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EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Financial Decision Making in collaboration with University System of Maryland – USMx and UMUC. Learn how corporate leaders make effective decisions to maximize profitability and achieve strategic organizational goals. 
Our online business programs are designed to help you earn your degree on pace with your busy schedule. You take one course at a time, helping you absorb the material, in the place most convenient for you. You’ll also have the benefit of tailoring your degree to fit your needs, transferring applicable prior college credits or having your relevant work experience evaluated for potential credit. 
Amazon Store Management: Run a Successful Amazon Store is an online business course by instructor William Peña, the author of two notable business books: Passive Income in 90 Days, and The 3 Day Entrepreneur. Featured on Udemy, this online business course focuses on creating a business by selling your own products on Amazon—so if you’re looking to get into eCommerce, this course is for you. Throughout the online business course, he demonstrates how to can create a passive income stream by using Amazon as a marketplace for growing your online sales.
Kurset er også relevant for dig, der bruger eksterne leverandører til at varetage (dele af) din online markedsføring. Du opnår en dyb forståelse, som giver dig et langt bedre udgangspunkt for at udfordre dine eksterne leverandører og sikrer, at de bruger dine ressourcer mest effektivt i forhold til dine mål 
This two-part course, each four weeks long, focuses on common challenges facing an entrepreneur who wants to grow his or her business. “Growth is not a linear function,” explains instructor Edward Hess, of the University of Virginia, in an introductory video on Coursera’s website. “Growth is a zigzag, detour-making, mistakes up and down process.” The course aims to prevent self-sabotage by giving entrepreneurs the tools to assess whether they are ready to grow, plan for growth, and assess the risks of growth.
With 25,000 study hours in over 190 online training courses, we offer you flexible, tailor-made and practice-oriented training in which you will find the right training. For a small monthly fee, you can train yourself specifically and continuously in the modular principle. All our trainings conclude with a certificate. Optionally, it is possible to obtain ECTS credits after passing the exam at one of our study centers. [+]
I virksomheder: Marketingansvarlige, projektledere og e-handelsansvarlige, der ønsker at skabe bedre resultater med digitale aktiviteter og gerne vil være bedre klædt amazing selling machine price 2017 til samarbejdet med eksterne leverandører.
Likewise, the examples on which the contents dictated in this course are based have a profound applicability to the world of business, with which its immediate business use is at hand. Finally, the teachers who have designed and developed this course for you, not only give an academic view of the software but, due to their great professional career supported by a deep use of Excel, will transmit their own experience that will allow you to have a More concrete vision of the possibilities offered by this tool…. [-]
This entry level Business management course gives a comprehensive introduction to business management. Students explore wide range of topics on this business management course including ; what exactly the business manager does, how the responsibilities are shared among management teams, what…
Lær de grundlæggende begreber i den digitale designverden. Dette kursus giver dig værktøjer og inspiration til at lave design og layout til både mobil, tablet og desktop – apps som websites – der fungerer, kommunikerer og ser mere professionelt ud.
Markedsføring og marketing foregår idag på mange måder og via mange medier. Du skal kunne administrere sociale medier, som facebook og twitter, blogs, hjemmesider, forums og nyhedsbreve – og meget andet.

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