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This Accounting for Business Decision Making – Strategy Assessment and Control Course is a part of the Fundamentals of Accounting Specialization offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
Start-ups are designed to grow quickly, but successful start-ups grow smart. This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the essential elements of successful scaling, including an overview of demand generation, customer acquisition, adoption, diffusion. This Entrepreneurship 3 – Growth Strategies course is offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Pennsylvania. 
En solid tilstedeværelse på LinkedIn vil derfor have potentiale til at pleje dine professionelle kontakter. Derfor vil det være en fordel at skrue godt op for din aktivitet på sitet, så du vil gøre dig selv bemærket.
This course examines how digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are revolutionizing the world of marketing by shifting the balance of power from firms to consumers. Marketing in a Digital World is one of the most popular… more
You will gain amazing selling machine course cost career enhancing knowledge and skills to build and manage a capable team, recruit the right people, develop your team’s skills, and managing organisational risk. You will acquire valuable experience in project management, facilitating effective meetings, and managing conflicting priorities.
Likewise, the examples on which the contents dictated in this course are based have a profound applicability to the world of business, with which its immediate business use is at hand. Finally, the teachers who have designed and developed this course for you, not only give an academic view of the software but, due to their great professional career supported by a deep use of Excel, will transmit their own experience that will allow you to have a More concrete vision of the possibilities offered by this tool…. [-]
Business communication – Business writing, public speaking, negotiation and effective communication across multiple media combine to form one of the most underrated skillsets in the business world, and online business communication courses can give you valuable training in these areas.
Project management – Capable project managers can be an invaluable resource to a company. Online project management training teaches students how to manage team schedules, estimate project cost and integrate multiple projects into an overarching management strategy.
With 25,000 study hours in over 190 online training courses, we offer you flexible, tailor-made and practice-oriented training in which you will find the right training. For a small monthly fee, you can train yourself specifically and continuously in the modular principle. All our trainings conclude with a certificate. Optionally, it is possible to obtain ECTS credits after passing the exam at one of our study centers. [+]
Fik du den pointe? Det er en fantastisk måde at anskue digitalisering på – de fleste gør det samme som alle andre – og fejler. Tænk på Google+. Google kan nedsætte et team af de dygtigste mennesker i verden med formålet at bygge et social medie – selv de formåede det ikke engang, fordi de netop forsøgte at lave en kopi af Facebook og Twitter.
EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Business Writing Professional Certificate in collaboration with University of California, Berkeley – UC BerkeleyX. Enhance your writing skills as you learn how to craft clear, effective messages to better communicate in a business environment.
Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz, is renowned for his knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He has created a free Skillshare course, SEO That Matters: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs, that explains all of the key fundamentals of SEO, from keywords to links. In it, Rand shows you how to craft an SEO strategy for your business and gives tips that will help you optimize your content.
Du lærer at udvikle en målbar social media strategi for din virksomhed. Samtidig får du inspiration til, hvordan du nemt skaber indhold, der både kan bruges på de sociale medier og på dit website – indhold, der bidrager til branding, lead generation og salg.
Coursera (Meget kursus baseret, men fortjener stadig en plads her på listen) Der findes et hav af gode kurser, der kan give dig viden indenfor specifikke områder. Disse kurser kan også hjælpe dig i din afgrænsning af, hvad du gerne vil lave.

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