen fra din online tilstedeværelse. Du får derudover en forståelse for sikker håndtering af dine kunders data.

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