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Deltag i dette intensive 1-dags-kursus – og få lige præcist de værktøjer – og den konkrete viden, der gør dig i stand til at skrive web-tekster, der bliver læst og forstået. Og rammer din modtager rigtigt!
Whether you are managing a micro business, a small- or medium-sized company, or a large corporation, this free online course will guide you through the finance options to help you evaluate what type of funding is suitable for your business investment and how to develop a funding strategy to make the right decision about the type of borrowing for your business. You will consider the role of traditional and alternative finance options and learn to use financial statements to assess the financial health of a business. You will also learn to use cash flow forecasts to help you make decisions about managing a business’ finances…. [-]
This course begins with basic descriptive statistics and progresses to regression analysis. You’ll learn course concepts in the context of performing A/B testing on a website, using amazing selling machine warrior forum to check warehouse inventory, predicting home video sales based on box office performance, and forecasting staffing needs for a hotel front desk. Throughout the course, you will receive clear guidance on how to implement analytical techniques in Excel. No matter your job function or career aspirations, this course will demystify data analysis and equip you with concrete skills to apply in your work or further studies…. [-]
You will gain the career enhancing knowledge and skills to build and manage a capable team, recruit the right people, develop your team’s skills, and managing organisational risk. You will acquire valuable experience in project management, facilitating effective meetings, and managing conflicting priorities.
Sales – Cold-calling techniques, closing strategies and negotiation fundamentals are all obvious benefits for sales professionals, but business operatives in any segment of the industry can make use of the cross-platform skills learned in online sales training courses.
Quality control – Ineffective quality management has spelled trouble for plenty of enterprises in the past. Online quality control training can teach you how to use complex measuring techniques, navigate industry-specific software programs and operate essential inspection equipment to ensure quality products for your company.
I begyndelsen af 2017 ansatte vi en kommunikationsmedarbejder i vores tidligere virksomhed og ville gerne tilbyde hende et kursus i søgemaskineoptimering som en del af hendes oplæring. Ret hurtigt konstaterede vi dog, at der var alt for lang tid til det næste fysiske kursus, nemlig mere end 4 uger! Det var dyrebar ventetid, for vores medarbejder skulle bruge den nyeste viden straks.
What students learn Prepare reports and proposals that inform, persuade, and provide information. What’s included The stages of report writing (investigating, planning, writing, and revising) Persuasion, designing a message, and tough questions Giving credit [-]
Anders har i de sidste 14 år arbejdet med salg, sociale medier og virksomheders sociale strategi. På dette kursus i Digital Markedsføring vil du i den grad opleve den positive effekt det giver når Anders deler ud af sin specialiserede viden, og erfaring inden for netop disse områder.
In this Capstone project, you will be assembling a pitch deck for a new venture, including the key deliverables (e.g., customer needs, concept description, financials, and so forth). This University of Pennsylvania course offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Pennsylvania is part of Entrepreneurship Specialization.
This Business Statistics and Analysis Specialization offered by Coursera in partnership with Rice University is designed to equip you with a basic understanding of business data analysis tools and techniques. You’ll master essential spreadsheet functions, build descriptive business data measures, and develop your aptitude for data modeling.  
Do you have a dream of being a best-selling author? Entrepreneur, Tom Corson-Knowles did, and today he’s the author of more than 20 bestsellers. He has created a course, How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle, where he teaches the secrets of his publishing success. He comprehensively covers the basics, writing, cover design, Kindle formatting, publishing, marketing and financial management for authors.
Rachel Rodgers uses her experience as an intellectual property (IP) and business lawyer for innovative companies to teach you to Protect and Profit From Your Intellectual Property. She explains how IP works and how easily you can protect your creations. This course covers such topics as conducting an IP audit, licensing your work, and protecting your copyright and trademarks. This course is suitable for all creatives and entrepreneurs.
Bliv en stærkere kommunikatør på et operationelt og strategisk niveau. Med disse kurser får du værktøjer til at arbejde med intern og ekstern virksomhedskommunikation. Kommunikation handler om gennemslagskraft og om at trænge tydeligt igennem med sit budskab. Du lærer derfor at arbejde med udvikling af egen personlig måde at kommunikere på. Ligeledes lærer du, hvordan du på en effektiv måde kan henvende dig til forskellige målgrupper og dermed fastholde dem.
Du lærer, hvordan virksomheder kan skabe imponerende resultater med e-mails (nyhedsbreve) ved at anvende moderne mail-strategi, fængende overskrifter og e-mail-tekster. Du vil ydermere blive introduceret til e-mail-værktøjet Campaign Monitor, så du selv kan arbejde professionelt med e-mail marketing.
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Undervisningen vil foregå som holdundervisning med en kombination af teori, praktiske eksempler, cases og opgaver. Underviserne har spidskompetence på deres områder og mange års relevant brancheerfaring.
Internet entrepreneur, Lisa Irby, shows people how to tap into affiliate marketing and make passive income in Affiliate Marketing Explained! This is a beginner level course, so no prior knowledge is expected. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand how affiliate marketing works, and you should be able to start to create an affiliate website. The course covers a wide range of material from Internet basics for newbies, to affiliate marketing basics, to finding profitable affiliate offers, to discussions on different types of affiliate marketing.
Desuden kan Youtube også være en giftig faktor til at finde gode guides, der viser dig visuelt, hvordan du kommer fra A til B med en given opgave. Det har hjulpet mig mange gange, hvor jeg har siddet fast.
Markedsføring og marketing foregår idag på mange måder og via mange medier. Du skal kunne administrere sociale medier, som facebook og twitter, blogs, hjemmesider, forums og nyhedsbreve – og meget andet.
The University of California Irvine offers several free business courses in English and Spanish through their OpenCourseWare site. Courses are broken down into lessons, and include optional reading lists for students who want to dig deeper into the course subjects.
På denne 6 ugers uddannelse i Digital markedsføring får du praktisk erfaring med at arbejde med de digitale værktøjer og programmer, som virksomheder bruger i deres markedsføringsarbejde. Gennem konkrete opgaver vil du komme til at prøve kræfter med flere af Googles programmer, sociale medier, e-mail, hjemmesider og meget mere.
For at få maksimalt udbytte af kurset online marketing, er det en fordel, hvis du har en hjemmeside eller webshop og kan redigere i den. Har du ikke en hjemmeside, kan du stadig deltage, men flere af opgaverne under kurset går ud på at implementere og afprøve de viste ting.
This Business Foundations Specialization is offered by Coursera in partnership with University of Pennsylvania. In this Specialization, you’ll develop basic literacy in the language of business, which you can use to transition to a new career, start or improve your own small business, or apply to business school to continue your education.
 FutureCompany tilbyder et jobrettet kursus til dig der er ledig og dig der arbejder med marketing og kommunikation i alle slags brancher og virksomheder. Kurset giver deltagerne de kompetencer der efterspørges ude i virksomheder og som du mangler på dit CV.
Du lærer at lægge en trin-for-trin social media strategi for virksomheder. Dette medfører, at du efter endt kursus kan udarbejde og eksekvere strategier for virksomheder. Du opnår stor viden om de mest betydningsfulde sociale medier, som eksempelvis Facebook, Twitter og Instagram, samt gennemgang af de mange andre sociale medier.
Learn how to hold others accountable so you can both succeed in your goals. Conscious Business author Fred Kofman shows how to set up commitments and make clear requests, to maximize team accountability.
It is good to have access to your company’s analytics platform and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc). But it is not required to take the course. If you can not get access to Google Analytics or another analytics software, please get in contact before you register for the course.
Our new Digital World is dramatically changing the way in products are created, promoted, distributed, and consumed. Although these changes have been revolutionary, we still live in an Analog (or physical) World. For example, even today, over 90… more

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